Tired of Chasing Your Customers All Over Social Media?

You want more customers. Plain and Simple.

This is what we do for our customers. Plain and Simple.

And we remove the need for you to be the digital marketing expert, chasing them around the internet.

The Automated Entrepreneur

We know you went into business for reasons beyond just money.

Family, Lifestyle, Personal Freedom. 

If your dreams and vision are on hold because you feel you must be doing "it' all, all of the time, and you've fallen into the Exhausted Entrepreneur Trap, then you've come to the right place.

Being the Automated Entrepreneur gives you back time. Time to be with your family, or hire and train new employees, instead of being the digital marketing expert, in an ever changing landscape.


The Plan in 3 Simple Steps

Get Busy Serving Your Customers... We Will Get Them In The Door

# 1 - Research

If it were just about making and posting content, everyone would be successful.

We reverse engineer it...unless your ideal customers are asking for the answer, we don't waste time, effort or money making it.

# 2 - Create

Now that we have the facts, from the research to back up our content creation decisions, we create the ideal, customers calling you on the phone, type of content.

In formats most consumed by your ideal customers.

# 3 - Distribute

The best content created, without a way to ensure your ideal customers, most likely to buy, don't see it, will fail. 

At SwingPointMedia, your decision making content is waiting for them, so they can call you. Automatically.

Bonus - Measure

We are obsessed with the data.  We measure everything.

Today, if you are doing any marketing and not measuring, it's like walking into a dark room...your toes (budget) are exposed to hitting the leg on the chair....Ouch.


How to Become The Automated Entrepreneur

We remove the pressure of being the expert digital marketer, so you can grow your business.

If you're exhausted, and tired of being that way, call today and become The Automated Entrepreneur. 760-422-5176

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