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Reservations Live from the streets of Cincinnati Ohio

So this is reservations live from the streets of Cincinnati Ohio with some geniuses that are just amazing here we go so we’re gonna talk about today guys

Transcript of the Video: Reservations Live from the streets of Cincinnati Ohio

Hey, welcome. I’m Jeff Harrison with Reservations. I’ve got some special guests today. We’re just walking down the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a little lunch break. Let’s see who we have with us. Hi, I’m Ryan, Refreshed Digital Marketing. Hello. Gopher Lasky. And Juve Hernandez right over here from Salt Lake City, Utah from Juve Digital Marketing.

So you’ve got three amazing geniuses on the phone here with us today. So if you have questions about marketing, tell us what industries do you actually speak to? You know, we work with restaurants, event centers, retail, and boutiques, ladies, boutiques. Wow. Yeah. So I’ve been in the restaurant industry for about 15 years, more than 15 years actually. So I talked to that industry, but I also have plans in the spa industry, I mean the spas and also in the life coaching industry, primarily restaurants too.

Its all about awareness

You know, Bill, let me ask you a question. What do you think is the number one challenge for most restaurants when it comes to acquiring new customers? They’re really, you don’t have a process in place to acquire those customers and they’re not doing it because it’s also not, they don’t have a way to automate it. They think it’s too hard. They don’t have the time to do it. So that’s slowing them down from actually doing it. Now you come from a small town in Idaho. Wait for a second, can you do Internet marketing and digital marketing from a little town in Idaho?

So our town in Idaho, this is just one example. We have about 50,000 residents and I have a chiropractor client and in just the last two days we got them over 50 leads. Come on, 50 leads? Fifty leads for a chiropractor in a tiny twin falls, Idaho town. Ryan, you’re cracking. That’s the best I could do.

No, but here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. It’s all about awareness. You know, you got to go where the eyeballs are, where the people are. People are on social media, they’re on Facebook. And so if you can put the right type of message in front of the right people, that’s what works. So we’re really going to eat over here.

What Is A Chatbot?

We’re serious about eating somewhere. We’ve got a little bit of time for lunch, thinking about Kruger’s Tavern. Okay. So tell me in your business at something other than restaurants, how are you attracting customers for your business? That’s a very good question because I’m doing it through social media, Facebook marketing, and one of the things that we are implementing right now is with chatbots. We are doing Facebook ads and then we create the engagement right there. Right there, then we’re going to connect them to chatbots where we can continue the conversation, and it’s not only about selling but about creating that conversation and following up with the customers and then do the segmentation that way. So that’s, that’s the way we’re doing it right now.

So, Bill, in your business, are you using chatbots? Absolutely, 100%. Why chatbot? Boy, for creating like Juve said. Creating that conversation and creating that segmented distribution list. Bill, now wait a second, I’m just a kid from West Texas. What’d you call it? A segment district, what the heck is that?

What Is A Segment District

A list of people that you can speak to that you own. So I mean if you were marketing, you know, say to a billboard or television or radio, you are marketing with those people because you want to reach their audience. They own a distribution list of an audience. Did you want to speak to show what you do and sell your products? Well, we create that list for you over time and it’s segmented. We learn things about your customer so you can speak directly to them in a relevant manner. So when you’re not just blasting out to everybody, you’re talking specifically to a person about a particular thing that you do. So that’s a segmented part of that list.

We’ll come back to that gang that’s fire right there because so many people try to talk to everybody. I’ve got to ask Ryan one more follow up question then we’ll go back to Juve. The question is, hey, are you using chatbots for getting that client 50 new leads did you use or did you use a different technique?

You Got To Know Who Your Audience Is

I’m using landing pages for this particular client. So what? Here’s the thing about chatbots. Chatbots and video, in my mind, are the two biggest opportunities for any type of business you’re going forward as of today and going forward. You know you got to know your audience. So are we tried chatbots in a small town in Idaho and they’re almost kind of getting it? I’m just going to be completely honest. You know, you’ve got to know what people are used to and I swear within the next, you know, 12 months even, maybe even sooner, chatbots or going to be on fire in Idaho to be on. If you’ve ever been to Idaho, if you’ve watched Napoleon dynamite the movie, it’s a documentary.

It’s not fish is a doc. So you got to know who your audience is and I’d hope, to be honest, Napoleon dynamite is real, man. We are about 10 years behind the times, so chatbots. No, we’re not quite using to the greatest effectiveness yet, but we’ll get there. That’s cool. So Juve had a follow-up question.


