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Strategy when it Comes to Creating your Online Marketing

Welcome to Reservations. Today we are continuing with strategy when it comes to creating online marketing. If you missed yesterday when we discussed the steps to defining your ideal customer. Go watch it now. Today Pain and pleasure.

Transcript of Video: Strategy when it Comes to Creating your Online Marketing

Hey, good morning! I’m Jeff Harrison. Hi, I’m Andrew McCauley. You’d Zap that? What the heck is that? I would zap that. Speaking of Zap, he’s going to be zapping out of here. So I really feel fortunate today that before he gets on that big bird heading to? Australia, down under. Yep, heading outback. You’re going to be outback. Yea, going down, zap. Yeah, outback.

So, before we leave though, we want to talk, we want to kind of pick his brain and we want to discuss that next step, that next piece of the strategy process yesterday. If you missed that, go check it out. We talked about the strategy of setting up your online marketing. Step one was, hey, you got to know who you’re going to talk to, right? Absolutely.

So today, now that we know who to talk to, what’s the next step? We haven’t even started the ad yet. We haven’t, we’re just talking strategy guys. First of all, I want to say, Hey Maria, thanks for joining us. Yeah. So, what is that? You tell me.

Strategy when it Comes to Creating your Online Marketing

Pain and Pleasure

It is pain and pleasure. You got to know, it’s one of those little things that people will do more to avoid pain, Andrew, and then they will pleasure. Now pain could also be the loss. So hang on, wait, wait, wait. You’re saying that if you had a choice of doing something you really want to do or avoiding something you don’t want to do, they’re going to take avoidance over getting something?

Absolutely. So if all you do is promise great results, then chances are you’re going to be outdone. Like if I said, hey, I just want to put my items there and it’s only for pleasurable items, you know, like you’re going to have this, have this, have this, but Andrew talks about all the things that aren’t going to happen, you know, or could happen that are bad. Absolutely, right.


Addressing the Problems or the Pains

It’s really kind of, I’m going to call it stacking or delayering it. So you might, you want to start out with really addressing the problems or the pains that they may have. Yeah, absolutely.  I think you’ll see if you’ve been on Facebook for more than 10 seconds in your life, you’re going to see a lot of ads. Of course, but some of the good ads, other ones that call out people for that pain, genuinely. Like, hey, dog walkers. And then you give an example. What was it? What was the example you said?

For example, as if we were going to, let’s say, for instance, you’re a dog training company, right? And let’s say your name is Eric. Eric? You mentioned that. Eric’s on there, how are you doing there buddy. I will have a good trip too, by the way.

So, basically, you might put your ad out there to say. Attention, desperate dog owners, right? So immediately you’re calling them out. Are you tired of taking your dog on a walk? The only thing you get is a long arm because this dog couldn’t heal if its life depended on it. Every time you walked down the street, all it does is bark. And you can’t even have friends come over because when you come over, your dog jumps on him. If you’re tired of this, I have this free and there. There you go. Right?

Avoiding the Pain

So, they’re avoiding the issue that they’ve been facing for a long time. Rather than someone who would say, Hey, would you like your dog to nice and quiet when it’s walking around the streets? Would you like to sit down? That’s not going to be as good or as influential as that pain, that pain to say, hey, we can help you solve that pain issue.

Yeah, there was a study done and they do this all the time. They put monitors on your brain. And when people are even asked a question, as an example, I will say, hey, think of yesterday and I want you to think of the worst thing that’s happened to you yesterday. When you do that, they actually fire it in your brain and you actually go there. So when you talk about pain and I say, hey, remember when you were walking down the street and your dog is dragging the street? Immediately your brain goes there and those emotions fire.

Well, that’s how powerful our words can be when we stack them together like that. So now they’re in a point where I’ve got to get out of this pain and now you’re giving them a resource of how can you get out of this pain. So that’s why we say stacking. You don’t just keep putting it on, right? You give them, you give them an out.

Here’s in As Far As Restaurants Go

So I’m going to throw you under the bus here. Here we go. Bus is coming. Hey, speaking of buses, there are no trucks, no trains, no nothing. We haven’t finished yet. So here’s in as far as restaurants go. Okay. What would be an example of that particular call out? If a restaurant was going to do an ad, you’re going blank on me. Oh, he’s gone frozen people. He’s lost for words. Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? Yes.

