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How do we use video to create a targeted audience

How do we use video to create a targeted audience?

How do we use video to create a targeted audience? This is today’s question that came from yesterday’s topic of targeting. Find out why is it very important to be using video so you can create a targeted audience who will want to buy from you time and time again.

Did you know: How do we use video to create a targeted audience?

Hey, welcome to Q and A Friday. I’m Jeff Harrison of Reservations. We will talk about “How do we use video to create a targeted audience?” Yesterday, we talked about targeting and it brought up a question or two about the topic. One specific was, “Hey, what if I don’t know for sure who my ideal target market is?”

Now, hopefully that’s not the case. Sometimes there’s a different way around it and we can use video to do that. As an example, if you take a video and you put the video out, you would want to set up your ad set or your objective as video views and it will just show the people who viewed your videos. Most importantly, here’s kind of a knockout factor, when you set this up, you want to make your audience.

Using Video to Create Your Targeted Audience

How do we use video to create a targeted audience

To start our topic, “How do we use video to create a targeted audience?”, most importantly, let me first give you a situation, for instance, you may have a restaurant downtown in the location. You say, “Well, I want everybody within five mile radius of my location to see my video.” She’ll set it for video views and all you’ll do is you’ll set it up with only that radius as far as the demographics. What’s this going to do is, put it out to everybody who’s within that five mile radius, either men or women. You might set your age range from 25 to 64 or 25 to 65 and plus whatever that is, but then what happens is, your only being charged for video views, which are very inexpensive. However, here’s the magic in that, you can go back to your audience and say, “Hey, now that I’m looking at my data,” you want to say, “well, who would I actually re-target to?” Now, that may be a new word for you because you’re going to re-target the people who are watching your video 50 percent or more of the time.

Re-targeting Your Audience

Why do we need to re-target? Let’s face it, people who just scroll through and don’t put the thumb stopper on there, and say,  “hey, let me see what this video is about.” They’re probably not your audience, they are tire kickers. Maybe they’re vegans and you sell steaks or vice versa, and they’re not interested in that. What you’re going to do is, you’re going to say, “anybody who is, let’s say 50 percent or more of your video, let’s say it’s a one minute video, so that means they watched more than half the video to completion” and you then go back in and say, “Hey, I want to create a re-targeting ad” and that re-targeting ad may be the actual offer. So the first video you put out is more for awareness. Therefore, you’re making people aware of your location.

Creating Awareness

Therefore, one factor on our question for today “How do we use video to create a targeted audience?” is to create awareness. As a brand new store or restaurant at a certain place, you will definitely need to get people be aware of your existence. The people that are interested in that location, will surely watch it more. You’re going to take that audience and you’re going to say, “hey, I only want to make an audience now. People who watch my video 50 percent or more of the time and this is the offer I want to put in front of them.” The chances are, you’re going to have a much more targeted audience that is really going to engage with your product.

The Best Way to Find Your Real Targeted Audience

How do we use video to create a targeted audience

Besides that, I’m not saying you can’t do it the other way, where you say, “Hey, this is my ideal audience because I know they walk in, they’re this age, they’re this, you know, this male or female or that gender, this is the  bracket they live in, here, all that kind of stuff.”

You can do that. But if you’re not sure, this is a way to go. This will allow you to go broad and let your audience tell you by how long they watch your video, if they are your target market or not. Therefore, take that audience and then put an offer in front of them.

Besides that, its a kind of a two stepper but what happens is it drives your costs down. So what happen is your video views can be very inexpensive. So, there’s really no call to action on there. You’re just showing the audience your product it’s more of an awareness play, that you sell x, y, and z, or you do this type of service. Then you take that same audience that watches more than half and now you put the offer in front of them. That’s going to help you. So this is a way to actually leverage the power of video and help you get a much better idea of who your audience is.


The Greatest Results

How do we use video to create a targeted audience

Most importantly, the cool part is, once you get that audience of 50 percent or better, it will start telling you what these people look like, who they are, and what they do. It’ll give you a little bit more of a range of their interest and their behaviors. So give this process a shot and learn personally, how do we use video to create a targeted audience? I’m curious how that’ll work for you. It’s a very successful method. So there’s a gentleman that I’m making contact with a little bit, right after I get off the show here. He is doing this exact method out in a small town in Texas and he is just crushing this process. Therefore, I’ll report back to you how that went, in the meantime, go out there and make that general video to make people aware of your business. In that targeted market who watched the video, put the offer in front of them.

What’s Coming Up!

Therefore, after figuring out and answering our question on today’s Q and A Friday, How do we use video to create a targeted audience?, we will have a great interview coming up on Monday. This interview is with, Carol White. She is the CEO and president for quite some time for the New Mexico Restaurant Association. I’m looking forward to sharing that with you. She brings the fire. There are some great pieces in there. Some stuffs really surprised me. It helped me focus my attention on, “hey, how do we help restaurants? What do we want to do?” It’s not always about, “hey, we need more on the bottom line. There are some other things that I know as a restaurant owner,” you must face it as a marketer. We’re thinking, “Hey, the number one thing is you just need to get. You just need to get people in the seats.” I hope you’ll tune in for that. That’s 8:30 on Monday morning, Pacific Standard Time. Andrew and I will be live and if you have questions, we’ll answer those and we’ll be interacting with you. This is Q and A Friday, we are hoping that you have understand our question of the day, How do we use video to create a targeted audience? My name is Jeff Harrison and Andrew will be back next week, have a great weekend!

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