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What Facebook Campaign Objective is Best for Video Ads?

Okay, so you’re unsure “should I choose engagement or video views” And what’s the strategy behind it? Can it deliver a better ROI? Better audiences? Find out in today’s Whiteboard Wednesday with Jeff and Andrew


Transcript of the Video: What Facebook Campaign Objective is Best for Video Ads?

Hey, welcome to Reservations. I’m Jeff Harrison, along with Andrew McCauley. Andrew, we want to talk about the video because it is the rave of all businesses and average isn’t it? I want to start off first before we, there’s a truck. Whiteboard Wednesdays wouldn’t be one without a truck there. There it goes. If you’re just getting into the program, probably for the first 20 episodes because we would always be out and about no matter where we at, even if we were in a vacant parking lot, we have a big truck come by. So that was kind of a token truck. Yes.

So, one of the big things about the video, Andrew is about conversions. One of the big things is there’s a report that came out and we’ll put the link down below this where we got this information because we’re not making most of this stuff up and it’s down in this lane, but across all categories, whether your jewelry or donut shop, wherever you are, it increased conversions by 80%.

So conversion, what’s a conversion, Jeff? Give us a rundown on the big picture. What is the conversion? What do you mean by conversion is simply stated, a conversion is something where you’re putting something in front of somebody and it caused them to take some kind of action. Whether it’s to watch your video, click on the button, fill out a form, whatever. It’s a conversion, so it could be as simple as, hey, they watched your video. It does the conversion.

Let’s Talk About Conversions

You’re getting into doing something you want them to do. That’s right. Let’s talk about conversions. Why video does boosts conversions? Well, give us some stats. Here’s the thing. It increases ROI and in this article, this link down below, 83% of businesses said, the video was great at doing that. But here’s the takeaway, Andrew. They want to make sure when you’re making a video and you’re using it. You need to be very, very clear in your product and your service. Now, here’s the caveat, even if you do a poor job, in other words, the quality isn’t as good as what we’re doing.

You have it lights up here and you know there’s not a cameraman over all that stuff, but you hit those points of making sure your product and your service are clearly put out. You’ll be successful. If you don’t, you can have a really high end, spent a lot of money and not be clear on your message and it failed miserably. We’ve seen a lot of those people who spend a lot of good cash on high quality looking good. Steven Spielberg videos and it fell flat. It didn’t meet those criteria. There you go.

It reminds me of, and I’ll just digress one little quick thing. It reminds me when a national brand reached out to us and said, hey, we made this video and its failing, it’s not getting any views. When I looked at it, I’m like, I don’t know what you’re trying to do here. So I was able to get it shown more, but it still failed because the product was bad. It needed to be redone. So the message is wrong. I spent some serious bucks on that. So anyway, the next thing is what?

Building Trust

On building trust. How do videos build trust? Yeah. We’re doing a lot of videos. We do a video every day if not more than every day. But what are we doing it for? We’re not doing it to sell anything to anybody or we’re not asking you to buy anything. We’re doing it because we want to build trust. We want you to show you that we know what we’re talking about. Who we are on the screen, is pretty much who we are off the screen. So we’re building that trust. We want you to know, like, and trust us. So that, down the track, if you do ever have a need for our services, clicks on this button.

Do you know if you ever have a need for our services? Then you’re going to say, Hey, you’re not who can I go and ask you about that particular a solution to my problem? Hey, these guys are out there because they’re always giving good information, good valuable information, which is beneficial for them. That’s what we’re doing. So video builds trust. A lot of companies are doing this very, very well.

Reach Out Because That Connects

Because it hits so many more emotional triggers, now we can, you know, like if I’m on the other side, I can see you, I can see your emotions, and I can see your facial expressions. I can hear the tonality of your voice, and all of a sudden I feel like I know you. I know we’ve talked about this just recently, but we’re starting to get people to reach out to us and said, hey, can I talk to you about such and such? And I do the same thing. Sometimes I’ll hear something that someone says and say, wow, I want to reach out to them because that connects. And we like that.

So if you have a question or a comment about this and you want to have a one on one, uh, there’s not a chance in hell. No, I’m just kidding. Just mention down below. We’d love that. That’s what we’re doing this for. We’re here to help you.

