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The key components of a successful advertising campaign on Facebook

The key components of a successful advertising campaign on Facebook… with screen share too

Transcript of the Video: The key components of a successful advertising campaign on Facebook

Hey, what’s up, everybody? Welcome to Reservations. We’re acting kind of crazy here because we’re actually doing a screen share on today’s program. We’re either live or the screen shares live and we chose to do screen share live because that’s our way for us to show you exactly what we’re going to talk about today. I have somebody with me today that we haven’t seen in a while because he’s been a little bit too tied up. He’s been on projects. Welcome today, Andrew. Hey, of course, they know who I am because they just saw me. Oh! That’s True. The little video. That was us.

We’re coming into you from the office today, the head office here in Palm Desert. It’s just we’re into a bit of a deconstruction on some of these live ads. You know we want to talk about, well, first of all, there’s a cool little feature on everybody’s business page or a company’s business page. You can see what’s happening out there. It’s almost like going through the newspaper and checking your competitors and saying, hey, what are their ads going on.

We can actually pull up any restaurant because that’s obviously that’s our business, that’s your business is to look at the info and add section down there and it’ll tell you exactly what ads they have running currently that are live. So if there are ads up there, like we have ads running as an example right there. So it’d be running and they’d tell you what to do.

Deconstructing Facebook Ads

Well, it allows us to say, hey, out of. I think we looked at probably what now total maybe 50 restaurants or more than 50. Yeah. We looked at more than 50 restaurants this morning before we went live and we only found, two? Three, three that had any ads on them. I want to put out a little disclaimer, Andrew. This is not to bash any restaurant. It’s purely to say, you know what? We just want to share some insights and this because the whole thing about the show is to do what is to help you as the business owner become better at doing what you’re doing. So we want to talk about, Hey Ashley, good to see you, man. Thanks for joining this morning. And also Albert thanks for joining us.

So we’re going to deconstruct a couple of ads and one is in Palm Springs. Well first of all, here’s what it looks like. Here’s a Chez Pierre. That’s my French there. So we looked at there and said, okay, what as a running it says active ads from that, none, none. And that’s what you see when you look on there. So if you’re looking to say, hey, what are my competitors doing? They’re not doing anything. So you’re able to see what’s happening. So let’s talk about, Andrew. What are the components of a successful, and I think, first of all, he’s got to have a good offer. What’s a good offer look like?

The key components of a successful advertising campaign on FacebookWhat’s A Good Offer Looks Like?

Totally, Jeff. If you don’t have something that’s going to entice people, to do something and come into your shop but finding that ads that are just out there to tell people about your brand and not really working. And I think most people in these days, especially restaurants are looking for some results, ROI or return on their investment because it’s a tough world out there and you’ve got to try and make your Ad money go as far as you can.

So if you’ve got an offer that says, for instance, a percentage off, 10% off on your meal cargo or 20% off on your total bill. At the end of the day, 20% can be big, right? Someone else can come and do 25-30% and you get into a shooting match with a percentage off and you’re throwing your money out the door.

So that sort of offer is not working well these days. Give us an example of what is working well. Well, what’s working really well for our clients, Andrew, as you know, are buy one, get one free. Or if there’s some kind of contest where they can get free something for a month or whatever it is. Those are very enticing. People are looking for deals and 10% or we had one client, I won’t mention the name, but they wanted to give away a $10 gift card to someplace that had no relevancy with their audience. And it was really a waste of time and you’re money.

It’s Got To Be Something That’s Relevant To Your Business

I have that a lot of people would say, yeah, there might be a business, let’s say it’s a fashion business or a shoe shop for instance, and they’ll give away a free iPad every month. At the end of the day, they are building a list of irrelevant people. This is the example you just spoke about the giving away something else that’s not relevant to the customers that they’re trying to attract. So firstly, I think the important thing about an irresistible offer is it’s got to be something that’s relevant to your business because otherwise, people are going to opt in or try and get that prize because of the prize, not because of your business.

