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Things That Are Encompassing Facebook Ads In Restaurants

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You’ve seen them. Maybe you’ve tried them or they failed. Maybe they’ve worked! 150,000,000 daily users who want to eat at your restaurant but you need to do it better. Welcome to Reservations


Transcript Of The Video: Things That Are Encompassing Facebook Ads In Restaurants

Hey, welcome reservations. I got a great band in the background and uh, I just, I’m downtown in La Quinta and I just wanted to share, so I want to kind of revisit something, you know, yesterday I was in between a live show I thought, I’m going to kind of do a little stocking if you will. And what I did is I went on Facebook and I looked up the businesses were mainly around the area where I was doing the live for our client and what I saw was about two out of every three or not even using Facebook ads. And the third one, well it wasn’t doing a very good job so I wanted to kind of revisit that a little bit today and share with you some ideas.

Hey, thanks, Michelle. It was great meeting you in person in Ohio. I love what you’ve done so far since you’ve been back. I can’t wait to see more. Anyway, I just wanted to discuss things that are kind of encompassing Facebook ads for restaurants because there are about a hundred and 50 million people every day that log onto this platform that is interested in eating at that restaurant or the one right behind me or the one down the street or the two over there. But you know what the problem is? They don’t even know you exist.

Who Are Your Potential Customers?

Oh, I know you’ve been here for a while and whatnot, but you know, I could walk by these restaurants sadly enough throughout the day, even into the evening and they’re fairly unoccupied. They’re never like in demand. Yes. I know. I’m out here in Palm Springs and this is a hot area right now and I don’t mean for business. I mean it’s just temperature hot and it could affect him when people go in there. But right now I was looking at. I was looking at the total census of how many people live in the Coachella valley full time and it’s over 400,000 people live here year round.

So my thought is how many of these people eat three times a day? Hey, what if only half of them a three times a day? The others are more or less, let’s just say, are they your potential customers? Well, let’s just say only half of the half, maybe only 100,000 people are your ideal customers and let’s say only half of those people are on Facebook. That’s 50,000 people that don’t know anything about you that you could entice come into your restaurant.

Now, I’m not going to name any names, I promise. Hey Amy, how are you doing? But what I saw yesterday was a little disconcerting because this was a pretty large chain of restaurants that had an ad out and the ad, first of all visually was not real appealing. Secondly, it had an offer, but there was no way to find out if it worked or not. So I thought, well, I’ll look and see how many people are engaged with that post. Zero, zero people. We’re engagement on posted.

Make Sure The Targeting Is Correct

In other words, that advertising to them could appear to not be working. So now if somebody like me walks in and says, hey we’re really a Facebook expert as far as, and I don’t mean to say that patting myself on the back, this is what we do because we prove that our efforts were. And we walk in, what’s the first thing they say, Hey, I tried that Facebook advertising, it just doesn’t work. Part of the problem is knowing how to construct it and then make sure the targeting is correct. So I want to take a step back just for a second. It said something like, you know, 2 can eat for $22.

Well, big freaking deal because here’s the thing, I could go to a number of restaurants or I could run another ad and put it right next to him and say hey, 2 can eat for 20. Which one is going to appeal more? Well, my 2 for 20 is going to appeal more because if somebody just there on price alone, I’m going to crush them. They’re going to be too expensive, right? So when you construct your message, make sure it’s something that can’t be outdone. As an example, what’s something that cannot be done? You can’t over free somebody and statistically, there are all kinds of research. I was watching a video yesterday where a gentleman was talking about, you know, it’s all about the building the list and he’s so true. That’s so right on the button.

Facebook Ads Don’t Work?

So what he did is this one customer that he knew walked into, he walked in and they were doing terrible. He said, the same thing, Facebook ads don’t work. And in a month they say, I think he’d gotten like three or four people coming into the restaurant or no, I think it was, he was doing newspaper ads. That was a deal in the. And so the guy asked me, said, well, what’s your return on that? He said, how many people are actually getting. Well, he said he didn’t know and he said there was actually, I think when, when he kind of came down to it, he thought 10.

Well, it was actually less than that. So when he did it with the offer? He said, let’s do a freebie where people just walk in and the guy said, well, how can I afford to do it for free? Because I can’t afford to give it away for free and to pay you.

He said, trust me, let’s just do this. So in that week, they got 543 people to come in and only one out of 17 did not spend more when they went in there. In other words, they made money. In fact, the second week the guy said, hey, the guy called him and said, hey, can we turn that ad off? And he says, well, why would I want to turn it off? And he said because we’re buried. He said we can’t keep up. So he had been spending like a thousand dollars, or excuse me, $300 a week on this ad in the newspaper and really not getting anything.

Make Sure To Target People

Crickets, because he couldn’t prove it worked or not, right? In a week he got 543 people walking through the door and only 1 out of 17 actually came in and said, hey, I want to redeem my offer and move on. So if it were me, what would I do? Well, let’s go back to that 2 For 22. What I would do, instead of doing something like that, I would say, you know, bring this coupon in and we’d do it electronically. So I’m just giving you a high level. We would, we would say bring this coupon for a free, whatever that is, you cannot outdo free, right? And then I would make sure to target people.

