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When they know you they can buy from you

About - Swing Point Media

Swing Point Media is a Digital Marketing Company focused on helping local service-based businesses, like HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, create a presence online, so when your customers go to Google and ask questions like, “how often should I change my air filter in my air conditioner?” You show up with the answer.

We do this with a proven method that has been effective for over a century and shows no sign of changing. We call it Solution Based Content Marketing. Unlike social media, that seems to change daily, the solution-based content keeps working, sending you new customers, long after it was first created!

Your customers do one thing, consistently before they make a buying decision. Do you know what it is?


They do their research using today’s tools like Google, which gets 92% of all online traffic for these questions your customers are asking and want to have answered.
And if you are not there, providing an answer, you miss your chance to be the local business they select and spend their money with.
SwingPointMedia, started back in 2012, originally as a video marketing company, is still a company focused on making content that solves the problems, with solutions, your customers are on Google searching for.
Jeff Harrison is the Founder and President of a team of specialists @ SwingPointMedia.

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