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What To Make Your Videos About

Hey, welcome back to Local Marketing Insight. I’m Jeff Harrison, your host, where we actually help you with tips and strategies to take your offline business, brick and mortar, if you will, to online and leverage those tools and assets to help you grow your business.

Today we’re going to talk about, hey, what would I do or what would I make a video about?

Video was in 2015 was an incredibly powerful tool and it’s only going to get more powerful in 2018. Why? Well, let’s face it, there are so many distractions out there that does sit down and read a, you know, 250 or 3000 word. A piece of content is almost unheard of these days. But if I’ll watch a video for two, three, four minutes and you engage me. That’s so much more powerful.

But the question comes up is like, well, why don’t I make a video about?  Well, here’s the answer. First of all, here’s what’s going to happen, you need to find out what pain or solution or really pain that your client is experiencing that you can provide a solution for.

So let’s say as an example, all right, I’m a carpet cleaner, right? I’m a carpet cleaner. And what pain would your clients deal with? Well, let’s face it, if you’re. If you have kids or pets, boy, there’s some things. How do you get rid of that, that cat odor in there. If you have kids and pets know I noticed my kids all of a sudden, they’re coughing, they’re sick, they’re sick more than they should be. It could be because of that dander or whatever is in the carpet. They’re really not allergic to your pets they’re allergic to the fact that it’s getting trapped in your carpet and they’re sleeping on it or they’re playing it and it’s getting all over the body and how important it is to have you come in and clean that. So let’s say  “Are you tired or your kids seem like they’re always got a runny nose or they’ve got hay fever, but they’re really not allergic to anything.”

What is the answer? Well, there’s the problem right. They’re having a consistent cold or having consistent runny noses, their eyes are irritated. Whatever it may be, or your people come over and they’d tell you, boy, smells like a pet in here, or whatever it may be. There’s some stains or whatever. Well, you as the carpet cleaner, then we’ll offer some solutions, right? You might offer solutions at the end to say, Hey, I’ll come in, I’ll test your carpet, and again, I’m not a carpet cleaner. I don’t know if you can actually do that, but do you know what I’m talking about? You can actually go in and say, hey, we give this free consultation to find out if it is, you know, dirt and dander that’s stuck in your carpet. Even sometimes you might have an inferior carpet company come out and clean your carpet and maybe they don’t deep clean that stuff and maybe that’s a maybe there’s something that you can do differently while you have to find out what their problem is and then solve that.

Here’s a big no-no. It’s not about telling us how great your carpet company is. It’s about solving the problem that your customers have.

OK, so that’s the first thing.

Second thing is the question is, well, how do I find out what problems my customers have? Well, that’s what Google is for, so you might even Google, hey, what are the top 10 things, uh, that, that, and then fill in the blank, whatever your business is, what are the top 10 problems? And I might say, Hey, what are the top 10 problems if I’m a golfer that golfers have and boy list that promise you it won’t stop at 10, but there’ll be a list of those things. And you said, well, Gosh, they have problems with her putting, they have problems with getting out of the bunker and maybe in each one of those problems are punting, will have problems or putting with distance control.  They had problems with the direction control, they have problems making solid contact.

Well there’s three videos right there. And then you’d go to the bunker and on and on and on. In other words, if, if the excuses, well, I don’t know what to talk about, boy, there’s an answer. Well, uh, I don’t know how to make a video. This is pretty easy. Now you can use, you can shoot everything you want to right here on your mobile device. These are great cameras. In fact, if you use, here’s a tip, when you’re doing this, try not to do it where you’re watching yourself. Not that that’s a bad camera, but on the other side of your devices, your better camera. In fact, even on the newer iPad’s, it’s 4k resolution, so those are high end cameras on your, on your videos. Just make sure you get some kind of an audio device on there, but my point is there really are no barriers.

The only thing that’s holding you back is really your perception that this is too hard. You know, I wish you could see our studio. It’s pretty cool. It’s nice and dark with a background, but it’s a very simple setup and can be done almost anywhere and then decide, hey, what problems our customers having?  

They’re having problems figuring out, hey, what are they going to talk to you about making a video. So that’s what we’re talking about here. First, finding what your customer’s problem is. Then get a list of those and that’ll give you a lot of videos you can make.

Now I can hear somebody saying, well, why would it make a lot of videos? Well, here’s the deal. There’s a thing called s e r p search engine results, OK, that come back search engine results. And so what happens is, let’s say for, I’m looking to understand, um, how to get rid of dander in my carpet, right?

And then the Google, if you will, or the search engine returns, the results. Well let’s say you only have one video about that. Well then maybe one will show up in the top 10 or let’s say on the first page.

By the way, if you’re on the first page, you might as well not even make your video because it will be on page two and 91 percent of almost 92 percent of us will not go to page two.

So, if I have 10 videos on there right and they all are tagged, if you will, they’re all in their description, has something to do with what I just said. Guess what? You have a chance to populate that entire page. We have one client that she had 20 videos and she basically owned the first page. So when that happens, what do you think? She must be the best there is, right?

That’s what he wants you to do. So when you make one video and you make another video, there’s a thing called playlist. So you’ll put this on playlists like carpet cleaning tips, right? And your tag them all together and then they tend to populate together and that’s really, really important.

So any questions about that? What would it make it? Why would I want to make a video? What would be my topic and how would I find it? And then where would I put it? Put It on YouTube, get it to populate on the first page.

These are little tips that anyone can do. Oh, we even talked about the camera using your iPhone or a mobile device to shoot your videos. The biggest thing is make sure there’s good sound. OK. Sound is almost more important than the quality of the video. If you can see me, but you can’t hear me, you’re going to turn it off or you’re going to struggle for a period of time and then you’re going to turn off.

Make sure the sound is really good. All right. Um, you know, if you like this kind of stuff, and let’s say you’re just starting out. One of the, one of the products we use to do a lot of our video editing is called Sony Vegas movie studio. It’s a very inexpensive product, is probably a couple of $300 and you can get the pro version for seven, 800, but it’s been a very, very robust product for us and has done a really good job, if you like that all. Leave some information down below about, that’s called Sony Vegas movie. So now there’s all kinds of product out there. If you’re on a Mac, you’re on a PC. Check that out. But again, it’s called Sony Vegas movie studio. Thanks for joining me. I’m Jeff Harrison on The Local Marketing Insight. We’ll catch you next time.

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