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Sharpening Skills as a Marketing Genius

Sharpening skills as a Marketing Genius with Billy Gene and a day of incredible educators. Making us better digital marketers BlitzMetrics

Transcript of the Video: Sharpening Skills as a Marketing Genius

Thanks for joining us. I’m Jeff Harrison and we have just wrapped up another full day with Billy Gene and the amazing people he has brought aboard to teach us even more about what we do. If this is the first time you’ve joined me, I mean I have a marketing company that I share responsibilities with a couple of partners and we help small businesses from a digital standpoint to help them get more business. And I’d like to bring one of them in now if I may. Hey Andrew, just want to bring you in. Are you there? Hey, what’s up Roy? Thanks, Mary Kate for being here.

So today we learned a lot of information. That was basically taking us back to our roots. And one of the things that so many businesses right now that aren’t doing is, they’re not creating content. And everyone we heard today and these are people that run massive businesses for Facebook and YouTube and you name it, they all preached one big thing. You have to add content, you have to give content, and it’s not about just going right into the cell, right into the cell and this is something we preach a lot, I hate to say preach, but it’s something we certainly,  they’re not doing this or not adopted that. They’re going right in for the sale. And like I said, one of the first things we talked about today was really creating content.

Meet Us, We Meet You

It’s a little bit different though, content not on pounding my chest and saying, hey, I’m the greatest, I’m the greatest. It’s really about making sure you have content that’s helping your ideal client. And for a lot of people, they don’t do that very well. They just want to sell a gadget or a widget. And one of the things about it is we know for years that needs to be about six or seven touch points and sometimes online is even more. And that’s one of the reasons.

So you get a chance to meet us, we meet you, and really you get to kind of be that fly on the wall to see how we do business and look us in the eye and see if we look like we’re trustworthy and when we’re talking about things are we just somebody who thinks they know what we’re doing or are we an authority in the marketplace?

Everybody Is Going Online

The other thing that’s important about content, and I want to think about this. Are you a person that before you make a decision, whether it’s going to a restaurant, it’s going to a movie, whatever it is, buying a car, where do you go? Well, you’d probably go online and decide by doing research. So if you’re a business and I go to your website and you have no content besides your static website where it’s just, hey, this is who I am or this is what I do, buy me here. The chances are your market is going to start moving away. Your ideal customer is going to stop being part of your audience. They’re going to move away.

The statistic says right now, 82% of the people that make a buying decision, I don’t care what it is, they’ve already, they would rather go through that 82%. They’d rather go through the entire process without ever talking to you or me, but they want to learn about it. So what they do is they use research and if you have content that we can jump in there and take a look at, then that helps a lot, I’m going to bring somebody in here. Now that he’s ready to go. Let’s see.

We Need A Strategy First

This is Andrew McCauley, he is known as the social media bloke. He’s now part of our company and, Hey Andrew, how you doing buddy? Hey Jeff, can you hear me okay? Yeah. Can you hear me? I’ve been watching you on my desktop and I suddenly realized, you know what desktop it so 2017 back on my phone and here we are. I spoke to you and I’m like, Hey, where is Andrew? There he is. I was just telling them, Andrew, how important today was really. I know we just had a big planning session a few days ago and what was the main thing we got out of that planning session? We needed what?

Well, I guess, you know a couple of things. We needed a strategy first, but we needed some content. What is the content we’re going to create and how are we going to implement that? What is the calendar of events that we need to implement, all that sort of stuff too? So, you know, I was listening to the star of your show and you’re spot on and I wish I was there today because it sounded like a pretty awesome event there today down in San Diego.

It’s pretty amazing. You know everybody that was here. I mean we had a guy named Dennis Yu and what is it the last name is Larson. I’m sorry, I forgot his name at the time, but it’s with Blitz Media and these guys are amazing. I mean they were the guys who ran the analytics for Yahoo. I mean this guy is absolute.