It also gives a face to the name. Like we know so many businesses out there that don’t have a face. They just a business or corporation and they’re all behind the logo. What the video does, it brings that person from behind the logo and says, here I am. This is who I am. It’s just me talking to you. And I know that people will freak out when they speak to us and thought you’re the guy on the video. Well, we thought we’d get someone. We love speaking to people so it brings the face out so we’re not hiding behind any logos. And a video can do that for you too.

Get Out There And Show Who You Are

Especially in restaurants, like who? He’s the chef behind the closed doors, right? Who’s the manager of the hotel. We went to a restaurant today for lunch and on the big on the door and big letters were the manager’s name. I’m like, well, that’s nice, but I wouldn’t know him if I tripped over him in the street. That’s right. So get out and show people who you are. If you’re the manager, you’re the owner or whatever you are. Even all these stuff, there’s no reason to hide behind a logo or an icon. Get out there and show who you are.

Here’s a cool stat that 57% of the people who were surveyed after they made a purchase said they did this because video instilled the trust to make a purchase online. I mean, hello. That’s a clue. So if you’re not using video, make sure to say, hey, how can I put that video in there?

These Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re about to go to the whiteboard and show you something, but before we do that, um, video. What’s the biggest video platform out there? It’s got to be YouTube. Who Owns YouTube? Let’s see, Google. It sounds very much like Google. Google is the one who owns YouTube. Okay. Now if you were putting videos out there and people and you and you title it the correct way, people typing in how do I do this or whatever it is, and they’re looking for that topic. Google is going to show that video in such as. So a Google is a very big platform, of course, is the biggest search engine in the world. Google loves the video.

Create Specifically For The Majority Of The Audience

Yeah. Hey, before we go a Whiteboard, I want to talk a little bit about the fact that when you’re using video and there’s so many of us that are using our mobile phones. It makes it easier to consume that content versus trying to read that small print. We can just watch the video. So keep that in mind. Like we know that about 80 percent of the people that we speak with are using their mobile device. So when we create things like this were created specifically for the majority of our audience. Absolutely. Alright, what’s next.

First of all, there’s a stream of points I want to talk about because they’re very important is one, just like its easier to consume, it’s also easier to share. When your video is shared, those were other kinds of metrics is one of those things where when I see a video and I do this to you all the time and I do a lot of people in my list, I’ll watch a video and I’ll just share it with them. It’s easier for me to hit the share button it’s already built into it and I can share it. So it’s a lot easier. And the other thing is when you use a video in, now we’re talking specifically in ad copy, when they looked at people who use video versus not video 74% recall on the video. That’s huge.

We’d like to talk about, you know, you see that ad we’re not talking about singing paper ad or newspaper, we talked about singing video ad, right? So people are going to remember that a lot easier than a still picture of her or just a caption.

Videos Are Powerful

Here’s the thing, we talk about how powerful video is when you use YouTube or when you aren’t putting videos on YouTube. Ninety-two percent of their videos are watched and completion. That’s the 90 percent. That’s huge. If you looked at something that’s written is probably way below 50 percent. I can beat that. How about this, email with a video in it? If you’re going to reach out to your customers and send them an email, especially your first one, 96 percent of the people who will look at that video will likely to do something about it. That’s kind of cool. So amazing, which is phenomenal.

Let’s click over to the Whiteboard. Here we go. Here, we’re talking about video campaigns. Now, how are we going to use that? Andrew. Do you want to do this? And I’ll zoom in for us. Sure. Okay, cool.

Video Campaigns

So what we’re talking about is about video campaigns and so what we want to do is really simple is when you create a campaign, you wanted it to be a Facebook video ad. Now here’s the thing, and it’s almost a giveaway. When you look in Facebook, they have three different levels they have awareness, consideration, and conversions, right? So why not create an awareness video that is non-threatening, right? And what you want to do is you want to put this video out here and instead of having it as a let’s say, um, you know, you’re looking for comments, you’re looking for whatever you’re just looking for views. So you’re putting your ad out there, the objective views.

Now, why don’t we do that because what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to say, hey, as we put that video out there, we’re going to start letting that video decide who is and who is not our ideal client because it’s so inexpensive. I mean we’re seeing, you know, one to three cents a click for something like this or views for this. And what that does is it starts creating what we call a custom audience. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to only collect or credit custom audience of those people who watched 50% or more of our video. Now here’s the coolest thing Facebook tells you that is. In the analytics, when you do Facebook or views objective, it’ll tell you exactly who watched it 50% or more, and then you’re only want to target with these people.

