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Making business decisions based on data

Do you make decisions based on your likes, dislikes? Maybe the way you feel? If so you may want to carve out just a few minutes and see what data can do for the quality of decisions you make, impacting your success. It’s Whiteboard Wednesday with jeff and Andrew…new time same great info…930 am PST. Oh we just created some info you may want to see…if you’re doing your marketing or thinking of, then this is a must….


Making business decisions based on data

Hey, welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday. Okay, so it’s a green screen behind us, but we’ll make it a whiteboard or we bring up a point that Andrew wants to put on. I’m Jeff Harrison. Andrew McCauley. Hey, thanks for joining us. This is probably one of our favorite segments. Why is that our favorite segment Andrew? Because it’s Wednesday. It is Wednesday. I love this because it’s where we can share some ideas. I usually just sit back and bat now, listen to Jeff, go on a rant about something or not. Seriously, I love it because we can show some cool ideas, things that we’ve been working on, things that are working. Um, that’s almost an education piece of the week, we’re always educating. This is more of an education piece. They’re all educational, they’re just a different style of education pieces. That’s why we love it.

Our goal is to be beneficial. So Hey, today we want to talk about data. Again? Data and focus groups. Now sometimes, especially if you’re a sole or like if you’re an entrepreneur or you’re running a restaurant, you’re the boss and sometimes your focus group is of one, you. Yeah, you, and you’re making decisions on whatever it is. It’s almost like saying, I’ll give you an example. Okay, I’m just making this up, but this happens is they say, I might say to Andrew, he’s a business owner and says, Hey Andrew, what if we advertise to a certain neighborhood with our ideal customers? What do you think about that? On Facebook?

Try To Expand

I don’t like Facebook. I’m not good because I don’t use it. So why would you want to spend money on that? Whether you use it, I don’t like it. But the data proves that our ideal customer… Yeah. So that’s when things can go weird and you miss the opportunity. It’s one of those things where like, you show up at the dock five minutes after the boat of the ferry has left and there’s no food or water on the island you’re left on. Try to expand outside that didn’t say, hey, you know what, I’m going to take myself, my personal feelings out of this and I’m going to stop being the focus group of one and let what drives their decisions.

I think we talked about data a lot. Yeah, but the true fact is that your opinion is your opinion. The data, it tells you the story. The real story of what’s going on. That’s why we always talk about looking at things like Facebook ads, Facebook analytics, Google analytics on your website, it tells you what is really happening. Who’s there, who’s seeing it, where they’ve come from, how long they’ve been on your site or the page, how many people are interacting with that stuff, and from there you make an educated decision about the next steps. Data should drive the decisions in your business, not personal gut reaction.

You can keep it if it’s not costing you money

Yeah, it’d be no different. And if I said, hey, you know what, I like strawberry shortcake and by we’re going to keep it on there. We’re going to keep it there. We’re going to have to do all the stuff that’s on there, but nobody buys it. Hey, you know, that’s okay. I like it. Yeah. We’ll get a second. Would you leave it on your menu if that was the case? You know what you. You can leave it on your menu, if it’s costing you money too, that’s a silly, stupid idea. If it’s not costing you anything, like if it’s made from ingredients for instance, that were already using for other products, then so. Well, it’s just a term on it on your menu, but if it’s something you’ll bring it in specific, then that’s silly.

Same with marketing and advertising, if your spending money or not spending money on places that you just don’t feel like it without knowing the real numbers behind it, then that’s when you’re going to stop making terrible and tragic mistakes. So here’s an example, TV. How can you get data off a TV? What’s that one, Andrew? Oh, that’s newspaper ads. How do you get a newspaper ad? Do you know if it’s working? How about this one? Radio. Dial it in, baby. You cannot. That’s one of the worst ones, by the way. Radio is one of the worst because it’s just out there everywhere and you don’t know who’s listening to it.

Decisions about your business

Well, especially when those things, like in our environment we live in Palm Springs area, right? We have a pretty high number of retired people. That whole term of, well we’ll give you drive time. What our drive time. You could drive from the car for 15 minutes at the most. I’m driving from one side to valley to the other for 20 minutes. It’s not like being in LA drive time, I’m in car for two hours. I’ve increased drive time because I’m in a golf cart. But the problem is that you’re missing.

But you have seen some, especially when it’s a little windy you’ll see some newspapers fly by. So my point is this, you cannot make decisions in today’s world using yesterday’s ideas, the TV, radio, newspaper, billboards, billboards. Even though it looks so good, it must be working. There’s all these car driving bikes. Yeah, so does $5,000 out of your wallet. Just saying. There you go. That’s what I’m thinking. Do you want to add some more to that? Stop being a focus group of one and use your data to collect the information and make better what? Decisions about your business. That’s right.

That’s all I got to say. I’m Andrew McCauley. My heart rate’s a little bit. I’m Jeff Harrison. We’ll see you tomorrow. We’ve got Facebook Thursday. We’re going to dig in. We’re breaking it all down. You know I’m going to go. Let’s say it to them, I’m going to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’m going to see who is running some ads out there. I’m going to rip some ads apart, show you some good ones. Hopefully, I’m going to show you some ones that could be improved. I love it. See you then, take care. Bye.

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