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Leverage your content using Facebook

Data Data Data….we’ve been talking about the data and now a big player, maybe one of the largest, pulls his shows off Facebook…What does this mean to you and how can you still leverage your content using Facebook?


Leverage your content using Facebook

Hey, welcome back to reservations. This is Andrew McCauley, Jeff Harrison. Today is a Tuesday-Newsday. It’s big news today, have we Jeff? Wow. This happened. This was a bomb that dropped. What was it last Wednesday? Last Wednesday. It was like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe it because they are known for content, putting out content and particularly video and audio. They have both a podcast and video podcast. Tell us about what happened Andrew, because today was a dropper. So these just don’t know what we speaking about yesterday. I said you didn’t watch that show yesterday. Wait, you didn’t watch it. Go back now. But you can just stay and watch this.

Anyway, so there’s a group that we follow very, very closely and had I’ve been watching them for probably nearly 10 years now I guess. So that’s called social media examiner. They started out and they were just doing some content creation. Turned into a big business, they were running. They run large events and usually at the cutting edge of what is going on with social and they run just like I’ll say full live shows on Facebook for a week. I can’t remember which show was that they have four different four different style tips and tricks on one day they have interviews on other. But they do a long form, so it’s maybe 15-20 minutes this shows can be.

Well anyway, they’ve been big on content. They’ve been big on talking about Facebook and video, that sort of stuff. But yesterday, sorry, last week they dropped the bombshell and said we are going to cut all four of our shows from Facebook when we’re going to keep one show taking over and going to put it on YouTube only not Facebook.

Make Your Decisions On Data

And that sort of flies in the face of everything that they taught me about and all their experts was talking about. Why did they do that, Jeff? Well, they said they, they like to put a television on the freeway, and that’s why you want to use it because it was a monastery. Way to go, Michael, I like that example, but put in on TV. Yeah. He usually watches her stuff, a TV on a freeway and wondering why people are not watching your stuff all the way through. He said basically their data, which again we talked about last week, hey, make your decisions on data not on a focus group of one and just because you love to do it. If it doesn’t work, your data proves it out.

Well, he was showing that you know, nobody’s really watching it says, nobody. I mean, you know, it was a very small number. It’s not worth his commitment time. They have hundreds of thousands of followers. They look at the data and they say, how many people watch this show from start to finish? And the percentages were dropping off drastically. So they looked at and said, what are we wasting our time for? Nobody essentially is watching our show. We’re spending all this time and effort. We are spending money on videographers, we spend money on sets and dah dah dah. What results are we getting from now? That was an alarming thing to know. Now I would like to throw it out there that I agree with what they’re doing and people would say, well, why are we still doing it?

Repurposing Our Content

Well, here’s the reason we’re still doing it. It’s because we weren’t using this Facebook live as one part of our strategy. Okay. This is just one part. We’re not relying on Facebook only this show only right now and here to get customers. This is what we’re doing. We’re recording our video right now. We are using it on other parts of our platform. Stuff that we can control like YouTube for instance. Our website, which we can control. We’re putting on Twitter, we’re putting in LinkedIn. We’re putting it on Instagram. We’ve even got the ability to put bits and pieces of it or imagery onto Pinterest. So now what we’re doing is we’re repurposing our content.

We liked going live. We like interacting with people like you on this show, which is great, but the ability to actually extend it, to make it long form to make it so it’s not a TV on a freeway. It’s a recorded episode. They can take in their pocket whenever they want, right? So that’s what we’re doing it for a way. We’ve got a long-term vision in mind where we want people to be indexing this and watching this video down the track. We’re not relying on just people right now.

