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Strategies For Creating Successful Facebook Ads


Transcript of the Video: Strategies For Creating Successful Facebook Ads

Hey, welcome to another Reservations. I’m Jeff Harrison and my buddy and partner Andrew McCauley is out on, I don’t want to say assignment, but he is somewhere between Los Angeles and Australia. He’s flying with his two boys down to Australia. If you saw yesterday he was leaving in the afternoon. I think actually he probably left around 10:00 last night. It’s kind of an overnight. But anyway, we wish them safe travels. I want to thank you for joining us today.

Today we’re going to continue along that road when we talked about strategy for creating successful Facebook ads. When we first started this journey, we talked about, hey, you know what people say, well, Facebook ads don’t work for me. Yet there are people out there that are making thousands and thousands of dollars a day, including our customers who are being very successful. Now, what’s the difference between those people say, Hey, this doesn’t work for me and the ones that are working. Well, we talk about having an ad strategy and part of that is making sure that you align things before you actually make an ad.

Go Back And Check It Out

About a week ago, we did deconstruction on a few ads. Ironically, I went to pull them up today and give examples of those are no longer showing, which I’m glad. I hope that kind of alerted them to say, hey, let’s redo that and I hope they’re watching today because I want to show you some ads that are very effective that are working for the same company for different companies.

Monday we talked about if you miss these, go back and check it out, but Monday we talked about knowing your ideal target market. Yesterday we talked about once we know who that is, then we understand what their likes, dislikes or behaviors are, and we also talked about their pain and pleasure, what drives them to make a decision, what drives them to not make a decision. And we talked about how pain is more of a driver to take action. In other words, to avoid that pain or avoid loss is more of a motivator than it is to say, hey, you’re going to win something. Now that’s not always true, but sometimes, it can be beneficial as well. We talked about the layer effect, so go back and check that out.

Types of Ads

Today, we’re going to talk about some ads and we’re going to pull this up. Now, there are several types of ads. One is there’s text ad and I’m going to kind of put these in the order of they do their best. The first one is a text ad where you see it’s just written information. We see that sometimes we see that in long sales copies and it’s a long email and I want you to. I want you to think about this. If you received this long email and you’ve got it on your phone because that’s about where 70-75% of us are actually interacting with all information anymore is on our cell phone.  What would you do with that? Would you take the time to read it or would you say, I’ll check it out later? Or would you just completely delete it? Well, that’s why statistically it shows that a text-only kind of ad performs the poorest.

The next one up would be an image ad and that would be something where there’s a still image and it works. It works better than just text. The best ad is if you have movement in it, you know, whether it’s a short gif or it’s a video. The reason is that thinking about that, we’re scrolling through our Facebook timeline and all of a sudden something is moving and catches our eye. Well, this can be true when it comes to images as well of knowing who your target market is and what’s your best product is that will catch their eye and make an image of that.

Specific Set-ups

So I want to just dive in and I want to talk about some specific images or some specific setups here. So let’ go to the first one. The first one is a company called Wildest Greens and when we talked about this yesterday, we said, hey, create some pain to get some pleasure. Let’s see what they say. It says, after a good workout, you need something light yet filling. Try a Buddha bowl with hummus, avo, keen-wah, chickpeas and baby mix with golden dragon dressing. This bowl is sure to nourish your body and tickle your taste buds. We can’t wait to see you here at Wildest Greens.

Now, it did a really nice job until they got to the end. There’s no call to action like what are we going to do? There’s no offer. These people are spending money to put an offer in front of people or run an ad and there’s no offer like what is going to trigger me to go in there.  And then the other thing is you’ve got this long, I’m going to say almost a spam feeling like you are out on there. There’s a bunch of hashtags on there. I think the last thing you want to do is put hashtags on your ad. They’re not going to be ranked that way because you’re going to be paying to see. Put it out in specific front of an audience. So I would take that out of there. What could we do differently to this ad?

Call To Action

How about a call to action? Click the link below and get 20% off of your, you know, that particular a Buddha bowl today, right? Between the hours of such and such, just click the offer, click below now. But there is none of that. So they almost got it, I mean, look at the picture. The picture is appealing. It looks pretty darn good. It’s got some nice colors in it. And again, if, if they, if they are targeting their market of who would be most likely to eat this? Probably not a bad idea.

So that’s, that’s another one. So let’s look at this next one. This one is from a Billy Gene Is Marketing. He says, if your business needs more customers as soon as possible, I mean that’s a pain point. He’s appealing to people who, hey, they need more business. Okay, then take my YouTube advertising course. Here’s how you can get it for free. Follow our profile tag three friends in the comments and who will benefit from our content will message you with access to the course. You see the difference there. He got right to the point very quickly and gave him an offer and told them exactly what to do. Then he also in this, there’s a video in this.


All right, so obviously I stopped the video, but the video is in there, so it’s catching your eyes so he has all that information in there. By the way, this is something Billy Gene Is Marketing a swing point media. We are certified is called geniuses, so if you ever see me wearing a shirt that says I’m a genius, it’s spelled G-E-N-I-E-U-S it is not the typical thing. So it’s genius. He says Billy Gene Is Marketing, but if you ever see a genius, that’s where we refer to. So we’re certified geniuses.