So you wouldn’t want to run free holidays to people that are incarcerated. No, that wouldn’t work too well because they probably couldn’t go. It wouldn’t work too well, no. The “free” always work well, but, at the end of that day, you got to remember why you’re doing the ad and are you attracting the right audience.

The key components of a successful advertising campaign on Facebook

How Do We Capture Their Information

Okay. So the first thing is, have a good offer. The next thing is we can capture their information as you know, so we can track that. So how do you, how do we do capturing? Because when we look at these, look at these ads, gang, you’re going to see that they don’t do any of these things, right? So how do we capture it, tells us about that?

So we collect email addresses. There’s the number of ways to do that. You can send them off to a page that you own, a website and you can collect their email address that way, which is always a challenge and people are onto that. We’ve been doing that for 27 years now, in the online marketing space. The quicker way to do it is usually through something like the Facebook messenger. You’re already meeting the people where they’re at. They’re on Facebook and they’re looking at your posts on Facebook. You can collect the data from Facebook, which is pretty awesome and powerful these days and the cool thing is that the actual person giving you the details, doesn’t have to go and type in their email address or anything like that because Facebook gives it to you, which creates ninja.

How Do We Track

What about the next thing is tracking, because the last thing we do is we want to have whatever you’re doing, can I measure it? Is it successful? It’s like if I’m going to go on a weight loss program, the first thing I have to do is step on the scale from the first time, get up and get a reading and the next thing I do now I put this program together. In other words, running the ad and then I stepped back on the scale after a couple weeks and say, is it working? So how do we do that in our business to track that?

That’s the golden question we’ve been having, especially social media management, places and companies which I have been involved with for 12 years. How do you measure what you’ve been doing for us? Well, we’re lucky enough to be able to do that Jeff because we can collect information. In fact, we make it so easy for the restaurant owner that the customer does love the driving force for us. That would get a new offer coupon for them; that would redeem it through the Facebook messenger; that would go into the shop or the restaurant, the business, and that would use that coupon for the irresistible offer.

And then we’ll ask them how much they’ve spent and we can track exactly how many people came into the shop, how much money they’ve spent, how often they come into the shop, how many days was it between when they saw the offer, when they actually came into the shop as well. We know whether they’re male or female, we know lots of data about them.

Tagging The Exact People We Need To Target

The cool thing is that we can use that data to run ads to other people that are similar. And also make sure that we’re tagging the exact people that we need to target for that restaurant. Cool. So okay, so we have a little bit of a basis. This is us getting on the scale. We need to have an offer, an irresistible offer. We need to be able to capture their data and then we need to be able to track their activity. So let’s take a look, there’s a restaurant down in Palm Springs. And again, I want to say this is not a negative. I’m not trying to say, hey there did something bad. Our goal on this show is simply to help out. So let’s take a look at this.

This show is for a restaurant, which I love. We went down and we’d been down there several times, 849 Restaurant and Lounge in Palm Springs, it is a great place. Let’s look at their Ad. The first thing they need to do is realize we are visual-centric when it comes to restaurants and food. The only thing I see visual up there is their logo. There’s nothing that grabs my attention. I’ve kept in mind. Imagine you are zipping through the timeline, Andrew, and you see this. Is there anything on there that would make you go? Whoa, stop there. Now let’s take a look at that.

Use Your Advantage

No, the only thing I was fond of is the nice logo, I like it, it’s good, and it’s visual. But as I’m flicking through that pink thing that that’s all it’s looking up for me. I’m not seeing anything else, and that’s it. They all want to say the food. Funnily enough, that’s the first impressions. Well, let’s see the roasted beef. Let’s see those simple green salads. Let’s see that beautiful food that they’ve got because they do a wonderful job. We got a beautiful presentation of food. Use that to their advantage or to stop us and attract us first, because that’s all that we want.

We want to see something visual. Now we didn’t mention that and its part of the ads, but visual is super important. Okay. One of the first things you want to do is make sure you’ve got a great visual point so people can stop and look at your Ad. And then we started talking about the irresistible offer. No, here we can see here that the, they’ve got a lot of text here, a lot of links to get the own page linked there. They’ve got another page where you can go and reserve a table, but I’m not really seeing some sort of call to action and nor am I seeing a button down the bottom that says learn more or book now or call us or whatever they’re called action maybe.