Give People Content

These guys are both brainiacs and they just laid out the process and really just solidified everything we’ve heard about today and what we talked about in meetings and along with Amy, our other partner about content. Give people content so they can make buying decisions and I was just going over the fact that only about 18% of the people who make a buying decision, Andrew even want to talk to us. They’d rather all the reasons and then just hit a button or walk in and say, here’s my money.

You say two things about that. I think one of the first thing is it content is going to be good, right? It’s going to be engaging. People got to use it. Not just create content for the sake of creating content. There was a stat out there floating around, you know, a little while that all of the content that’s been created on the planet earth, since the beginning of time to the year, 2000 was about this much. And from the last five years, so from 2012 to 2017, we’ve created more content than from the beginning of time to 2000, so you know, there’s lots of content out there, there’s lots of noise if you like it there.

You’ve got to create some stuff that people want to know about. They want to engage with and know the Facebook updates that have just happened in recently. If you’re not creating engaging content, you’re wasting your time. You’re just lip service to the content world, which you’re going to get lost in the noise.

Better To Go To The Market

They talked about that because one of their clients is Facebook or excuse me, one of the things that they did is they just came from Facebook. And they, they said they dispelled these, you know, doomsday and apocalyptic thing. They said, at the end of the day, if you just make good content that is rich in information and it’s not “selly selly” or it’s not spam, you’re going to, be fine. The goal is to get rid of those people so that you know what our news feed is not filled up with garbage.

Exactly right. Spot on man, that’s the thing, good content. It’s got to be good. And as we said, if you’re not creating good content, you’re just creating content that’s the same as everyone else and it becomes noise and filled it out pretty quickly.

One of the things they talked about, Andrew is just having multiple touch points and one thing they have, of course, they have a gazillion data points to figure this out with. And they were talking about making you know, it’s better to go to the market before you know, instead of perfection. So people that are putting content and it should be video, they said, hey, a film is where it’s at. It’s got to be that. So if you’re going to video, so many people are worried about, hey how they look, is my makeup right to sound right? Whatever’s going on. And they said you know what? Even the best home run hitter Babe Ruth was only successful eight percent of the time. They say, Hey, let’s put that content out there just like this. We’re really heavily about live video because it is just so inviting.

Get Out and Do It

One of my favorite sayings is version one is better than version none, right? You know, get out and do it. Like this is, you know what, I’m sitting here three minutes ago, five minutes ago, I didn’t know it was about to kid on video. I would have done my hair and looked at a little bit nicer and a good decision. Friends on there you go and Gary. Hello? But, you know, it’s just a matter of hey, let’s get out there and do it. Rather than sit there and make sure that all the lights are green, you know, drive from La to San Francisco and wait for the lights to all be green before you stopped the car, right?

Get in there and just, you couldn’t hit a red light. So what? Get into it when you hit the red light. Worry about it when you get there, get up there and just do it. And because people like this, you know, here’s the thing. If seeing something that’s really polished and really schmick you sort of think, well, is that just the whole ad marketing gimmick? This company got a lot of money to spend on some fancy looking videos and affects or is it real people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. And if it’s real, my hair’s messy and you’re just jumping out of an event and this is what it is, and people want to know who they’re dealing with rather than a schmick advertising campaign behind the scenes sort of thing.

What Is Good Content Like?

Absolutely, and you know, there should be some content that is more polished and spend time on, but like this, this was an idea. I need to do a little brain dump with you guys and kind of share some things and really the big takeaway content, content, and content and it’s not so much the high level of frequency as it is the quality of the content to make sure that you’re putting a message out there that the people watching, there’s some value to you. Hopefully, that little piece right there made sense. Here’s the other thing. If you’re somebody who says, you know what, I’m not going to create content.

Instead today on stage you must, will shut the doors because, and if you’re getting, if you’re not going to use video, you might as well shut the doors because your competitors are and they will, they’ll suck all the juice out of your marketplace because they’re all going to go there because they’ve forgotten about you.