We actually have gone through his program. We’ve been in for about 18 months, so it’s a very strong program, but you can see where he’s laid out the pain. Hey, does your business have seen more customers as soon as possible? Then he offers a very quick, hey, and then take my YouTube advertising course. It’s free, right? Just follow our profile tag, three friends, he tells them exactly what to do, so he is using this as a, as a way to get people to come onto his, his database to actually triple the number of people who could get our quadruple.

You Can Set Up An Ad Without Spending Too Much

If you tag three friends and all of a sudden you have you plus three more. So this is a really nice setup. This last one I want to show you is, it says who loves Burgers, Fried Chicken Tenders. If you’re up for a delicious meal when you’re purchasing meal or equal or higher value, you get a second combo, absolutely free. All you need to do is type in the word ME in the comments below and we’ll send you a coupon in Messenger. Simple as that, offer first or first-time customers. So here’s the thing, you know, you see in this particular ad, it looks like you’ve got a hungry guy, but you got to a gal in front holding that Burger.

You can see it, you can taste in my mouth is watering right now, but right there it appeals to people who love burger or chicken tenders. Then it tells them exactly what the offer is and then it tells them what to do. Now this is set up through Facebook messenger and I’m going to get really deep into that, but this is another example of how you can set your ad up, but you can see the text doesn’t take up all of it. It’s a combination of, of exactly what it is, pain or pleasure, what the offer is, and then what to do next. And that’s really all it is. So this is a way to set up some really nice ad work without spending a lot of money, a lot of time.

Do Not Take Other’s Images Without Permission

Many of these you can pick up stock photos to do this. A guy who can shoot this or you can go to like, you can even do good Google images. You can go to images if you weren’t looking for a hamburger or chicken tenders or you’re looking for a Maserati is whatever it is. Many times you can get that where it is something you use a, uh, an image and it has no copyright infringement rights. So, you know, you want to check on that because you don’t want to run an ad and then you have an infringement going on and now your ad gets pulled.

So I want to make sure that I put that out there, that I’m not telling you to go take somebody’s images or videos without their permission. Another thing you can do, and this is pretty simple, our phones nowadays, like if you have a, you know, a six or more on an iPhone, you can capture 4k video now that’s really good. Except on Facebook, you know, the highest quality you can push out there, like what we’re doing, this is 1280×720, which is the lowest level of high definition.

Create A VideoStrategies For Creating Successful Facebook Ads

But if you have a video, if you want to make a video, I would recommend using simply the video on your camera. It doesn’t have to have sound to it. You can put some music behind that, put it out there in that capture. So if you have happy customers or, or maybe it’s a demonstration or it’s a couch in a whatever it is, you have so much content is restaurants that you can say, Hey, I’m going to videotape, uh, our, our mixologist if you will. And he is going to, he or she, they’re going to make this our specialty cocktail and then put it up there and that drives them up there for happy hour, right?

And then you tell them, hey, are you thirsty? It’s about 5:00. Our happy hour starts from 5-7. If you’d like a free cocktail, you know, buy one, get one free coming in. And again, hey, you need to check your laws in the states. You’re in to see if you can do that. It might be by the first one, get the second one for a penny, whatever it is. And then run that, add to it.

All right, so that’s really all I have today. So today we talked about making ads that are effective and also we talked about one that’s pretty darn close and if I had to coach those, I’d say, Hey, let’s go back and let’s change that and let’s get a strong call to action and let’s see what else happens because that particular one. Let me pull that back up real quick.

Create Platforms For More Interaction

If I pull that up, this is an ad that I see that there’s no way I can track this. I don’t know what’s working, what’s not. I mean, when I pulled this up, I looked in it. It has no likes, no shares, no comments. So there’s nothing there, even though they’re paying for it. That’s a sponsored ad. I don’t see any activity on it. Conversely, this ad right here, I don’t see, let me see if I can move that up.

No, I didn’t capture most of that, but that ad has already several hundred comments and a lot of likes. I think it had it had 120 shares and I can’t remember exactly how many likes. But there were like several hundred comments on their Facebook likes comments January the 11th, they said, hey, we want to create this platform that there’s more interaction.

Comments Create Action

Comments create action, so if you can make your ad trigger them to cause to comment. That’s why we use Facebook because we use a. We use a word, in this case, it says, just type the word me in the comments below and then that triggers the rest of the ad that triggers a coupon. If you’d like to know more about how we do that, just get hold of us here at Swing Point Media. My email address is

In the meantime, have a great Wednesday and I’ll be coming to you tomorrow probably from LAX before I get on a plane because I’m going to go to Cincinnati tomorrow. I’ve got a nice meeting with other people who do exactly what I do that are our peers and some mentors, so it’s going to be a great thing. I can’t wait to bring that back to you when I come back on Tuesday. But in between, we’ll be probably filming and sharing during that time. So again, thank you so much. We look forward to seeing you again next time. My name is Jeff Harrison and you’ve been on Reservations.

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