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Behind the scenes at SwingPointMedia

It’s time for Reservations. A couple of bits of recent news and an insight into what we are doing behind the scenes at SwingPointMedia.

Transcript of the Video: Behind the scenes at SwingPointMedia

Hey, good morning. Welcome to Reservations. Let me adjust the camera a little bit so I can be seen a little better on camera. There you go. Hey, everybody. Hey, wait for a second, what is this? Oh, what’s this? What have you got? We have news this morning from around the world. How’s this? Okay, that’s geographic. So, we’ve got some cool news today. We’re going to say, hey, we’ve got some news from around the world that could affect you as a business owner, whether it’s a restaurant, that’s really our ideal target market watching this. Or even businesses in the travel industry. Tell us a little bit about. There’s some breaking news.

Yeah, absolutely. We just got looking at a report actually that came through today about the guest messaging in the travel industry is the next big communication trend. Wow. So basically here’s the article coming out from a You probably can’t read that anyway. But basically, it’s saying, messaging and the apps that are available, Facebook messenger, which we’ve spoken about before, Whatsapp and some of those other cool tools are at your disposal to be used to message your guests.

Our Number One Job Is To Help

Now in the hotel industry, we’re talking about a people who want to message the reception or they want to have a better user experience with the actual venue itself. So these apps, these apps can be used for many things. Now the hotel industry is just getting on board. They’re looking at it thinking this could be a new way to do it. Now we know that industries like the pharmaceutical industry are already using text messaging and other sorts of apps to connect with their audience. The hotel industry is starting to see the benefits of doing that as well. So this is what’s happening with the hotel industry. The hospitality I think is going to be the next one after that.

You know what, it kind of dovetails right into what we’re doing. It is kind of behind the scenes with bots. Just to give you a little bit of an idea on what we do, is yesterday for one of our customers and what we do just so if you’re just joining us, you’re not sure exactly we do. We are customer acquisition specialist. What does that mean? That means for our customers, our number one job is to help them acquire new customers who give them money every month on a reoccurring basis. So part of this is every month with that database that we built for the customer, Andrew is we also send out a new offer.

So tell us what happened yesterday with this technology. You just talked about that hey, the travel and the hotel industry is just getting a handle on this. What are we doing at Swing Point Media? Give us a little idea of what happened.

We’re Connecting With Our Audience

Well, I guess you know, we’ve been used to email marketing for a long time and if you’ve ever looked at any email marketing stats, stats are like if you can get 20% of your entire database to actually open the email, that’s good. If you can get a further three or four percent or five percent of those people to actually do what you’ve asked them in the email, then that’s also good, right? Well, what we’re doing with bots Jeff is, and we filmed this, actually will show this somewhere. We filmed it. We send out a message to 400 people through our messenger platform and within four minutes we had 60 people. Not only 60 people see the message, but 60 people actually responded and in the first four minutes like they actually when we asked a question, they responded. So we’re connecting with our audience.

Within four minutes of that message being sent out which is phenomenal. Now over, and it’s not even 24 hours yet since we’ve sent that message, but already we’ve got 85% people have received a message and looked at it. And nearly 50% of those people have actually responded to that message. Fifty percent responded, which is just huge and this is why this stuff is so cool because these messages were all, they’re all notifications on people’s phones now. We all look at notifications, right? We all check it out and we know we may not check their emails as regularly, but our phones in our pockets at the end of our arms, pretty much all the time. And when a notification pops up, people look at it.

Messaging Is So Powerful

This is why messaging is so powerful because it’s getting into people’s hands in front of them exactly where we need it to at the time we send it. You know, what else, thank you, Andrew. You know one of the other things was I thought was really cool is we were looking at this and within like two hours already, three people had gone in and redeemed the offer that we sent in, which was really wild. We love that. So the whole idea of using Facebook and messenger and putting it with automation with bots and other things that we use with our customers is just changing the landscape.

