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Why branding is important in marketing

What is Branding and why it’s so much more than just having it on your business card and your menus. Branding is so important in today’s marketing landscape, you need to make sure you are covering all the aspects in today’s Video.


Transcript of the video: Why branding is important in marketing

Welcome to reservations and this is Whiteboard Wednesday, my name is Andrew McCauley. I’m Jeff Harrison. Hey, you know Andrew on Monday we interviewed Malcolm A. Smith from Houston and he does some really cool stuff. But we talked to him about branding and there were some additional questions that came up and like, what are some of the steps that can I do with branding? I think the first thing we wanted to really do is clarify what branding isn’t entirely. I think a lot of times Andrew, people get tied up in, well, it’s my logo, it’s the colors of my paper, and it’s really more than that, isn’t it?

Yeah, absolutely. It’s all about telling your story really and keeping that continuity flowing through everything you do, right? Not just having it on your business card or sign up the funnel, your menus, it’s all about everything. Including the content you put out, the website obviously, but everything that’s got to do with your business has to have that branding effect with it.

Yeah. So the easiest way to do these or I’d say that the best way, it’s not easy. It’s simple, but it’s not easy, is to say, wait for a second, let’s start with the end in mind. We’ll kind of use this in context to help you decide, is this the right message? Is the wrong message? If you project out and say, Hey, if I weren’t there and these two guys were talking about my company or my services, whatever it is, what would you want them to say about your company, right?

What is your goal?

They might say in other words, so you’re saying, hey, what’s the goal? What do you want them to say about your company when you’re not there? And start with that in mind and work backward, right? Absolutely. So the idea is let’s say for instance like with our business, we have a paid performance program, right? So it’s no risk for Reservations. You know, like Andrew, let’s just put you on the spot. What would you want people to say? Let’s say they sell our stuff and now they’re talking amongst themselves, what would you want them to say about our company that would say that’s the brand we want them to have.

The important message that we want people to know is that we’re taking on the risk of the advertising, marketing. So people will know that we are a company that delivers results first rather than us for money first and then hopefully the results follow. So our branding is all around about how we deliver the product first. Or just like your restaurant, you deliver the food first and expect people to pay second, right? That’s what we’re doing. We’re delivering the food first, basically the results and then you pay second when you’ve got that result.

So you know in a restaurant, if someone’s unhappy with a meal and they don’t want to pay for it, then genuinely you say, and if it’s a valid reason you’ll say, fair enough, I’m not going to charge you for it. So what I want people to is that’s the that’s the company that gets us results before we even have to stick their hand in their pocket and pays for something that was traditionally in our industry. I’m such about-face a product.

What’s the effectiveness of the story?

Yeah. And the cool thing I like about this process, Andrew, is a fact that if you notice what Andrew did, he just didn’t give you a tagline. He gave you a story. Well, that’s what we want to do because when somebody tells you a tagline versus the story, what’s the effectiveness of the story? Well, I mean if you do a tagline, it is gone in an instant, right? And there’s nothing, there’s no context pre-frame around the tagline. As a business owner, you may know what your tagline really means deep down, but on the surface, if someone who’s for the first time and it’s just a sentence or a phrase, it may not mean what you wanted to mean.

The other thing is a story has longevity. In other words, we remember a story and so if you can, if you can create in your brand message that there’s a story about you, your business, your product, your service, whatever that is, then when somebody is down the road. Maybe they don’t buy your product right away or your service, but they remember the story. Then I say, Hey, Andrew, you know, I’m thinking about doing some marketing from a restaurant. Do you know anybody who’s in that business? And you know, last time I did this I did billboards, I did radio, whatever it is, and it never really got any results. Do you know anybody who can help me? Well, that story is going to help you remember that.

It just has to be consistent

Yeah. So then what you’ll do is you’ll tell me the story and now you’re transferring. There’s a gentleman of his name will come to me in a second, but he just put out a book is called, it’s Talk Triggers and it’s little things like that that. Oh, Jay Baer. Jay Baer, he just came out with a book called Talk Triggers and the idea there is when you’re not there, in other words, your company, your business representative is not there, what have you done so they’ll remember you. Well, we want to do that in your branding. So when you tell a story, it has longevity. Absolutely. I think you’re spot on there and uh, you know, that’s, it’s not, as you said, it’s not a, it’s not complex. It doesn’t have to be complex, it just has to be consistent.

You said something earlier, I want to dive in. It’s just a little bit, not take too much time, but also what this works out, Andrew, as of saying, hey, I’m going to put out some content, wait for a second, does this resonate with my brand? So let’s say as an example your business has something to do about, you know, a speed of service and ease of use. Then you put out a video that it shows us a long complicated process to do what you do and sometimes it’s a hit or miss. Well, all of a sudden you wait a minute, that does not match up with my branding. That’s a conflict. So that becomes that nice filter.

It goes back to consistency. Are you consistent with what your brand message is to what you actually do? And if you can nail that, then your branding is on point.

Is my branding really achieving this message?

Well, that’s really all we want to talk about today is what is branding and how can you create it and where does it resonate throughout your whole process with content, or any other messages you put out your email may be down in your email signatures that’s something that resonates with them. So I challenge you to get out there and say, wait a second, is my branding really achieving this message?

With us, we have a program called no risk reservations and that’s the whole idea. We know businesses, specifically restaurants that we work with have been beaten up from and I hate to say, okay, I don’t want to say beat up. They have subscribed to the method of pay me up front and let’s hope it works. And the only people that are guaranteed results are the people who sold them that bill of goods. And we said, hey; let’s flip the switch a little bit. Tell me a little bit about that, Andrew.

We are going to take the risk

Yeah, absolutely. As I said before we’re going to we’re going to take the risk, we will find the results for you. We’ll get the results for you, we get people into your restaurant and only when we do that and we’ve got a database built for you as well. Then we asked for money. Not a lot. It’s very, very affordable for everybody. If you want to learn more, there’s a link in the show notes here, a click on that and see an example of what we do. I love that. Hey, until next time. My name is Jeff Harrison. I’m Andrew McCauley. This Reservation is that. We’ll see it tomorrow, and Thursday is, Oh, Facebook Thursday. Going to zip up to San Francisco, for you people playing at home. That’s where it will be. I’m going to find some restaurants up there and I’m going to look at their Facebook ads and rip them apart. I love you. I’ll see you on Monday.

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