Leverage your content using FacebookLong-form Content

I kind of liken it to say, we’ve taken this from this one rock in the pond and we turned it into a spider web. So that our ideal customers would, wherever they’re at, whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever, you’re going to fall on them. They’re going to find us. What happens, and we’ve seen this before, we’ve said the same thing. Holy cow, they’re everywhere, right? It’s just because they’re saying, hey, this is what is called, and you might’ve heard this before, their pillar content. This is where we create the product and then from here, we then spread it out as Andrew said, and it just makes a world of difference. Going back to social media examiner, they did leave one show up but not on Facebook and then moved it over to YouTube because it is our long form and it’s called The Journey.


If you haven’t seen that, it’s not something they do a lot of, but it’s really is a fun show. It’s almost like, it reminds me of like the office, you know, hey, what’s really happening? And it’s kind of behind the scenes and I got to tell you, Michael Stelzer I think is really good on camera and they’re just the whole group there. They’re just worth watching, but now you have to watch on YouTube. So it kind of goes back to yesterday when we talked about, hey, what is your best platform? Maybe the idea, I think it flies in the face of Facebook saying, hey, we’re all in on video. And the idea was, there’s a thing called premier that we use quite a bit that really is an ideal to premier long-form content.

Difference between YouTube traffic and Facebook Traffic

And so now you have somebody who, hey, we said is a big player and he’s decided to take all this content, all his game, if you will, his toys and move it over to either stop or move it over to YouTube. Because you know, what’s the difference, Andrew? And this is a little bit different. Just real quickly, what’s the difference between YouTube traffic and Facebook traffic?

YouTube is owned by Google. Okay. So when you do a Google search for something, let’s say that a title of this video is how to create long-form content. For instance, if you do a search for that on Google and we haven’t put it on YouTube. You’re not going to get much results. Okay? You’re not going to see this video pop up will populate and saw the results. Facebook doesn’t get indexed by Google like that, which means creepy words of the spiders don’t crawl over Facebook and grab that data. But what they do is if you put that video on YouTube and you call it the same name, when you do a search for YouTube, you’re going to get results for that video.

So what you’re doing is you’re putting it out there organically and people going to find it. You’re hoping that if people search for it on YouTube, they’ll get on Google both either and you’ll get the results for it. What you’re doing with just doing it on Facebook alone is hoping that people will search for it on the Facebook search engine and that’s unlikely to happen.

Educated Decision

Yeah, I think too, when you talk about whatsoever between the YouTube traffic and Facebook traffic, the YouTube people statistically are looking for are looking for something for help. And so they have already the mindset of like, I am looking for an answer and if it’s a 15-minute video, it’s a 12-minute video, but it gives the answer. Here’s something that I don’t know if you know this, but 92% of the videos on YouTube are watching their entirety, 92%. That’s huge. And the reason is because they’re going there with the intent versus as we said, here’s that interest on the freeway, right? Exactly. So keep that in mind when you do that. So really, that’s all I have for today.

Yeah. Not specifically the restaurant, but if you in the restaurant, you got to understand this sort of concept. So we want to share that with you, you got to understand this stuff to make an educated decision on what you’re going to do. So the numbers in the data social media examiner have said, here’s our data, here are our results. We are using the data to drive our business rather than, oh, we think we like this show. We like doing it on a stroke, my ego, I want to be on TV all the time. No. They said the data tells us to get off.

Facebook is a premium platform

So if you’re a restaurant. I think still Facebook is a premium platform to you for you because you can, you can use it to say here’s a cool drink and all the colors and the flavors and all that kind of stuff ordered or you got some in the kitchen because that can be what we call short-term content. You can catch that and people will watch and they’ll engage with you for, you know, 30 to 60 or 90 seconds and move on. So I think that’s a good place.

Yeah. As I said, social media though were at 20 minutes plus we’re not saying for you to do 20 minutes. Two-minute, 3-minute or 5-minute videos, they’re going to work. Long stuff, maybe not so much. Yeah, that’s it. We’re out of here. I’m done. See you tomorrow. Whiteboard Wednesday tomorrow. Make sure you’re there because we’ll have a whiteboard or start a green screen. We’ll have something. Something will happen. Bye.

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