That’s it. That’s a good one. Andrew. Let’s say, something like, are you tired of taking or having to leave your kids with a babysitter because when you go out to dinner, it is so incredibly expensive and takes your kids. Something of that nature and there’s really no kids menu to deal with, right? So that would be one of those things. Are you tired of going to a restaurant and, and when you walk in with your kids, you look like you’re an alien from another planet and you feel like you’re being set aside. Like you said, they set you in the back because they think your kids are going to be loud and noisy. So that can be something. Sick of doing dishes from the TV dinners? Come on down. That’s it. We’ll serve you, feed you and clean the dishes. Yeah.

At Ruby’s Diner

So, for example, let’s say for instance, you know last week we were at Ruby’s Diner, right? Yeah. And on Tuesday night, now this is not an ad for Ruby’s Diner, but it’d be perfect at something like that. Hey, do you need a break? Are you tired of cooking every night for your kids? It’s time to take a break. Why don’t you come down and join us at two at Ruby’s Diner every Tuesday night from blah, blah, blah. It’s free for anybody that has children under 12. Love it. Just click the link below, get your free coupon and we’ll see you at Ruby’s. And let us put your feet up where you can enjoy dinner on us. That’s why there’s kids out here. They’re lining up already.

It takes a little creativity

So, you know, it takes a little creativity, but it’s always one of those things. And by the way, that that was a big bus from him in because I wasn’t even thinking about that. I thought all the way into this, I thought, okay, what am I going to use? How about a dog trainer? Right? That was an easy one, but the food thing and then here it came.

There you go. But at the end of the day, give it a bit of thought to think about it. What problems do you solve? Because people want their problem solved. And if you got a problem that you can solve, with your service, then that’s where you want to start using that in front of people.

Your Homework
Strategy when it Comes to Creating your Online Marketing

Yeah. So here’s the exercise, here’s your homework, your ideal customer, you should know that yesterday. If you don’t, go back and watch it and then you’ve got your ideal customer right. Now, what are your five, pick five problems, major problems that your ideal customer faces that you solve. And then write an ad around that. Right? Now, I don’t know if you recognize this, but when I first did this, I said, attention, you know, desperate dog owners, right? Or you could say, hey, attention mothers with frayed nerves that are tired of cooking dinner for your family seven days a week, right?

Now, you’re not going to get Andrew to watch that ad, right? You’re going to call out the person who’s in charge. And again, we’re not even talking targeting. We’re just talking about, hey, using this pain point. So go find five pains, your ideal customer, write down five of their pains that they’re dealing with and then how do you solve them? Right. And you might only pick, you might put three in there and then put your answer in there. You’d be surprised how effective that will be. Definitely.

Questions and Comments? Put them below.

That’s it. I think. I know you’ve got to get on a big bird today. You’ve got a lot of stuff going on. We have something pretty exciting when we get to when he gets to Australia and I get to Cincinnati, we have two really cool things are going to share. Actually, it’s one, he has one, I have one so it’s real ones but we’ll call it two, right? But you’ll be outback. I’ll be, I’ll be on Ohio. You’d be there doing some great stuff. Shucking corn. But the thing is we can do it all over the world because that’s the way the internet rolls these days. That’s it. Our customers are really worldwide. Yup.

So anyway, any questions, any comments, please put them in the comments below. Make sure if you know somebody who can benefit from this. It’s not just about restaurants. I mean we have three verticals we work with, right? We work with the restaurant industry, golf and chiropractors. Now, chiropractors, that’s a little different. Have you got into chiropractor real quick and this is really cool. This is why he’s going to Australia.

Bending Over Backwards to get Customers

Yeah. My brother’s a chiropractor. We know a few. I know few chiropractors, he’s a chiropractor coach, so he has a lots of connections as well. But the thing is chiropractors need customers just like restaurants, just like the golf industry.  It’s a pain in the neck not having enough customers. It is a pain in the neck, and that’s Jeff’s joke of the day. You’re bending over backwards to get customers. Let’s turn this off before it gets any worse, people.

Alright, hey, thank you for joining us. I will be back tomorrow and Thursday and Friday. I’ll be here. So, I’m going to a convention or a meet up if you will, in Cincinnati. So we’ll bust out of there. I think we’re going to do some cool things to maybe grab some of those people that would do the kind of the same thing as we do and we’ll talk about this really great. Hey, thanks for joining us, Andrew. Have a safe trip. See you in six weeks, my friend. Because I know you’ll be back in four, but I’ll be gone when you get it.  We’ll see you across. See each other at the airport. Alright, thanks for joining us. We’ll see you again tomorrow.

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