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Reservations: Are You Advertising the Best Offer?


Are You Advertising the Best Offer? Have you really thought about the best offer that you could advertise? Make sure you understand what offer really resonates with your audience and which ones will get them off their seats and come in and visit you in your restaurant.

Transcript of Video – Are You Advertising the Best Offer?

We’re here for Reservations and if you’re missing this show. If you’ve missed any of the shows, please check the episodes out at Getting them loaded as quickly as we can. Yes, it’s my fault. They’re not getting done because I have to download them and given to Andrew. And of course, if he doesn’t have them he can’t upload them. But that’ll be coming soon, so if you miss any of these. Today, one of the things we want to talk about today Andrew is how marketers or really businesses like the Chipotle behind this or you said you heard one on the way in this morning,

I heard a radio ad this morning for a restaurant advertising the happy hours. Come on at 9:20 in the morning. 9 o’clock in the morning. This restaurant doesn’t open till lunchtime anyway because that might be you’re trying to get the bookings for people thinking about lunch. They’re talking about happy hours as well not only you mass marketing to everybody on the radio because not everyone is your target market. Which we’ll talk about in a moment, but the effect you want to give away their happy hours and stuff like that. It’s a point to bring people in, but seriously how you supposed to make money when you’re spending money on massive expensive advertising and trying to make your dollars through happy hour.

Mass marketing vs Targeted Marketing

Yeah, so I didn’t get a chance to say what we’re going to talk about today. You kinda jumped in there, but it’s that it wasn’t in between Mass marketing and Targeted marketing. One thing you just pointed out is Targeted Marketing allows you to speak to your audience when it’s most appropriate. Where Mass Marketing, like the ad on the radio or the ad on TV or in the newspaper. It’s just out there. So it could be getting on people when it’s like it’s inappropriate. I got my kids into a car and you’re talking about the happy hour and free drinks and you know, whatever.

Exactly, we’re talking about Mass marketing like billboards on the freeway. The freeway just over the backyard. Thousands and thousands of cars go past, yet only a small handful are appropriate for the for each billboard right? Because there are either transient people coming through. There’s a restaurant out there. I saw the other day advertising for people. It’s about six miles inland. Yet a lot of the traffic is going from between Phoenix and LA. They’re not interested in pulling off to go to the restaurant. It’s not the right sort of marketing. Mass marketing, radio ads, TV ads or newspapers are another example of mass marketing, right? So there are some of the issues there where people are spending lots of dollars and these are not cheap by the way. Spending lots of dollars to get into the wrong, in front of the wrong people.

Are You Advertising the Best Offer?

The value of targeted marketing

When I think about mass marketing. We were just talking to a client yesterday who’s now part of the SwingPoint Media family. Not only can you do things like, “hey, you can attract the right people, specific people” but he was concerned about what people who already know like and trust me. Do I want to offer them any kind of discounts and what we’re able to do and say, No, we can exclude those people from actually seeing the ad and only attract new customers. How valuable is that? Because if I see an ad in a newspaper, you don’t know if I’m an existing customer, I’m a new customer. You know what’s the deal or am I a disgruntled customer?

That’s the value of targeted marketing is you can target to the people you want. Now, as you said, if you’ve got a special, you want to attract new clients only. You don’t have to put a disclaimer on the bottom. If you’re doing this properly, you don’t have to say, “hey, this is only for new clients” because you know that you’re getting in front of new clients because you know who are your clients when you use Targeted advertising, especially with Facebook ads and stuff like that.

Use your database

Yeah, that’s right. The other way you know another piece of Targeted marketing Andrew is when you own the database. Yes, right now, you can do something really cool which is now you’re only offering that particular opportunity to the people within your database and if you’ve done a good job, you want to segment that list. Right?

Segmentation is when you can actually have a list of people that you can control, as you said, have an email address, but then you may want to tag them. You may want to tag them where they came from or what ad attracted into to you in the first place, or maybe it’s the flavor of food that they like or the flavor of cocktail or flavor of ice cream that they’re really into. Because imagine now when you send an email out to those people and you’ve got, let’s say it’s an ice cream shop for instance.

You want to send an email out to all the chocolate ice cream lovers out there because you’ve got a special new Belgian chocolate coming in and you want to tell people about it. Why tell people who like vanilla and strawberry about the chocolate flavor because they’re not into it.

Where technology is really coming into play

Send it out to the people who like chocolate. This is where technology is really, really coming into play, especially for the restaurant industry. In fact, there was a report just released this week. I think in the restaurant industry. One of the biggest factors that the restaurant industry has for the growth of restaurants is the non-adoption of technology. Technological advances in this industry.

One of the biggest problems for the restaurant industry is the non-adoption of technology. Meaning restaurants aren’t adopting this technology. This is stuff that’s available to you. It doesn’t have to cost any money, the ability to tag people and segment your list is available for you, but people aren’t using it. That’s not just the restaurant industry either, but it’s very prominent in the restaurant.

How can you be on the leading edge

Restaurants are not most successful adopting it, right? They are adopting things like Text marketing. Which in essence is kind of old outdated technology. We use things that are even more advanced than that. The customer yesterday they said, “Well, how do we know if what you’re using will be valid tomorrow?” and I said you know if holograms are the most popular tomorrow, guess who’s going to be the experts at holograms? That’s what we’re going to be doing. The point is where marketing is specific to restaurant marketing. We’re always going to be on the leading edge. It’s almost like the old days when wagons went across the plains, what they send out in front. Do you remember a scout?

