The platforms for businesses to attract new customers via advertising continues to evolve. This changing landscape can be confusing for business owners as to how they can increase, or even maintain current levels of success. SwingPointmedia, Inc. is dedicated to providing such resources. Video and Paid advertising such as Facebook right now are producing the highest ROI and with a team of dedicated experts to lead the way our goal is simple, create a process that attract and provides leads to our ideal clients for the lowest possible investment per new customer.

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Jeff Harrison

Everyone thought I was crazy back in 1997 when I wanted to begin collecting emails from our members at Mission Hills Country Club so we could stay in touch and communicate.

Today, now 20+ years later we still know the value of having a robust list of names and email addresses.

Digital marketing, truly what we do and enjoy is changing every day. Our ideal customers, restaurant owners, and operators, typically don't have time to stay on top of the best and most effective way to reach out and attract more customers that turn into reservations.  This is where we step in, making the process seamless, automated and highly trackable.

Customers deserve this metric. Just like knowing exactly how much spoilage is too much. If you can't track and measure it you can't manage it.

We provide easy tools that are updated with this information, at their fingertips.

What drives me? Finding, understanding and testing the very best ways to reach and attract new customers who turn into patrons. Then delivering these tools to our customers so they can continue to grow their bottom line.

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Andrew McCauley

Andrew McCauley is the original Social Media Bloke. Named as #17 ‘Most Influential Social Media Marketer “ by BuzzSumo in Nov 2016 and one of the top 100 Most Influential Twitter Users by Forbes, He is an Amazon Best Selling Author and consults all types of Business on their Social Media and Online Strategy. Having been a speaker at over 300 live events, his passion for making the Online world more understandable shines through in all of his presentations. His customized strategies have continually seen 300-500% growth in traffic to business websites and his Podcast has been downloaded in over 100 countries. He is also the Co-trainer and founder of the Digital Traffic Institute and AutoPilot Your Business, which has been helping businesses make money from their website for over 8 years.

A little more detail…

As a very young kid in the early 70’s, I was lucky enough to see the very first electronic tic tac toe machine in Australia…in my own house. This began the fascination with computers and technology. Having written my first computer program when I was 9 years old, I was sure that I was destined to be a geek! After I finished school, I got a job in hospitality and thought it would last a few months. 17 years later, I finally left that job. In that industry, I was exposed to the world of marketing…if you sucked at marketing, you quickly knew because your restaurants or your bars or nightclubs would be empty.  I would devour any information I could about marketing and I really enjoyed that challenge that the hospitality industry gave me.

2006, I started my own business consulting company and one of my first clients asked me how people were using Facebook for their marketing. I had no idea what Facebook was, let alone use it for business. This began my new journey in studying Social Media for business.

I was lucky enough to travel the world, teaching Business owners from all walks of life how to implement and use Social Media and Online Marketing for their own companies.

Whilst establishing my business, I was contracted to run the staff for seminars for 3 very large personal Development Companies across 8 countries over 5 years. The traveling took me to many beautiful locations around the world and I got the first-hand experience of different marketing methods used by the worlds brightest companies.

During 2011, I also became a trainer and Director of Coaching for T Harv Ekers’ Ultimate Internet Bootcamp. For 2 years we traveled the world teaching business owners how to set up and run their own website.

From 2013 onwards, I have been  concentrating on helping local businesses with their social media and online marketing through our signature membership program called Digital Traffic Institute, whilst maintaining a number of private clients

In the ‘Offline’ world, I love snowboarding and surfing and camping with my wife and 2 boys.

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