Got a question for you. A couple of people who join us. Hi Kyle, how are you? so a couple of other people joining us. But here’s a question for you Jeff. What is good content like? What is it, what, when you know, if you’ve got a business and I know some friends that are out there that are in, you know, I may not have their own businesses, such part of a multilevel marketing company where the company gives them the content. And what sort of things can I do to help them create stuff so that I can get some vision and some action on the whole, on the whole, world stage basically?


Well, here’s a pretty cool thing going back to Dennis Yu, they take care of the Golden State Warriors and the way they do this to get massive views is they create a content sequence if you will. So as an example, they know that their audience is, are people who initially like basketball, they liked that team, but what they’ll do is they’ll take a highlight clip and they’ll put out there the highlight clip and they’ll set it out. They’ll boost it to a specific audience so they try everything over 10 seconds.

So let’s say for instance, you know, I sell a multivitamins and I find an article or I find a video that talks about how important vitamins are that could then be that bridge to link that audience to my content because now what happens is I can actually pixel that video and I can say, Hey, I want to now remarket to these people that have over ten second views on this because there is a little bit in my content remarketing.

Again, it’s going to be another major piece that that business owners and marketers by frankly, who maybe don’t even know what that is, must be doing in this day and age because again, that that increases that touchpoint. So remarketing, just for those that are playing along at home. If you’re going to a website, let’s say you’ve got a favorite website, that’s the shoe side. I don’t know why I use shoe all the time, but let’s say you got to shoe site and you’re looking around and it’s and it’s got some great shoes.


That’s pretty cool. You leave the site and you got to youtube. You go to New York Times or the Sunday Herald Sun or whatever it is, and suddenly you see an ad for that shoe shop. You’re like, well, I was just on that shoe shop site the other day and now I see an ad for it. Wow. They must have some pretty good budget behind them to run an ad. Now, this is what they call retargeting, so when you go or remarketing is Jeff was just saying, if you go to a website, they’ll drop a little tiny pixel on your browser. Okay. You can’t see it, doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t steal your information.

It just knows that you were at its website once before and it can run ads to you now because it knows that you’ve been there and seen them before. So this is where remarketing is super creepy for a lot of people, right? But it’s super powerful because if you’re running and, okay, let’s say cal, you’re what you’re selling lipstick and that sort of stuff.

Let Them Know You Are Still Alive

You know, they come to your website, they’ll look at some sort of brand of lipstick or some lip balm or whatever it is. And then you can follow them around the Internet wherever they go, letting them know that, hey, don’t forget me, you came to my site once before you were looking at some lip balm.

Maybe you’ve got a special on or some sort of deal that you can let them know about your chasing them around the Internet. This is what remarketing is. It’s been around for a number of years. We’ve all been victims of it, if you like, but we just don’t know it, but this is where people are making the most money is when they’re getting that touch point is Jeff was saying at the start of the program, your letting them know that you’re still alive, you’re still exist and maybe they should come back and buy something from you. So yeah, pretty important stuff.

You Need To Add More Content

Here’s a little twist on this and if you’re, if you’re a marketer, here’s what is a little different, Andrew, that the message that came out today is typically what happens is you’ll run a video, let’s say you do a video on facebook and it’s just reviewed and then you use that audience. So those views to create that remarketing audience. Typically what would happen is then you would put an ad running to those views. Well, what they’re saying is you need to add more content.

You need to add more value before you go there. So you know, you should have two or three videos and pieces that you remarket to them. Yeah, you’re going to spend a little more money, but what happens is your cost per view and lead goes way, way down because you have a more engaged audience. The relevancy scores, if you’re not familiar with that, I’ll let Andrew explained that you’re relevant.

Relevancy score goes up. It’s just, good for the whole process. So instead of immediately going right for the jugular vein and going right for the cell, you should say, hey, there’s another piece like you know today when we were back and forth there, we said, hey, what are some of the topics that are ideal clients are dealing with? Their problems? Well, you have a problem video about how to solve problem number one, problem number two, problem number three, and there’s your three pieces of content and the more they listen to you, what are you doing? You’re building your building.