Yeah. No, it’s not a question, but adding to the segmentation of chatbots, I mean your list and chatbots and what happens. I have a client right now that she owns a spa and she has four different services for saying so what you can do inside chatbots is, for example, you can have a tag and segment the audience to people that are interested about facials and massages and lymphatic massages and whatnot. So you don’t have the same conversation for all of them. You just have a question for the message people, for the facials and one that’s like, that’s what I wanted to say.

Yeah. Segmentation. First of all, thanks for joining us. I think we have Betty. Is that Betty? Betty, come here, just a second. Yeah, unexpected guests. I remember meeting Betty the first time I went to Billy Jean’s marks. I haven’t seen her in a long time. Betty, welcome. What brings you joy? What brings you to Cincinnati?

Matt? Besides me. Oh, not me. It’s Matt. Oh Sorry, Matt and Jeff. So, what are you hoping to get out of this? By the way, the reason we’re here, the reason we’re in Cincinnati because of it’s really a big mastermind group isn’t it? To improve our skills to help our customers become more successful. Why are you here? I need to be more outwardly going and since, I know Matt is into helping beginners so, therefore, there’ll be a lot of beginners, just like the serious stuff we just learned and how to talk to people, how do you understand people I need to learn right now am the process in learning that. So I need the universe to show me the way.

How To Get More Customers

I think this is a good step. What’d you think about the morning session so far? Incredibly great. How was the video presentation? The guy who gave the video presentation, did you like him? Was he a rock star? He was a rock star. He gave me points that I sort of know, but you sort of put out front there, saying you’ve got to do that, you’ve got to pay attention to these points because I know those points. But somehow you forget them you know. I think with like in your market, what exactly do you do or what businesses do you work within your market? How to get more customers?

I work with restaurants. I am a, my background is I’m a pro and I love that chatbots, but I need to get into the video part. It is like it is pushing me out of my comfort zone. That’s where all the magic is. Isn’t it? Outside our comfort zone. They say we don’t grow unless you’re uncomfortable. I think that’s great. Well Betty, thank you so much

How Do You Attract Customers

Come on, get over here. I don’t have a reservation. No reservation. Oh, But do you take walkup? I do take walk up. See. Do you have a permit for this?  I don’t. I’m going to just spend a minute. Hey, tell us a little bit about who you are, what you do, why you’re here. Who am I? How much time do we have? You’ve got a, you’ve got about 12 seconds. So it’s just your, this is your 32nd. I’m seven and a half seconds into my fifteen seconds. That’s it.

I’m Mark Watkins from Woodstock, Georgia. I do Marketing for local businesses and I’m just a passionate follower of this guy, Jeff I love you man. Hey, thank you. Thank you. That’s funny. You know, how do you attract new clients for your services? What’s the number one thing you do to attract new clients?

I shower every day. That’s the start, it’s a start. Use men and speed stick and some sort of pomade on my hair. Your hair looks great by the way. Why Thank you. I can tell you from Georgia. That’s a great looking do man

It’s About Creating Relationships

Oh No, seriously, it’s all about creating relationships, relationships. I’m just one to one nose to nose. And my desire is to create automation, in the growth and the creation of the nurturing of these relationships because that’s where the value is. So if you’re a local business and you’re making this the best widget that you can possibly make you’re focus on that you’re excellent on that. You need help and create a continuous stream of people coming in needing widgets, so I want to allow you to make the best widgets that you can possibly make and I’ll create the audience for you.

I think that’s great. Well, Hey, we’ve all got to go to lunch. I just wanted it, you know, it’s three hours later here in Cincinnati, so it’s about, I don’t know, 9:30 or so in the desert and we always say we’re going to be between 8:30 and 10. So we made it. Thank you guys very much and hey, thanks for showing up and being part of reservations. I may check back in later today because we’re learning some serious fire in this meeting today.

So far that we’ll share with you that directly going to help our clients because this business, Reservations just show it’s all about you and taking what we can share with you to get more, as Andrew says he’s gone away. He’s actually in Australia. He says more bums in the seats. So again, thanks for joining us. I’m Jeff Harrison. This is Mark Watkins. We’ve got Betty over there. She’s off camera, let’s it. And we’re from the streets of Cincinnati. Hey, thanks everybody for joining us. Take care. Bye.

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