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Why Am I Not Getting Traffic to My Website?

Summary: Getting traffic to your website takes more than publishing static business information on the site. Your visitors want solutions! You need to show them you have answers to their problems in order to attract them. Keep reading to know how to get traffic.

Organic traffic comes from your prospects’ searches on search engines. With over 1.88 billion websites out there, searches only present websites with relevant content to search queries.

So, why is your website not getting traffic?

The reason is plain and simple. As an expert in digital marketing, it could be that your site lacks the attractions to get visibility in searches or a click. But after reading this article to the end, you should get better at appearing in searches. You will build the skills to attract and convert inbound leads effortlessly.

First, let’s look at likely reasons you aren’t getting visitors to your website.

Experts believe there are six reasons a website isn’t getting traffic:

1. Lack of Relevant Content

Simple knowledge of marketing shows that buyers buy solutions, not products. Your prospect wants the solution you bring, so why not show them?

Imagine, as a homeowner, your new HVAC is not cooling in summer. The first thing you do is search online for a solution. Your likely search query would be, “Why is my AC not cooling?”

Google picks the search query and looks for websites with the most relevant content and presents it in SERPs. If your site doesn’t have relevant content, it won’t appear in the search result.

Events like these are likely reasons you don’t get traffic.

How to fix this problem

  • Create solution-based, fresh, unique, and relevant content (blogs, articles, videos, etc.).
  • Post content in the different channels where your prospects hang out.
  • Create a content calendar, so your content is relevant and timely.

2. Your Website is Not Getting Crawled

Without a search engine crawling and indexing your site and content, visibility is difficult if not impossible. There are several reasons for this.

How to fix this problem

  • Ask your web engineer to troubleshoot your site and ascertain the site is in good health and crawled.


3. Poor SEO Practice

Your website won’t get traffic without the best SEO practices. Proper SEO optimizes your website for people and search engines.

How to fix this problem

  • Install Yoast SEO and configure it for best performance.
  • Install Google Analytics and sundry tools to keep track of your site’s traffic.
  • Install Yoast’s On-Page SEO to optimize your content.
  • Regularly conduct SEO audits for the health of your site’s SEO.

4. Lack of UX

We are at a time of less attention span for web users. Your prospects have a fraction of seconds to decide what they want. Thus, your site’s design, content plan, and delivery must offer a positive user experience.

If your site is slow or your content is not on point, you risk an increased bounce rate.

How to fix this problem

  • Ensure your site’s loading time is fast – less than three seconds is recommended.
  • Let your site be mobile responsive since most prospects reach you from mobile.
  • Be searchable – you should ensure your site comes up on the top page of SERPs.
  • Post only fresh, unique, and relevant content.

5. Inadequate Website Promotion

While you want to attract traffic organically, you can’t overlook the need for promotion. You should guide against the “publish and pray” syndrome to attract your audience. There is a need for aggressive promotion of your content to help the right audience find it.

How to fix this problem

  • Apply the 80/20 percent rule – spend 20% on content creation and 80% promoting it.
  • Use social media commenting to promote your content in relevant discussion groups.
  • Use one content to promote the other.

6. Poor Social Media Presence

Social media is crucial to digital marketing. It generates massive traffic and leads if put to good use. However, a poor social media presence is leaving money on the table for your competition.

Depending on your type of business, find relevant social channels to leverage your marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc., can help build trust, quality following, and loyal customers.

How to fix this problem

  • Join the social media community where your ideal customers hang out.
  • Create social media accounts and stay active with useful posts.
  • Follow industry influencers and authorities and contribute to gain relevance.

Tips to Increase Website Traffic

While you can improve your website’s traffic by fixing the six problems above, follow these tips to get more traffic:

  • Publish a Blog. A blog on your site is often a reason people visit. Use it to drive massive traffic.
  • Outsource Your Digital Marketing. Most business owners struggle with online marketing. The smart ones hire professional digital marketers, so they can focus on their business. It’s wise to borrow a leaf from their book to save money and time.


Are You Ready to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

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