The key components of a successful advertising campaign on FacebookWe Need A Compelling Offer

So it’s really missing really all three components. There’s no compelling offer. So let’s take a look at this for a second. It’s a big summer saving mean it’s going to be all summer long, right? So in other words, I don’t even have to. I could walk in off the street and get this deal. Remember we said this is something that’s compelling. It’s something that’s a special offer that you can’t get any place else. This is their everyday special.

So, here’s just an idea gang that they could take on this one thing. They could still promote their summer special, but if they come in on a certain day or they come in as a certain number of people, they also get a free dessert, right? So they can put that on there and they could couple that and make that the image, right? Correct. So you could change it. You could use the same thing because that’s what they’re trying to promote, but they would also put something on there that makes it irresistible right?

Exactly. I think the point is that this is not a bad deal, but it’s not something that’s going to grab people if this seat for looking at this specific ad because as Jeff said, this Ad is for everybody. This offer is for everybody. Whether you’re there seeing it on Facebook or walking in off the street, it’s already there. So it’s not a specific offer where you can measure the effectiveness of these Ads. Remember these people spending money on this post. This is not just a post on Facebook organically. They’ve actually spent cash on this to get this in front of people.

You Can Start Tracking Them

This is something that we tend to critique when it comes to advertising and we talk about traditional advertising. Imagine now this is nothing different than an Ad in the newspaper and you can’t tell 849 right here, cannot tell if someone looked at my ad? Did they open that page? They have no idea because there’s no tracking device to tell us what’s going on. Now, give me an example like we have a client down in Palm Springs, Ben and Jerry’s and we were talking about before this came on. Just in the ad that hit last night or changed a little bit last night until this morning they’ve had how many? How many? Like 31? Yeah, I think 38.

Thirty-eight people and we can tell so we have their name and their email address and now we can start tracking them and see what goes on. We can go back and encourage them to use the coupon today, find out if they have and then start tracking that and give that to the business owner and say, hey, this is how much you’ve spent, this is how much you’ve made from this activity

Here’s another one of ours from outside the area, but that’s a type of tracking that we can do. This ad offers no way to track any activity, right? So it kind of misses all three points. I would love for the owner of 849 to give us a call and say, hey, could you help us clean up this Ad because it’d be a pretty quick fix, wouldn’t it? Then we can track it and say, hey, when you’re stepping on the scale, are you gaining more weight? Are you losing more? In other words, it isn’t effective.

Use Visual Platform

Yep. So we just want to, as we said, we wanted to just deconstruct this, Ad and share with you, hey, what are the components of a successful ad? Why is this specific Ad not meeting that? And then also when you’re going to do this, make sure you, those components are there. Is there a picture or is there an image? Like when we first started, what we have, we had that short little video with us to grab people’s attention.

Exactly. And then that’s part of the rhythm. It’s a visual platform. Make it visual. If you are in restaurants, you’ve got some beautiful visual stuff. Use it to your advantage. Like Susie as an example. You know, there is an example when you see their ads or their posts. They’re always stunning diamonds or pieces of jewelry. They’re amazing. Anthony Andre, you know, when you look at his stuff, he’s over in the Orange County area and he does title work and I mean they’re always phenomenal visuals. Those are fantastic. So that’s the kind of stuff that you want to make sure to use, especially, especially if you’re paying for it. Like 849 is.

What Are My Key Components

That’s all we’ve got today really is deconstructing Ads and the three components. Hope you, if you, if you missed any of this, go back and re-watch it and make sure that you write down, Hey, what are my key components before I put an ad out there that I must have and please, please, please do not use that 10% off, 20% off stuff because we’re savvy as customers. We’re just going to pass right by that because somebody is going to beat you.

Alright. That’s it, Jeff, for me. Cool, man. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate that. We’re going to turn the air conditioning back on and we’re going to cut you lose, so have a great midweek Wednesday. I’m Jeff Harrison, I’m Andrew McCauley for Reservations. Take care. See you later.

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