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What do you need to get motivated?

How many times have we heard this (okay I’ve been guilty) and thought, this is what I need a tip or trick to get me over the hump…only to realize it has the same value as buying a knockoff. What is the “thing” that we need to get us over the hump. Today we talk about this, candidly.

Transcript of the Video: What do you need to get motivated?

Thank you too for those who served us and helped us to be able to do what I’m doing right now. That’s just freedom of speech and among other freedoms that we have and protect us and service. So first off, welcome. First of all, thank you to the veterans. For those of you watching, I just wanted to share something with you today which I thought was interesting. You know, how many times have we had these tips and tricks given to us? So we’re actually, we’re even looking for the tips and tricks to kind of get us to that next level.

At the end of the day, there are no tips and tricks. And I want to share with you what kind of started me on this thought this morning. It is you know, we all get hundreds of emails, right? And I get tons of emails. I was kind of cleaning out some emails early this morning. One of the things I noticed that everybody had some kind of like, life hack business hack or shortcut and that and the other. And at the end of the day, there are no real shortcuts.

There are no shortcuts

There are no shortcuts, you know if you do have a better way to get there. I think the shortcut is when, let’s say if I were to reach out to someone and I’ve gotten mentors and I have coaches that helped me shortcut the learning experience, but something is not shortcut. It is the work you have to put in. Everybody has to put the work in. I don’t care if you’re a soccer player or you’re a football player, you’re a business person, you’re an artist. Whatever it is, you must put in the work. Otherwise, you’re cheating yourself from what you learned from the hard work.

I remember when I was taking singing lessons and yes, I’m done with seeing less than am I going to sing for you today? But I remember when I first started taking singing lessons, it was terrible and the actual exercises that I had to do were really quite simple. And yet if I didn’t do them, if I didn’t do the work, I would not get any results. Now, I did do the work. I did get some results and moved on and I reached a point where I said, okay, I’m happy with where I’m at. But at the end of the day, you know, we hear people like Gary Vaynerchuk or Matt Clap or Billie Jean or whomever you listened to talk about that one ingredient that is not a tip or a trick.

It’s  Hard Work

It is hard freaking work. It is doing the work. And I realized that again this morning when I was doing some typing, I’m sending out, you know, we finished up a new marketing is not new, but I would say, an adjusted marketing approach for SwingPoint Media. And at the end of the day, I don’t care how great our copy is, how wonderful our videos are. If we don’t work, it will not work. And so I just, that’s really all I want to talk about this morning is, are you working? Are you avoiding the work? Are you looking for that shortcut that says, Hey, I want, you know, I want to use the law of attraction to get what I want?

I watched a video and I thought that was pretty good real early this morning, and it says, Hey, the law of attraction is great, but the law of attraction loves the law of the Hustle. In other words, get out there and bust your high knee and do that extra work that the other people won’t. Now here’s the cool thing. Many years ago was when I was in a just started real estate investing. It was a little disheartening because I was in a group of about 600 people in this audience over the weekend. I decided to invest as did a lot of other people invest in this program.

Take Action

But as years went on and I got to see behind the scenes of these kinds of events that about 96% of the people and even higher. Let’s say 96% of the people who invest tens of thousands of dollars into these programs never take action. And so I was fortunate. I did take action, but even I had those moments. I think we all have those moments where it’s like, Ooh, I don’t, you know, it’s like I’ve got to get something done. And so it really comes down to, and I’m reminding myself of this as much as I’m sharing it with you this morning, is it’s about saying, hey, I got a lace up my boots. I got to put on my big boy pants and not in that order and I got to do the work.

So I’d love to hear your feedback. I love your thoughts on this. You know, it comes at a time on veteran’s day where, you know, a lot of people, hey, they did put their big boy pants on and big girl pants for that matter and they laced up their boots and they gave it they are all. They knew when they were going in. They were going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice. So they possibly have to make the ultimate sacrifice. I think, in our businesses on a day to day basis. Um, we maybe think that that ultimate sacrifices when I asked you as a potential client to give me the time to talk to me about what I can offer, and that’s like that ultimate sacrifice that I might get said no to.

Are you willing to do that?

That’s part of that learning. That is part of the work. It’s like if I could tell you for a fact that for every 10 people you actually were able to talk to and present your product to one person was going to say yes. And you knew you could do that five days a week. That’s five new yeses a week. Are you willing to do that? A lot of people aren’t. You know, a lot of people aren’t, 96% or higher are not willing to do that. So what that means is there’s a lot of opportunity for those people who say, yeah, I’ll boot up. I’ll go do it. I’ll take the hits, I’ll get the nose out of the way so that we’ll get some yeses and you’ll find this success.

That’s why we don’t hear everyone being successful. Yeah. I heard something in the day, a Gary Vaynerchuk, I love listening to him, Gary V’s audio experience. If you’re not into that, go check it out on podcast. He’s on plenty of platforms, but I listened to him on iTunes. You know what he said? He said most of the people are just not willing to do the work and that’s why there really is no such thing as competition. Because the people you’re up against are sometimes they’ll fold as quickly as a cheap tent in a rainstorm at the first sign of any resistance.

Take One Action Forward

Then there are those companies that are around and said just give it to me and let me take it and let me reshape it like clay doh if you will, and go back out there and find those yeses. I wrote this and this is enclosed, I wrote this email this morning. And, I shared it with Andrew who’s not here, he’s with his family this morning, because the kids are off, his wife is off and all that kind of stuff. So that’s all good. I shared this email that I wrote out and I thought, it just takes a little bit of work. It’s amazing how much if we just take one action forward, what that will mean.

If we could say, hey, picking up the phone and calling somebody, that’s tough man, because we’re putting us on the line and open up just open ourselves up for a rejection. That’s tough, but it needs to be done. You know, Matt calls them RGAs (Revenue Generating Activities) and at the end of the day are you able to judge yourself and have you done the RGAs? That when you look in the mirror before you go to bed, and you can say, I’ve done my RGAs, you know, I did my work. I did the stuff that maybe some was planting, some was nurturing and some was harvesting.

We need to have that Communication

You know, did you do all those activities? Because I think sometimes is, as we all know, we can immediately go right in for the harvest. Because we haven’t planted anything in there yet. As I was saying earlier, Gary Vaynerchuk, he says, entrepreneurship has become this sexy thing. And many of us, myself included and you possibly watching. You got involved in entrepreneurship before it was sexy.

It’s a lonely game. Sometimes you’re, you know, you’re self-motivating to get going. And hopefully today, this one little message not being a tip or trick will remind you that we need to have that communication. Say, yeah, you know, there could be some value in there or there could be some setbacks. So let’s call it that. We could be setbacks. My definition is when I stopped trying and when I stopped getting up off the deck and going another round, that’s failure.

So join me in the corner and let’s get ready to play another round. Hey, thanks for joining. My name is Jeff Harrison. I hope you have a great Monday and a great Veteran’s Day. Again, my salute and shout out to every veteran. Those present and past and those who have given their lives. Those who continue out there on a daily basis and do what they have to do to protect the United States of America. Thank you all. Have a great day.

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