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We Help You Get More Customers

By making sure you appear in search results, with problem-solving solutions, making you the obvious choice

Digital Marketer


  • Lower Overall Stress wondering where the next sale is coming from
  • More time for you to focus on the direction and growth of your company
  • Reduce your overall cost to get new customers, while making more money

Real World Challenges

  • Phone not ringing like it used to
  • Unfilled appointments
  • Trucks and equipment setting idle
  • Overhead eating deeper into your profits
  • Loss of sleep

We believe you should not be held back, just because you are not an online digital marketing expert.

Digital Marketer
Jef Harrison SwingPointMedia

Hi I'm Jeff Harrison

We Help You Get More Customers

I help busy and confused business owners, just like you find clarity in their marketing to get more customers.

Marketing to get new customers has never been so confusing, I 100% get it. From SEO to Website Design, Paid ads, PPC, YouTube, Facebook…the list goes on and on. So, what do you do? Selecting and creating a winning formula, so you can focus on your business, is all you want.

When Forbes tells us 82% of people will do all of their research, BEFORE they ever call or come into your business, and 92% of that research is happening on Google, we knew making sure a strong presence, and using content was the answer. This proven process has helped client’s double revenues, increase profits, reduce sales times and reduce the cost of sales!

And we are confident we can deliver similar results for you too.

Voice From Clients

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The Plan in 3 Simple Steps

Get Busy Serving Your Customers… We Will Get Them In The Door
Step 1


If it were just about making and posting content, everyone would be successful.
We reverse engineer it...unless your ideal customers are asking for the answer, we don't waste time, effort or money making it.

Step 2


Now that we have the facts, from the research to back up our content creation decisions, we create the ideal, customers calling you on the phone, type of content.
In formats most consumed by your ideal customers.

Step 3


The best content created, without a way to ensure your ideal customers, most likely to buy, don't see it, will fail.
At SwingPointMedia, your decision making content is waiting for them, so they can call you. Automatically.

Step 4

Bonus - Measure

We are obsessed with the data. We measure everything.
Today, if you are doing any marketing and not measuring, it's like walking into a dark room...your toes (budget) are exposed to hitting the leg on the chair....Ouch.

How to Become The Automated Entrepreneur

We remove the pressure of being the expert digital marketer, so you can grow your business.
If you’re exhausted, and tired of being that way, call today and become The Automated Entrepreneur. 760-422-5176