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3 Marketing Tools to Help Local Businesses Succeed

Marketing is both a tool and a skill. You can achieve your business goals by attracting your ideal customer using the tools and skills. The challenge, however, is that most local businesses do not combine both. If you desire to increase sales and grow your business, this article discusses three essential marketing tools you need to succeed.

The goal of marketing is to make it easy to sell to your ideal customer. Thus, marketing tools help attract, nurture, and convert them. There are several marketing resources, but this article discusses three essential ones you can use.

  • Consistent content creation

You have heard the cliché — content is king. Yes, it is, but only if you can consistently create quality content. Therefore, it is important to create relevant and quality content.

This marketing tool helps to creatively express yourself in ways your audience would find most appealing — blog posts, videos, web content etc. Some content creation tools include Google trends, Canva, Grammarly, Pixlr, Hemmingway Editor, and a host of others.

Tips for creating consistent content:

  • Understand your audience and their pain points. It allows you to create relevant content to answer their pressing questions.
  • Plan and create a content calendar. It helps to create useful and timely content.
  • Create a content template. It helps to create quality content with a unique style and structure.

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  • Lead capture page

Your marketing efforts might be in vain if you can’t capture the leads you generate. As a business, you need a way to attract your prospects and convert them. Thus you need a lead capture page with well-planned funnels.

You can use a capture page or lead capture software to collect relevant data for future analysis, nurturing, and conversion.

Tips for creating the quality lead capture page:

There are different ways to create a better lead capture page, but the following should suffice for local business marketing.

  • Know and understand your goal.
  • Create a compelling reward in exchange for your prospect’s data.
  • Make the copy short, clear, and easy to complete.
  • Use the most appropriate traffic sources.
  • Deliver an easy and actionable Call to Action.
  • Email platform

Using email marketing in your local business marketing increases profitability exponentially. But for a resounding success, you need an email platform to automate the process.

With emails, you can create your strategy around content marketing and lead capture marketing tools discussed in 1 and 2 above.

However, you need a dedicated email platform to send large messages without getting a spam flag to implement it.

Some email marketing platforms for small businesses include GetREsponse, AWeber, OptinMonster, and others.

Tips for choosing a dedicated email platform:

  • Spell out your strategy. Having a strategy allows you to decide on the best Email Service Provider (ESP) to meet your marketing goal.
  • Understand the features you need. A good marketing strategy and plan should be unique to your business, and you must choose the ESP that best serves your needs.
  • Know your budget. Budget is a crucial element in every marketing plan, and you should know how much you can afford to spend to pick the right ESP.
  • Consider customer support. ESP services thrive with responsive customer service. Therefore choose only the platform with proven after-sale service.

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Do you need help implementing these tools for your local business marketing?

Marketing a local business takes knowing the tools and having the skills to create and implement a marketing strategy that works. A marketing tool can make your efforts easy and uncomplicated if you know how to put it all together. This is where you need SwingPointMedia services.

SwingPointMedia is a marketing company focused on using content marketing, such as written articles, videos, and podcasts, to attract their customers’ ideal audiences. This approach has proven to attract higher-quality customers while simultaneously reducing the sales cycle by as much as 70%.

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