In other words, let’s say for instance if a restaurant, they only sold meat. Let’s just hypothetically, let’s say they were selling a barbecue. Well, you’d want to make sure to target people who actually like barbecue and who eat meat. You don’t want to target people who are vegetarians or Vegan, right? You want to make sure that at least you get your message out in front of people who are most likely to click your ad. So those are two big takeaways.

That’s Free Money

Now the other thing is, remember I said I looked at their ads and there were absolutely no, there were no likes, there were no shares, there were no comments. Well, the way we do it is we take that ad and we’ll create a post, right? So we’ll take that ad and we’ll put it together. We’re supposed to be the right visual, the right wording, and the targeting. We’ll put a post on that particular client’s page and then we’ll create an ad using that post. So what’ll happen is we’ll double down, we’ll get not only organic reach, in other words, people who just naturally come to the page and love the offer, but also we’ll get the paid traffic.

So typically what’ll happen is we’ll get probably about 60% of all the people who were deemed the offers or lichen share, 60 percent of those will be from people who we have paid to come in. The other 40% are free. So that’s like that’s free money, right? That this other ad was not getting. Now, what can happen?

Well, first of all, one of our clients where we use this for, and this is an example, it’s not saying, hey, it’s going to work for you just like this, especially if you do it on your own. You’re not used to it. It’s like me cooking something in your restaurant. I’m probably going to screw it up a little bit and I don’t want to say it doesn’t work. So if you’re doing this on your own, understand there’s a learning curve. You want to do something that you can you can, you know, understand, hey, let me work on this. Look at other people’s ads that are working well.

What Does It Cost To Acquire A New Customer?

Things That Are Encompassing Facebook Ads In RestaurantsBut what we do is make sure to put that out there and see as an example, what does it cost for us to acquire a customer? That’s the next thing. What does it cost to acquire a new customer? So let’s say, for instance, this restaurant behind me has got the music going, which I’m really having a hard time not getting up and dancing this a little salsa music. Let’s say, for instance, every time somebody goes in there, let’s say they spend an average of 18 bucks. Hey Barry, Kili, what’s going on there Big Guy? Let’s say they spend $18, so what could you afford to acquire one new customer? In other words, what would an ad cost you to acquire one new customer?

And let’s play the game. Let’s say, for instance, every time you gave me a, let’s say $10, I gave you $18, how often would you play that game? Will you do it all the time, right? So this is not one of those ones and done kind of things. This is something you do over and over again. So it’s this constant flow of customers and that’s a way to start using Facebook ads. Now what I did is on our website, if you go to, and you go to that page, you can actually see we created this, uh, this restaurant called swing point burgers. No, it doesn’t really exist, but it’ll show you what we do to acquire customers and it’ll show you an ad. It’ll show you how we do this automated.

Do You Think It Could Work For You?

Then do me a favor. What I want you is I want you to go over there and check that out. They don’t want you to come back to this post and let me know your thoughts. Did you like that idea? Do you think it could work for you? Because when you do this for customers, we’re getting number said, hey, I give you $18 if you gave me $10, $12, 1 customer 31 cents. Thirty-one cents to get somebody to walk through their door and spend money. Their average spends $16 and forty-eight cents. We know this because we can gather that data. In fact, we know when they walk through the door and we know when they redeem. How cool is that?

What’s up brother? Hey, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks in North Dakota. That’s my. My brother in law, Barry Kelly. The wonderful brother of my beautiful wife and he’s on the show today. Thanks, Barry for showing up today. I really appreciate that. So I want you to go to that Just check it out. There’s no obligation. I’m going to ask you to buy anything because the restaurant doesn’t really exist. It’s just a fictitious restaurant we made up so we could show this demonstration. Check it out, see how it works. This is something that you know what, it’s like you. If you’re a restaurant owner and you are in the kitchen, somebody making some. Every time an order is put in there, something’s being made is pushed out and it gives a result. Same thing.

I Want To Learn More

It’s the same thing except when you put money in, we return more money on the way out. That’s what we call return on investment. So if your Facebook ads, either you’re one or two categories. I don’t use Facebook, I’ve tried Facebook and it doesn’t work. Go check that out because there is a third category. Hey, I’ve tried Facebook, it doesn’t work, but I need it to work.

I want it to work and I want to learn more. Go check that out. In the meantime, I’m going to go dance a little bit over here in front of this restaurant and see if they’re using Facebook ads. I can now research that. In fact, I think I’m going to do another show or I’ll post it on my Jeff Harrison public figure page and show you how we research and find out, hey, are people doing Facebook ads or are they not? I want to thank everybody for joining me today. Really appreciate that. We’re here Monday through Friday, somewhere between 8:30 and 10. It depends.

This morning I was on a really nice phone call with a gentleman out of Ontario, Canada or that area, brilliant guy. He talks about reviews. We’re going to have him on the show here in not too distant future because without spoiling the beans if you’re not getting reviews and you’re leaving low hanging fruit laying on the ground. He showed me something today, blew my mind about how reviews turn into cash. All right. Again, thank you. My name is Jeff Harrison will catch you again on the flip side at Reservation. See Tomorrow.

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