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Let’s Breakdown Facebook Ads – San Francisco Style – Reservations

Welcome to Reservations

We traveled (virtually of course) to San Francisco, to review facebook ads of local restaurants. We are still amazed at how many restaurants we have to research to find a few ads…so many leaving money on the table by not leveraging…1 did a nice job, 2 could get a little help. Here’s the link to the demo mentioned in today’s video

Let’s Breakdown Facebook Ads – San Francisco Style – Reservations

Hey everybody, welcome to Reservations. This is Andrew. I’m Jeff and today is Facebook Thursday. We’re to dig into some Facebook ads, rip them apart and show you what could be done, what can be improved, and anything that’s going well. Hey, you know, the big key thing about this, Andrew, is if you’re watching this, it’s not about us tearing somebody adds up in a negative context. It’s about saying, hey, these are the things that they could do. They could improve them or that they are doing and you need to pay attention and say, maybe if you tweet your ad, you’ll get better results.

So let’s dive. We are heading to San Francisco today. Here we go. I got my jacket and raincoat. Here we go. Alright, so it’s Boudin Sourdough Restaurant. It’s a lovely place. They’re doing a number of ads. So here’s the first one, Experience at San Francisco favorites right to your door. They have a little bit of video. It doesn’t get any better than that. It gets my attention. Just showed you there. It says now delivering mouthwatering classics.

Restaurant WebsiteSharpening Skills as a Marketing Genius

It doesn’t really say order anything; it just says check out the menu. And when you click on this button here to see the menu, it takes you to this page here, okay? Now this page here is all about the delivery. The big one here is this home delivery right now, Uber Eats, Postmates, you name it, it’s all there. The menu button, we want to see a menu, but right now I’m looking at order delivery button on the page, but I want to see the menu. When I click on this, because of the way their website is set up, I believe that there is no actual page for a menu.

If I wanted to go and look at a specific part of the menu, like soups and chilies and I can click on that and it’ll take me to its own page. But the whole entire menu doesn’t have its own page. So, therefore, I think they’re just taking them to one location, which is the delivery page. So, you know, a bit of a mixed message there. If you’re going from I want to say the menu and you click on it and all you’re seeing is the delivery, well, I’m looking for the menu now I have to go and find it and search for it up there. What do you think?

Get it Right

Not good, not good. You’ve got about 3 seconds to get it right and that already took way too many. They’re off to the next place and you’re going to get some people, but I think that’s a friction issue that they need to deal with. Yep. San Francisco favorites. No travel required. Order Boudin SF with Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. Same thing again. Nice image for the Avocado lovers, see the menu will take you to the same spot a, they have a number of different locations, hunting a beach. In this case, they’re doing a carousel ad which is good and they’ll get directions. So when you click on that, it will show you the map, a map of where they are and you can punch in your own location and get directions to that one.

A fisherman’s wharf, talking about football fans. I’m guessing that the targeting football fans for this week, so that’s good. Another one down here, which is that little Macy’s kiosk, obviously got a little kiosk inside Macy’s. They just letting people know that they have some great and there’s a good idea. They got some quick salads. Some people shop at Macy’s? Usually females at this time of day. They’re probably looking for salads and stuff. Those who are health conscious, they’re good. They’re good with a location that’s showing your location on the map. They’ve got some people happy customers eating, eating. They’re eating their food there. So overall it’s not too bad. I just think the problem with the menu is not an ad problem but more on website problem.

You Have To Go Through Hoops Just To See The Menu

If they’re going to push the Uber Eats and home delivery and have that button, go to that page. Yup, right exactly. Tell them you’re going to take him to the menu and then take them to a delivery page. That’s a disconnect. Exactly. That’s it for Boudin. I’m going to move onto the next one in Munchery. Now, Munchery have some ads here. Munchery is a place nailed on. I had, we had some ads here and I was very excited to see the ads because I wanted to see what’s going on. When I clicked on their ads it took me to a place that was their website.

And if I go back to the page you land on it says, enter a zip code. I want to see where I am, what’s on the menu because this is what it says to check them in, so we enter our zip code. And now it’s saying, enter your email address.

What do you want to do that? I just want to say the local menu. Now it’s asking for an email address. So all you have to go through hoops, give them my information just to see a menu because maybe I don’t want to order. So they’re asking for my details before you even see what they want. I’m out of there. It’s like close the door. See you later. I did ask for them in a message. I said, can I see a menu because I had a robot going on and says, Hey, thanks for messaging us. For urgent inquiries, please use customer care. I just want to see the menu. I don’t want to use customer care.

