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Start Working Smarter

Are you tired of working your a@$ off and it seems you’re on this hamster wheel of life and every day you’re always playing catch up and nothing really seems to change?

If not, please stop reading and delete this email.

Because it’s only going to speak to those interested in changing the outcome levels of the work they do in their lives. Eliminating the grind or the mentality that they must out hustling their competitors… or they have to put in more hours by getting up at 4 am and working into the wee hours of the night.

Hey if you’re already a Tim Ferris, ( the 4 hour work week author) kind of person, congratulations. Stop, delete and move on.

For the rest. Stay with me.

Let’s face it, you possess the skills necessary to be great. You know how to do what you do at incredibly high levels…so why is it your inbox and bank accounts are not abundant with new requests for more of your services and your bank account overflowing?

And why is it you sacrifice your life and free time trying to make it happen instead of spending it doing what you love, with those you love?

Because you lack a simple, evergreen process and set of tools that consistently are out there working 24/7 on your behalf letting those who so desperately need and want your services, easily find you when they too are tired of doing it “their” way and getting results they are less than, well over the moon about!

So what is this process, this simple system that is that worker that never sleeps and is constantly sending you new qualified customers with credit cards, money or bitcoin in hand ready to buy your greatness that moves their lives forward?


Yes content.

Let me ask you a question. Do you currently have a piece of content, let’s say a video, right now that your ideal customer is searching for to help them solve their ideal problem?

And then within this same video, have you helped paint the picture of opportunity for this same client, that what you are presenting is doable, and that additional knowledge is needed for them to really “get it”,,,and you have a series of say 3 additional videos they can watch , for free, all they need to do is add their name and email to gain entry?

And this series of 3 videos really is nothing more than a buying journey for the new prospect…except you’re not selling, you’re showing them how it’s done, what tools they need, the process they must put in place to make it happen…

Each video helps them see the other side of the crevasse they want to cross and the knowledge you share is like a bridge, allowing them to metaphorically walk across.

And now because you have, or really the individual prospect has qualified themselves as more than a tire kicker, they are more familiar with you, how you operate and what expert skill sets you possess, are much more willing to say yes to you and your offers.

All of these steps are happening, well behind the scenes, while you live a life that is not attached to your cell phone or computer trying to make it happen or out hustle the other guy!

How? Because it’s been systematically and strategically created and then automated in such a way that this can run, allowing those who need you most, to find you when they are ready and most likely to take action…because they too have reached that point, they want more than a hamster wheel where today ends up looking and feeling like yesterday…like the movie Groundhog Day.

And you?

Well, you are there at the end of the assembly line, putting the finishing touches on the new customers services or products you offer.

And life begins to feel and be different. You time is yours, to enjoy your family, and friends. Your bank account now allows you to say yes, not I wish I could, but can’t afford it.

Could it be this easy…I mean to get off the wheel and take back control?

There is some work to be done. But unlike building it everyday again and again, you build it once, and then automate.

Your job will be twofold, keep attracting those who are your most likely best prospects and two, deliver on that promise by being and doing your best work…oh and now that you have more time, will this allow you to actually be able to use your creativity to produce amazing excellence for your new customers?
And because you produce results at higher levels, wouldn’t this make you more valuable?

It’s crazy I know. It’s all possible. If you’re ready, this can be us. Starting today. Creating content that lasts for years and never sleeps, never forgets to mention key points…and keeps filtering out your best and now very warmed up prospects for us to simply complete the sales cycle when they come to us at the end of the automated assembly line.

I know I can’t be the only one…will you join me?

SwingPointMedia is a marketing company focused on using content marketing, such as written articles, video and podcasts, to attract their customers ideal audiences. This approach has proven to attract higher quality customers while simultaneously reducing the sales cycle by as much as 70%.
SwingPointMedia serves local businesses in Southern California and can be reached by calling 760-422-5176.
You are invited to also attend a free weekly presentation, providing you the tools and strategy to roll out your own content marketing program for your company, or see exactly what SwingPointMedia does for its clients to achieve success. It can be viewed live on SwingPointMedia’s YouTube channel, at 11 am pst.