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Be The Expert On What You Do

Transcript of the Video:Be The Expert On What You Do

Hey, I just finished shooting a friend of mine, he’s back over my shoulder. He is a golf instructor, owns a golf school. First of all, he’s a dear friend but he’s also a client. What we were doing, we were creating some videos for him, actually three different videos because he needs to recruit more people to come to work for him as instructors. So yesterday actually two days ago, I wrote a script for him for each one of those and sent it to him. You know, it was a short time period. We didn’t want to put on the teleprompter. We just kind of wanted to get a feel of hey, what would be the series of communication on the script? And what happened was when we actually rolled camera it really went way off script and they really didn’t go down that guideline.

Now, why am I bringing this up? We’ll certainly not to criticize my friend, not to make him feel bad because he did a great job. This is not something he does every day. On the other side, we at SwingPoint Media have done thousands and thousands of videos, so we kind of get this. We know the routine. The reason I’m bringing this up is because we all fall into this situation. We have this process, we want people to go through and then they go off track.

Jump Cutting

So in the past, what I found is I got a little upset, not upset, but disturbed that hey you know, this isn’t working, please follow my guidelines. Well, I have to remember I need to communicate and meet in the middle. So when I saw this happen, he said, well, I want to put my own spin on it. I said I get that, how can we work together? So we get the message across and we get it feeling like it’s coming from you. And he was like, oh, okay yeah, let’s do that. So what I did is I did this process called jump cut enough. You’re not familiar with that. Basically, what it is I say a line and he repeats it back.

I’m going to say its called jump cutting. I’m going to say it. Yeah, let me finish and I’m going to say the next line. Please take a moment. Please take a moment. Fill out the form. Fill out the form. And I look forward to seeing it. And I look forward to seeing it. Speaking with you soon. Speaking with you soon. Now, for the most part, we got his message in his dialogue. But the parts that were really, really important was the opening because that’s set the reason for the video and that was really important and of course the calls to action. So those are the two pieces. I did a jump cut and I can work with the stuff in the middle. Now, why am I sharing this today?

Convey the information

First of all, there are two reasons. One is work with your clients on where they are. You know he has a business he does really, really well in. I mean he has locations all over the country. In fact, he has it all over the world and he’s looking for more structure. So what he does, he is the expert at. What we do or what you do, you are the expert at. So the key is not to, I guess over influenced that person to say, Hey, I’m the expert, that’s why you hired me. But in essence, that’s what they’ve done. So we have to figure out going to another level, how can we communicate with this client in such a way that it still feels like their idea or even a collaborative.

It’s where they say, oh, that yeah, that will help a lot that will make it a lot easier. Because I could see his mind working, knowing because we actually create a pilot and we have a weekly show that we do together. He really is very good on camera, but today this was a short kind of thing that he had to do. So the first thing is knowing that you’re the expert. That’s why they hired you and know how as an expert to then convey that information.

Meet them where they are

And the second place is to meet them where they are. Understand they’re the expert at what they do. That’s why they get paid the big bucks. We’re the experts at what we do. That’s why we get paid the big bucks. So when we put this together in this situation, this is a selling video, we’re recruiting new people, but we’re having to reach an audience that will influence them enough to share this with people they know that will then come back and buy his product or sign up actually not biased product, but sign up for his program. So today I just wanted to share that with you. I thought it was a, it was an Aha moment for me. I found myself actually, it brought my stress level way down internally because I’m like, boy, we had a short timeframe.

Like he is so short on staff that I had to get him between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning and he still had to set up for this school is teaching for three days to these great women that he’s teaching today. And so we only had, realistically maybe 25 minutes to knock out three videos that were probably 5-6 minutes apiece. So I was feeling a little bit of the stress and getting it right the first time. Of course anyone, you and me, sometimes we tend to ramble and our goal is to get them to have their message as succinctly as possible

Put a message in the comment

So with that, I’m signing off. I hope you found this valuable. My name is Jeff Harrison. I’m with SwingPoint Media and if you ever saw it. So if you ever have any questions about things like that, put a message in the comment. I’ll be more than happy to answer back and have a dialogue about this because every time I help someone answers a question, guess what? I get better at it. Have an awesome day. I’m going to go play with the golf guys.

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