Build Relationship

That relationship and people buy from you when they know, like, and trust you, not just because you have a great deal, a good offer is important, but let’s face it, if you can build that relationship and then you put the offer out there, chances are your margins are going to be higher.

One of the questions I get all the time is right. You know, I don’t know what to do. What sort of content should I create? I get stuck thinking about it. Well, here’s another idea for you. One of the most common questions that people ask you about your product or your service and what are the most frequently asked questions that you get old. It’s on, does this lip gloss rub off in the shower? What do the shoes work? If I’m wearing them more than six hours of work sort of thing, whatever it might be, what are the questions that people ask the most? And then that’s your content. Write an article about that creative video, about that.

Do a little Facebook live like that? You can use and repurpose all of this information as good quality content. Because if that’s what people are asking, you got to understand that just because one person asks it, there’s a fair chance that other people want to know the answers to that as well. So there are some solutions to your content as well.

Put That Information In There

Yeah, and I’m going to let you go after I talk about this. This is one piece that we’ve had this discussion over and over again and I’ve seen statistics and how it’s explained that both could be right, but again, with these data points that we’re getting from Blitz Media, is this, when you’re putting out those, those touch points, those first videos, one minute, just one minute, because you’re picking out one thing. Let’s say you have as you say, you have a client that has a year selling lip balm and they have chapped lips. So, Hey, what other things? So how do you fix chap lip? It will. Then you might want to put that information in there.

That’s one answer for one problem and you’re done. And so what that does is just going to get that higher views and you’re going to remarket those people who watch it for 10 seconds or more and then so on and so forth and until, hey, now you seem to have solved all your problems. They call it problem stacking. And next thing you know, it’s like Jesus does everything I needed to do because of the marketer knew what the problems they were trying to solve. Begin with. And then just answered those, those problems with their video.

Content is King

It’s good to say some few people. I’m happy Australia Day to some of the Aussies that are on there. Kiran. Good day mate, how are you doing? it’s a straight day for me still. So, you know, you guys are probably having hangovers and sausage and a snag hangover. But I’m about to jump into my Aussie beer tonight. So, I’m gonna let you go, Jeff because I know this has been great. But, yeah. One thing I do want to say is content is king. It’s still king. If you can create some content around your brand or your product, that is the thing to do, hasn’t changed.

If you’re using social media trying to get freebie traffic if you like, on social, it’s not working anymore. That’s so 2014. You’re going to have to spend some money behind it, but create some content first and then do the little cash on top of that and you’ll be right. You’ll see some great traffic coming through to your site.

In the next video, we do live. I want to share with you some of the things that we were told about today and it may be coming out in the next month or two months. It may be a while, but it changes the idea that Facebook is a social media platform. I want you to think of it now as a data collection source and I know we have forever, but what it’s doing to make it even more powerful will blow your mind and never heard of before. Nobody’s ever heard it. It was released today by these guys who were at facebook and it’s pretty amazing. So we’ll talk about next. Go around. We may do that when I get back to the dessert.

Thanks For Taking This

Awesome. Hey, thanks for letting me jump on your little live video down in San Diego. I’m pretty sure that you’ve got the bar to attend to being 6:45 on Friday nights. I’ve got my drink tickets all ready to go. You have yourself nice Fosters. No, don’t dare say that, do not go and buy fosters tonight. That is sacrilege. Going to make sure it’s a vb or a cranny or something else, but a buy Fosters please you Americans are all the same. Fosters doesn’t exist to us Aussies. Hey guys. Thank you. Hey, thanks everybody for joining in. Really appreciate it, Andrew. Thanks for taking this. All of a sudden, hey, let’s have a live video. I’m going back to my Margarita. There we go. Hey, thanks, man. See you guys. See you later. Bye.

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