And for those businesses out there, Andrew and just don’t be too harsh, but give them a reality slap of if they’re not using this technology, if they’re saying, hey, you know what, I’m just going to wait and do referrals. I’m going to just a newspaper, I’m going to use the old, what’s going to happen?

That’ll be waiting. I mean we spoke about this just recently, you know, a third of the restaurant industry businesses go out of business, another third struggle. That’s where you’re going to be on struggle streak. If you’re rigid lying on old-time methods to get today’s results, you’ve missed that boat. You’ve got to be doing what people are doing right now. You’re going to be, you’re going to find out what’s working. And that’s what we’re talking about is Facebook messenger is absolutely crushing it right now.

Effective Marketing

Tell us about, you know, like as an example, what is it actually costing to acquire that customer? And what is it costing for our service for that? So we’re looking at around about eighty cents per lead right now. Yep, that’s it, 80 cents per lead. And of those leads, we’re getting about nearly a third of those people actually turning into customers. So let’s say it’s less than $3 to get a customer. Now if you know the lifetime value of a customer to get to get a customer for $3, how long you want to do that, right? So it’s very, very effective marketing right now.

We don’t see it slowing down anytime soon because we’re looking at who’s doing this stuff right now. And Facebook has given us the ability to see who’s running ads. And as a test yesterday we checked out 80 restaurants around the local area. Three of them are running ads, not ads like we’re doing just ads in general on Facebook, which tells me that it is open slather season. It’s a wild, wild west. Totally, I’ve got my spurs on. Giddy up, giddy up.

We Run The Program For You

So, that was the first part of your question. I can’t remember the other one. The second part was if somebody wanted to use our services and we take them all the way through the process, set up all the automation, optimize your ads, run all that stuff, what does it cost? Obviously, we looked at it and we look at a couple of things. We’re not going to take everybody on, okay? Because it doesn’t suit everybody. If you’re just a coffee shop, it’s going to be too hard to get your return on investment with way what we’re doing. So we’re looking for restaurants that have a menu price point somewhere between the ten to thirty or forty-dollar range.

So you’ve got to be in a good area as well. But what we do is we charge a thousand dollars a month to run this program for you. This is everything. Hands off for the manager, hands off for the staff. We run the customer service. We’re chasing up reviews and stuff for you as well. But more importantly, as a program is called customer acquisition, we’re bringing the customers in for you all you do is serve them. You do what you do best. Serve them and we’ll bring them into. Cool. Hey, you know what? It’s getting hot out here. The sun is back out. It’s hot. Let’s go back and go to work. There’s a pool right behind you. I think I’m going to jump in.

This Is What We Do

Hey, by the way, some of you have asked about, I’d mentioned we did a deconstruction of ads that you talked about those, those ads, if we did that yesterday, but now you can find it on our website at reservations. Correct, you can see it there. So I’ll respond to those people, I said, hey, just put yes in the comments that you want to see it and I will put that link in the comments below after the show. You can go and see that because I think you’re going to be shocked at, hey, there are three or four little things that you have to do to have success. These did nothing. It’s really unfortunate because what’ll happen is when you do something that doesn’t work, you walk away and say, well, you know those just don’t work for me.

Yep, that’s so not true. It’s if you do it correctly, it will work. That’s what we do. That’s what you pay us for. Absolutely. Hey Andrew, you ready to get back to work? I’m ready to jump in that pool with Jeff. Hey, thank you guys for joining us again today. This is Reservation we’ll see you tomorrow. Tomorrow, by the way, is called Q and A Friday. No, we’re doing an interview tomorrow. Oh, that’s right. Sorry. That’s right. We’re interviewing somebody from Ruby’s Diner. Ruby’s a big chain of diners out here in the US and we’re looking forward to that. That’s cool. Okay. So we’ll see you tomorrow at 9:00. We’ll be sharp because that’s our time for the interview. We’ll see you tomorrow at 9:00. Thanks again. My name is Jeff Harrison. I’m Andrew McCauley with Reservations. Ciao.

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