Retarget These People

So, let me go back into this. Again, this is an awareness video. It’s only making your ideal customer aware of what you do and what you can do for them. It’s not a chest beating or like I’m the greatest. I’m the greatest. It’s like, hey, you’re going to put awareness video era out there saying, Hey, were you aware that by using Facebook video ads you can increase your conversions by and it’s your, your benefits. I’m just going to show you how to do that. Then this audience, we do what we call, and this may be a new word for some of you, is called re-targeting. We’re going to re-target these people.

It’s no different if let’s say, for instance, you have somebody that is offering something that the door, they walk through your restaurant, right? So they asked you to sign up for something and then as I’m filling it out or let’s say our server sees that I have the paper, they’ll come up and ask another question. In essence that’s a little bit of human re-targeting. Now we’re going to put our offer out there because they’ve gotten to know us a little bit, 74 % retention, and we’re going to go in here, we’re going to get better a re-targeting offer, and we’re going to say, hey, this is where we want you to buy, not here. We just want you to know about it. Then here’s the offer. Okay, and that’s with this.

Radius Targeting

Now there are some neat benefits of somebody step on this side. One is it’s a broader first exposure because of the targeting. Now, a lot of times you start doing targeting. You do all kinds of whether they’re male, female, there are 18-22, they have this trait, they have that trait that these interests. This allows you to really go broad.

This is just saying, all I want you to do with this video ad is I want you to say, hey, put the address of your business in there and then decide where do you normally get your business from? Three miles, five miles, ten miles, whatever that is, that’s the only real targeting option I want you to put in there is a radius targeting. Let’s say do a five mile and maybe then you do say, okay, I want to make that where it’s a, let’s say male and female. Let’s say you want to be, you know, your ideal customer is somewhere in the neighborhood of a 25-55. That’s it. No other targeting options.

Okay, so what’ll happen is you’re eliminating the tire kickers because here’s what’ll happen is the tire kickers won’t watch your video. They won’t watch 50% of your video. They’ll say, this isn’t for me, all women in myself, right? And here’s the cool thing. You’re not having to pay for that view, right?

Driving Your Cost Down

I liked panning for gold. The video is that pan, you’re scooping up everything and you’re shaking it out. Now, what are you left with? You’re left with the gold and it’s cheaper to run these because you’re only paying for views. Okay? And then you’re targeting to a warm audience. So it’s no different if, if you know me and you have my name and email address or my name and Facebook Messenger address, it’s cheaper for me to be marketed to. So the idea here is it’s driving your costs down. Because what we hear Andrew a lot of is now is it’s just getting more and more expensive to advertise on Facebook because we’re going right for that and I’ll say right for that offer, right?

For that conversion, we’re saying, hey, let’s go ahead and filter that out and move it through that process. So when they do see the offer, they’re saying, oh, I know who you are and this makes sense. That works for me because I’m not targeting everybody. I’m not just talking to the people who said yes. So this is a video campaign of how you set it up. It’s very simple and some of the benefits of that. So that’s really what we want to talk about today. Andrew, any other thoughts on that?

This Is What We Are Here For

Beautiful. No, I think that is good you’ve come up with that really well. And if you have any questions about this, you want to talk about your video campaigns, whether you want to, uh, run some, you want to look at what’s the best method for you? Let us know they put them in the comments below or hit us up and we’ll be able to answer those questions for you. That’s what we’re here for. That’s it. All right, that’s it. That’s all for Whiteboard Wednesday

We’ll see you tomorrow. Tomorrow we talk about Facebook ads. We didn’t dig into it. Look for some Facebook ads that are working and maybe ones that are not so good and give some feedback on why we think those are good and why they could be improved. Do you know what I love about, about Thursdays is we can go anywhere on the planet and decide like, I think last time you were in Santa Monica, Vegas the week before? So if you want us to go somewhere, I looked for some ads near you, will find it. Let us know you put that at city location below. All right, we’ll see you next time. We’ll see it on Facebook Thursday. That’s tomorrow. Oh, my name is Jeff. I’m Andrew. And you’ve joined us on Reservations. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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