I still have arrows in my back but a scout. Why? The scout was looking for the best path for that wagon train or that party of people moving across the plains to travel safely and most effectively. We call them scouts and we took the risk. We tested it before we said, “Hey Andrew, you’re the Guinea pig.” No, we’ve already tested. Now we see the results and then we implement it. If you’re thinking about, hey, I should be getting on a Text marketing. I’m not saying is bad.

Here’s the thing about Text marketing, it’s expensive. It can be very expensive because you’re paying those SMS charges. It’s effective, but it’s very expensive and we really drive for ROI. We’re talking about mass marketing and targeted marketing.

By the way, I just want to say hey to Albert, also a Sir Old Golfer, Bill –he’s watching. Amy, thanks for joining us. Brian, we miss you too. Brian Rally.

Can you ever think of a time where Mass marketing would be a good thing?

Advertise the best offer

Now in this day and age what we’ve got? No, not now. Here’s the thing, you look at TV stations in our local area, but I’m sure it’s for everyone else. They were offering social media services now because they know the value of Targeted marketing and that’s how they doing it, getting people through their social media.  TV ads don’t cut it anymore like they used to. Mass marketing was good for its purpose when it was in its heyday, but things have moved on. You’ve got to move on to.

You know, there’s an article that I heard. I’m a big believer in podcasts and always learning. There’s a gentleman named Todd Hartley and he had an interview with a gentleman from Harvard. This gent from Harvard is a professor and he studies the trends in marketing. One of the things that Todd asked him and said almost the same thing. Is there a good time to do Mass marketing? He said, if you’re spending money on mass marketing right now, you are wasting your dollars. You’re wasting your time.

The reason I think is that we are such an on-demand society, right? I mean, it’s not like the old days where we said, hey, how do we get information? Where did we learn about that? That processor in an ad we learned about that. Whatever in the net, if we want to know about what do we do? We just typed into Google. Yeah, Google it. So really if you’re thinking about, “hey, am I putting something out there?” and it’s going through a mass market. Let’s say here in the desert is 417,000 full-time residents, but how many of the people are your ideal customer?

Is targeted marketing expensive?

Well, it’s a little fraction, but you don’t have to spend money on old $470,000. Yeah, now that’s the other good thing. We didn’t mention about that using Targeted market. Is it more or less expensive?

Oh, it’s cheap, so much cheaper because you’re not trying to get to everybody. If you are one of those that says my market is everybody, then that’s where it’s going to cost you a lot of money if you think your market is everybody, then you’re going to spend a lot of money getting to everybody.

Hey, this is live. We’ve got people screaming out. This is how important video is and live video. I’m sorry I interrupted you there.  I just wanted to say hello and thanks for joining us, Patty Wright, and Hoovey Hernandez. I appreciate you joining in and watching. Albert, thanks again! Great morning. Any other last thoughts about Targeted versus Mass marketing?

The current situation

Mass marketing is dead. We’re over Mass marketing. Don’t waste your time doing it. Find out from people. There are lots of people out there who can teach you Facebook ads. We can do it wherever you want, but just know that the ability to target your audience for a fraction of the cost and much better returns are out there. Find out about it, do something about it. Make it your ROI objective. That’s great.

Hey, I want to take just a second today and I want to say it’s Friday. I want to encourage you to do something that maybe you already do or you don’t do, but take it a little bit of time and give back. What that means is maybe you give back like as an example today, I’ll go and give every two weeks, I give plasma at the Live Stream Blood Bank.

You could be saying, hey, here locally we have Coachella Valley rescue mission, or you’re just donating some of your time. Whatever it is, give back a little bit. It’s amazing the return. Don’t do it just because it’s the return or what but it’s just amazing. It’s like fertilizing my soul. It makes me feel good and helps other people. I do it because it’s just the right thing to do.

Nuggets of wisdom

And the other thing I want to say is, I just heard this morning, Anthony Bourdain committed suicide this morning. He’s a great chef. Sixty-one years old, too young to die. That’s the second person. I don’t want to throw it a downer here, but I just want to say, you know what, there’s a lot to live for. There’s a lot to live for. I know even when things are tough, I want you to think about one thing, there’s a top to every mountain and if you’re going through hell right now.

All I can say is, hey, keep going, keep going. Because you know what? Every storm, there’s an end to every storm. And if you, even in the darkest days, there are clouds. Always know the sun is shining above those clouds. It’s up to us to get past through those clouds. So that’s my little side rant there and you know, so hey, have a great weekend!

Be a guest on the show

We appreciate you being here with us and we’d hold on. Hey. thanks. Thanks, Hoovey we appreciate that. We will keep up the nuggets and hey if you’ve got ideas that you want to hear more about or you’ve heard about and you’d like to talk through a little bit more. Please put them in the comments.

Also, if you are a restaurant owner and you would like to be like that truck that passed behind. You don’t have to scream out, you can actually be here on the show and we can talk about your restaurant.  You can talk about your restaurant. Let us know. We will have you on the show.

Absolutely. We’ll have you on the show, not only that we’re targeting people that could be your audience too, we’ve got hundreds of views every day and then we pay money to attract more attention. If you want to be that person with some specialized customers. Give us a call.

We would love to come in and do a little show from your restaurant if you want it. Yeah, because today we’re in the apex of where Palm Desert and Rancher Barrage meet. We’re going to be in Rancho Mirage state, but the sun just wasn’t right in. Hey, I know you have to run. I have to go to the bathroom. We’re going to call it quits and see you again next time. We’ll see you on Monday, somewhere between 8:30 and 10 right here on Reservations. See you later. Have a good weekend.

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