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Paid Advertising!

“By Creating the type of content that solves your ideal customers problems”

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Guru’s want you to use paid ads…
But, they don’t share
It could take up to 6 months
BEFORE they begin to work!
We build weekly, lead generating, Content!
We Create 24 Pieces for Google, in that same time, waiting for paid ads to work!

“Content Marketing is simply the process of providing your ideal customers the answers they need to make a buying decision.”

Content Marketing is the science of researching the behaviors of your customers, discovering what problems they need to solving, to make a buying decision, and then creating the answers in the form of “non-salesy” information.
This process allows them to come to a yes, without being pushy or pressuring.
The benefits are many:
  • Every piece of content you create and post, helps Google match the customer to the solution with more accuracy – It’s like a dating service…the better content, the better the dates!
  • The content is keyword appropriate. Meaning, because content is your method, the old fashioned “keyword stuffing” days are not necessary. You will create content for the customer, not the search engines!
  • Reduces sales cycles by as much as 67% – Your customers, because your content helps answers their questions, can get them to yes faster!
  • When you create content, and solve your customers problems, you naturally are viewed as the authority in your niche.
  • Profits are higher because the customer, who has done the research, knows your value. Less Negotiating & Price Cutting!
Content Marketing

We make it easy.

In 3 simple steps your content marketing plan can begin attracting more of your ideal customer (and repelling the one’s that aren’t).

  1. Research Our team of experts discover the most pressing questions your customers need answering.
  2. Create Our seasoned writers will create content that is the right length, with the right number of links, images, and calls to action.
  3. Distribute We help the content to be easily found and consumed by the ones wanting to make buying decisions, as well as keep you top of mind with past customers!

Bonus – we measure our efforts to ensure the results are what you want!

Are you ready to stop chasing your customers all over the internet?

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Great job! We are spending less and getting far more exposure!
Michael Berk 
Owner of LUXE Electric Car

Below is the image showing where they are in June of 2022. The note of Feb 2019 shares where they were with website traffic when they began with their content marketing in 2019 – 300 visitors a month versus 7,300!

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