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Getting Your Videos Ranked. Key Ingredients for Being Found

Lets make no mistake, you need to be getting your videos ranked! Video is very powerful in your marketing. Now, probably you may or may not be using marketing or you may not be using video in your marketing. In fact, a tremendous number of people are not, but they’re realizing how powerful video is.

And just one of the statistics we know when you put a video on your website, it increases the chance of being found 64 times more likely. Somebody will go to a website that has a video on it and because it’s ranked versus not. The other part about that is if you have a video on your website, it tends to keep somebody on your website twice as long.


Getting Your Videos RankedNow those are important, but not as important as the fact that most of us are now doing all of our searchings on our devices, mostly on smartphones and we would rather watch a video than we would read a lot of texts.

So, more and more of our customers are moving into video almost exclusively and we take that same video we converted into a blog post. So, now it’s written and visual. But that’s really not what I want to talk about today.

Today I want to talk about optimizing your video on YouTube and why that’s so important. You know, first, when you put a video on YouTube, a lot of people, especially if you’re just starting out, have a channel. It is really kind of like unknown.

It’s like you’re the new kid at school and no one knows who you don’t know anyone and you’re uncomfortable.

In fact, if you put, let’s say you started a channel today and you put a video on there and then you went into the search, into the search and you searched it exactly for that name of that video, chances are it’s not going to show up in their search terms in YouTube.

And people say, well, how come that happens, Jeff? Well, here’s what’s going on. First, let’s go through the things that are important. First of all, the title is important and so when you do a title, you want to say, Hey, what is the main key words that people would be searching for?

And then try to get those key words in that title if you can, if it’s not something goofy, so you want to add that in there.

Getting Your Videos RankedThe next thing is description. Of course, you want to put in there your description and again in the description, just like in a blog post, you want to properly put in the words that people would most likely search for.

The other thing are the tags. It’s called Meta tags or tags and that’s a place down there where you put like, you put your website.

Somebody say, let’s say were searching for ice cream, so ice cream and chocolate ice cream and now ice cream and then you want to put things locally in there and so you want to put, you know, the best ice cream in and then the name of your city and, and uh, and state. The other thing is some forget to put in there are simply like their telephone number.

Now I want to warn you that is still not going to get you found. If you take that same video, you put it on the, you put all those things on there and then you go to search for you probably not going to find it. And here is why.

The thing that tends to weigh as heavy or even more heavy than those items are how much time your video has been viewed.

So, when Google is serving, or YouTube is serving things up to somebody’s searching for, hey, the best workout video they’re saying, based on how many minutes that video has been seen, the more video or that video has been seen, then they’re, they’re making this assumption that says, hey, that must be a more popular, but it must be more relevant and answer the questions of our searchers.

Because of the day, if they’re a search engine, they want to deliver the best results or be like the, you know, Google maps leading us on, uh, some, uh, some field. So here’s a little something I want to run by you. And we do this quite often when we’re working with clients is we’ll tell the client, hey, as soon as we’re giving your video, share it with as many people as you can and ask him to watch it entirely through, no matter what it is, if you just turn the computer on and let it run, but get those minutes up and that will make a huge difference.

Now, let me tell you how this works for you. When that happens, we’ve seen now people rank on the first page of Google, first page of Youtube in as little as 24 hours. I’m not saying it’s going to work for you every time because I don’t know how many people you’re going to have that you share this with, that they’ll watch that. Um, but worst case scenario, your video will start ranking in about 30 days if you’ll do this.


So, I want you to reach out to your friends and almost create a network. Every time you put a video together, create that network and say, Hey, I’ve got, I’ve got another video coming out. Please do me a favor. Watch it now before you let them go, ask them to do a couple things like some video and if they can share it, leave a comment. Those are important, but again, it’s not as important as minutes viewed. So, if you’re jumping in that, in that pond of I’m going to start using videos for, you know, the way I communicate, the way I share my information, I’m educating your customers. Then make sure that people can find you. Get those minute views up.

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