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7 Key Reasons to Use Beginning Immediately

Why is LIVE VIDEO soooo powerful for my business? 7 Key reasons to use it beginning immediately…Today we discuss 2 of the 7. Join me as we deliver today’s Reservations from a very unusual setting…(hey it’s a heatwave and there are only a few cool places)

Transcript of the Video: 7 Key Reasons to Use Beginning Immediately

Welcome to reservations. I’m Jeff Harrison. Yeah, it’s going to be another 120-degree day out here in about the only place you can get cool is in the pool. And I’m not even sure my pool is very cool after a week of 120-degree temperatures. But you know what I thought I’m going to, hey Eric, thanks for joining me., I thought, you know, I’m just going to try to stay cool today because I thought today was going to be a break in the weather and now I hear from Amy who just joined. Thanks, Amy. She just notified me of the great news that now the heat warning has been extended through Saturday. So with that in mind, I thought I’m going to talk about why live video is so hot for your business. One of them is because, hey Matt. Yeah, that is hot, 120 degrees.

Hey Shanna, thanks for joining me. Shanna, I want to know your story. I want to see if we can have you on the show soon, so keep that in mind. Let me know, maybe a direct message me. If this is the first time you joined us in Reservations, the whole idea is what can we offer to you like the restaurant owner that is beneficial and can help you get more people to come in your restaurant? And I think of a restaurant how they could leverage live video is extensive and I don’t want to go into that today. I really want to talk about two of the most seven validated and proof positive reasons that they work.


The first one is truly unique footage. I mean, think about me. I just went around and swim around in the pool and I have a little bit of the jazz music going on there. You know if you paid me to put that together, it might be several thousand dollars and we might have to do it two or three times, but this is truly unique. So you have that opportunity to capture footage that, you know, what you just didn’t have a chance to set up. It was one of those things that like, say with my phone, you can think, hey, I just want to do this right away and I’ve got this idea. Let’s just shoot it, turn on your phone, let’s rock and roll. You don’t have to have this big production process in there.

The other part and this is my favorite part because probably in the time where Amy and I started this business a long time ago, I mean we’ve probably done six, maybe 7,000. I think it was 7,000 videos. Most of those, in fact, almost all of those required editing. So when that happens, it’s, it’s a lot more work. We have to spend time doing the editing. So with live video, when I’m done with this, I’m going to turn it off. Finish my swim and then go out for the rest of my day. So using live video can be something that is extremely advantageous. I’m going to share the other one.

Cost to Entry

It is a cost of entry. Now in this little setup that I have, I have my phone on a small little tripod. I’ve got an extended road mic and that’s it. I have a pool in the background that’s part of the, uh, the set. But my point is, is this can be extremely mobile. So like I can carry you out here knowing everything is going to be okay and just say, we’re going to have a video. Many times people would say, well, I can’t do video because I don’t have all the equipment, Jeff. Well, that’s a weak excuse now.

So, three things and then just to recap because I want to get back to getting into the pool is one low barrier to entry, financially and also set up. It’s really easy, incredibly unique material. So imagine if you’re a restaurant and you want to, you’ve got somebody in your business who does some amazing things. Maybe they’re a bartender and there’s spin in the bottles and whatnot, and they’re making these fancy drinks. Well, that’s unique content. What if you got them on video? Now, there are some things that I would recommend that you do and not just rely on simply your phone and that’s this.

Rode Mic

There’s a rode mic that I use. There are actually two different rode mic that I use. One is a very small portable rode mic that works off the power of your phone and that’s like $59. Then there’s another one that’s self-powered. It’s also a rode mic. It’s much stronger and you can you get that for probably about $250, so you already have a phone. Let’s face it, you already have a phone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android or whatever phone you have, and they take great video.

Then you just hook up this roadmap to it and away you go. You’ve got a great sound which by the way is the number one thing you want to be dealing with is good sound. Because if you couldn’t hear anything I said this would be a really low-quality video, even though if I shot it in 4K or even 8K. It wouldn’t make any difference.

Unique content, low entry to barrier and creativity. I mean, you have a lot of creative license with this. So you can capture things going on whether you’re just releasing a new dish on your menu and you want to share something or maybe you want to, hey, Shirley, welcome. Hi, Maria thanks for joining us. I really appreciate that. Let me just do a couple little things here. We always have to take care of our viewers because I really appreciate them. Always being here and that’s really about it. I encourage you to do this. There’s nobody telling you can or you can’t.

Inexpensive and Zero Cost

I have a friend of mine who just recently after being 32 years in the radio industry, he had something come up and we sat down and we talked about it. I said, Rich, why don’t you just do this on your own? You don’t need to ask anybody if you can go on air live. And so we got a little bit of equipment together for him and now he does it every day from 4-6 and so far it’s very successful. He’s got a lot of people watching him. He has a great message. You can do exactly the same thing. You could go on every day as a restaurant owner and say it’s the special of the day and how it was made. And for the first 20 people come in and say they saw this live video, you’re going to get a two for one.

I mean, that is very inexpensive that’s zero cost to you. And you can track that because I have to say something. So anyway, my name is Jeff Harrison and the pool is calling my name. It’s not as cool as I’d like to have it. But when I was in Cincinnati a week ago, their pool was heated. Not by the sun, but they had to pay for the heat. And this is free.

Catch you again tomorrow

So hey, thanks everybody for joining me. My name is Jeff Harrison. Some of you might say, hey where’s Andrew? Well, Andrew is away. He’s on assignment in Australia. He’s down there a working. So his hours are really strange. If you pull up the world clock and say hey, what time it is in Melbourne. That’s what it is. There so probably won’t see him on here very often because I think it’s like 2:00 in the morning there tomorrow. So in the meantime, just know that Andrew’s down there busy. From that, we picked up a few new customers. He has some relationship down there. If you remember, Andrew has been in the business of restaurants for like 19 years.

He has tremendous contacts in New Zealand and Australia and he went down, there’s going to be down there for a month. I’ll try to see if I can get them on even if we did some recorded stuff and we’ll play it through here. It’s very beneficial. The guy’s a genius. He is wicked smart. I think if you didn’t catch this, I think it was yesterday we had Tracie Parisi and Luanne Lynch. Now I spelled their names wrong. Their first names, both of them had an e at the end and I miss that, so forgive me for that.

But I think we all got that they too are wicked smart and they’re actually meeting with Andrew. I think either today or tomorrow, one day of this week and connecting down there before they all dispense in different parts of the country. So anyway, thanks for joining us. I’m Jeff Harrison and I’ll catch you again tomorrow on Reservations.

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