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Why Your Ads Are Not Working

Summary: Running ads is like casting a spell. It works like magic – if the right elements, environment, and target are combined! However, your ads won’t work if you commit certain blunders. This article sheds light on possible mistakes causing your ads not to work and how to fix them.

Ads are a quicker way to meet your marketing and sales goals. They work provided you apply the right elements and use the perfect platform to reach your ideal customer.

To help you understand why your ads fail, you need to know the possible errors you may be committing:

  • Bad strategy. You are not strategic in your ads plans.
  • No clear audience. Your ads are not connecting with your ideal customer.
  • Poor image. Your ads are not visually appealing to attract attention.
  • Wrong platform. Failing to use the right platform for your ads.
  • Bad copy. Your ad copy isn’t good.
  • Wrong timing. Due to poor strategy, your ads are running at a bad time.
  • No effective Call-to-Action (CTA). Poor or lacking a call-to-action is confusing your audience.

Ads work, and your ad should work if you put all the components together in a workable manner. Let’s consider the essential ingredients of a great ad to help you understand and fix your ads.


What Makes a Good Ad?

You need to put together six components to make your ads work like magic:


A good headline is an important ingredient of a great ad. While good headlines don’t guarantee the success of your ad, they bring your ideal customer closer to reading your copy.

How to craft a good headline:

  • Understand the target and call them out.
  • State the obvious and be catchy.
  • Be clear and avoid being wordy.
  • Convey a sense of urgency.
  • Be emotional and offer something useful.


BBC research shows that an image has a powerful influence on the human brain. An image offers visual attraction and matched with a good headline makes a compelling attraction.

How to find a good image:

  • Adobe Stock Photos
  • Photocase
  • iStock
  • 99Club
  • Use a freelance graphic artist on Upwork. 


Good copy is needed to sell your solution and value to your prospect. Combined with a good headline and image, you can keep and sustain your ideal customer’s interest in your ad.

How to craft a good copy:

  • Use clear communication for effectiveness.
  • Make every word count for your goal.
  • Avoid fancy words and hyperbole.
  • Put the reader first.
  • Consider a copywriter for their skill.


The best platform is where your ideal customers hang out. Many ads fail because the sponsor used the wrong channel of advertising.

How to find the right ad platform:

  • Define your goals and the best media.
  • Know the different platforms and uses.
  • Identify the platforms your prospects hang out on.
  • Define the voice and tone suitable for the channel.
  • Think how suitable your copy is for the platform.


Imagine advertising a winter coat in summer – that would be a colossal failure. People buy solutions, and your ad should target your ideal customer at their point of need.

How to time your ads for the best result:

  • Think of your target audience.
  • Consider the platform.
  • Think of your product.
  • Consider the season.
  • Consider the budget.


Create a Call-to-Action

A strong Call-To-Action helps your prospect take action to achieve your goal. With proper planning, you should already know the goal of your ad. Sadly, many ads have no clear CTA; hence, they fail.

How to make CTA effective:

  • Start with an imperative to convince your audience to do something.
  • Use a persuasive writing tone.
  • Make it low risk for them to act now.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Let it stand out for easy click.

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