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List Building. The Opt In Page.

Building a List. The Opt-In Page

Welcome to Tool Time Tip Tuesday’s. That’s a tongue twister. Thank you. Hey Andrew, you know, a lot of people out there want to do some list building, but there’s one key component that they must have. What do you call that?

A list?

No, I’m only joking. It’s an opt-in page and opt-in page, which means Jeff simply a page that has the ability to collect one thing and one thing only and that’s an email address at bare minimum or other, other, uh, pieces of information you can collect like the name, the phone number, their website and all that sort of stuff. But at bare minimum you want to collect an email address and here’s why. If I walked into your store and you want to say, Hey, what’s your name? Would you like to join our newsletter? What’s your email address? I’ll give you the details and you might give me something in return. You give me a free coupon for the next time I visit your store or something like that. So then I leave. How often can you contact me after that?

Well, geez, as often I guess as I want,

Right? Because you’ve got the ability now to do that because I’ve got my details. So I can leave the store and know that you can know that you can contact me again. Now this is what’s happening on websites out there. People will have these beautiful websites, they’ve built their websites, all these visitors, they spend all their time on social media, on traffic, on, on paying ads to drive traffic to their website. But there’s nowhere for anyone to collect any data. So an opt-in page is this specifically to collect that data so that once they’ve been to your site, they’re probably not likely to come back unless you’ve got an email that you can email them more information about, um, what she’d do some value, added a valuable information on an email so that you can drive them back to your son on a regular basis.

So it starts that whole process of that relationship building, if you will. There are some Do’s and Don’ts on that. You said earlier, Hey, minimum, get an email address. Obviously get an email. It’s almost no different than if you meet somebody, you play golf with him in exchange, a phone number or you just. You have a phone number, so there’s a way to stay in touch. Here’s the don’ts. Don’t get to the point where you have so many pieces of information that they finally say, that’s enough. I can’t. It’s not interrogation. I’ll give you one specific example. I wanted to get a downloadable free report and so they asked for my name, asked for my email address and I hit enter and then it went through this long list of stuff. Andrew, I filled in everything because I wanted the report, but then it kept defaulting saying I. I said there’s an error and I’m like, I didn’t leave anything. I did it. I did it probably more than most people do it at three times. And finally said, forget it. They blew me up, you know, so they ask for too much. So, I’m going to suggest that. Don’t ask for anything more than just an email address and if you must ask a first name and then build the relationship after that, because anything more than that.

Here’s the thing, Jeff, if you ask for every piece of information results in that 50 percent less people submitting their information. So what I mean by that is if you ask for a name and an email address, um, and you took away the name, you’ve got almost double the chance of getting twice as many people just from an email address. The more things you add to that list of people to fill in, the less likely they’re going to do it.

So, if you don’t have an opt-in on your website or wherever you’re doing your business online, you need to get one. It’s called an opt in page.

Opt-In Page. Your webmaster can do it. There’s another, another, a number of other tools that let you do that as well. So, go and check it out. Opt in pages. You need one good one and we’ll see you next time on Tuesday Tool Time Tips. I’m Jeff and I’m Andrew.

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