There Are So Many Easier Ways To Get This Done

And then about five minutes later they said, hey, you can check our available service areas in the menu by entering a zip code here? Well, if I click on this one here, once again it’s going to, ask me possibly, let’s see if this works. Now, hopefully, your screen hasn’t disappeared like mine has just now because of the loose connection there. Undid like cable. But here it comes. It’s coming back everybody, don’t stress. You’re still on camera, Jeff. So if I go and enter this code, and as soon as we popped back up on the screen, there we go. What’s going to stop hitting my codes? It’s 92260, let’s just put that in.

Check the availability. Uh, we are available in your area. We ship a chef designated dishes to you. Try it weekly. Um, let’s see what it says. I’m just trying to find the menu. There it is. Let’s get started. So many hurdles, I’m jumping around here. I’m done and I’m out of here. I’m blowing the gate. There’s so many easier ways to get this done and they’re just making you jump through the hoops. So there was an ad and the ad was okay.  But anyway, that’s Munchery.

They Should Be Doing This Right

I’m going to move on. The last one, I got Hard Rock Cafe. We all know Hard Rock Cafe. This is Hard Rock Cafe in San Francisco. When you think of Hard Rock Cafe, you’re thinking, Hey, they probably have a marketing team there should be doing this right. Shows the disconnect on this because this one, I think they really missed the mark on that.

So it’s Halloween week. Obviously, it’s Halloween yesterday but this ad was still running: Guys and Ghouls it’s started—The three-day countdown until we party away those mid-work-week blues blah blah blah. Wednesday, October 31st. Join his Halloween Party and they give us a link to an event. And then, they also gave us a link here to pier 39. If I click on pier 39, I’m not even sure where it’s going, something went wrong. So that’s how awesome that is. I’m going to go back to Facebook. Let’s hope Facebook is not closing down, but the problem with this whole ad, Jeff, was that, um, the, there is no call to action. There’s no call to action on it.

I’m going to refresh this page because Facebook now playing up with this. Here we go. Um, it says win dollars dress up, come, listen to live entertainment, let’s do this. And that’s it. There’s no more. They’ve got lots of real estates that my bottom two. Tell us more. Find out more or take them to a page to book tickets, buy tickets, reserve your tickets, whatever. Maybe it’s just an information page. Really? Yeah. So what do you think about that?

There Needs To Be A Little More Information

It’s not good. You know, that’s part of whatever you want to, if you’re going to do this differently because even if you click on the link for the Halloween party, there’s really not a place to sign up. Is there? Well, so look, you click it. It takes you to the actual thing I’m interested in going whatever. That’s it. There is no more needed in there. See official rules. That’s it. There are rules here. You know, you’re not buying a ticket or anything like that. So it’s mad.

I mean, hey, you can do that, but is that really getting a bang for the buck? Are you really doing what’s the reason behind that? You know, they’re trying to get people to the Halloween party, but you know, I think there needs to be up a little more information.

Yep. Yeah. Oh, interesting ads that a man could be better could work better. San Francisco, look through 35 locations and I found three will now too because this one here doesn’t have any more ads. You scared him off, scare them off. That’s it.

You Need A Good Ad

Hey, remember before you go, what you need to have a good ad? You need to have a good headline. Call out your audience, if your location or the type of people you’re looking for have good copy, succinct copy. One of the ads that we’re looking at, Andrew, it was really, really along a video and it’s almost like a narrated video in their ad copy. It was like boring. You’ve lost me. I’m not going to read that anyway. It’s too hard. Show me the video and then take that video.

The next thing is what’s your visual content? Is it a video? Is it an image? What is it? Those videos I think has really good relevancy except they could have taken that and edit it down and instead of a 2-minute video, it could have been a 30-second video and been so much more powerful.

And then the last thing is call to action. Make sure you have a call to action. Whatever that is, if you want it for more information, sign up here? Here’s your coupon, whatever it is, have a call to action so you can track and say, Hey, is this effective? If you miss those three points, you could be saying one of those things like a lot of people say is, oh, this Facebook ad stuff doesn’t work. Customer money and it doesn’t work. Yeah, that’s it. That’s all. I got. I’m Andrew. I’m Jeff. See you tomorrow for Q&A. Ooh, I can’t wait for that. That’s a good question on there, Andrew. It is. Tune in and check it out. Bye then.

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