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Content Marketing Doesn’t Work

Content Marketing Doesn't Work

It was February 2019, and a client came aboard who was spending large amounts of money on TV ads and a commercial they had just shot. The reason they reached out to us and came aboard was due to a current client who referred them.  And after a great meeting and understanding their needs, we […]

What is Full-Service Internet Marketing, and Do You Need It?

What is Full-Service Internet Marketing

Summary Internet marketing is rapidly growing, creating visibility for businesses through expertly managed marketing activities. Due to high costs, most brands find it impractical to domicile these skills. Hence, they turn to a full-service marketing agency to handle their marketing. In this article, find out what it means and why you need it. Why Full-Service […]

What is Leverage, and Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Leverage for your business

Summary: Leverage is a power booster. It’s like a lever that lets you lift objects 1,000x your weight. When used in marketing, it causes you to achieve 100x your ability to expand and sustain your business. This article discusses leverage and its importance in business. In life, success or failure depends on how you leverage the […]

Why Am I Not Getting Traffic to My Website?

Website SEO

Summary: Getting traffic to your website takes more than publishing static business information on the site. Your visitors want solutions! You need to show them you have answers to their problems in order to attract them. Keep reading to know how to get traffic. Organic traffic comes from your prospects’ searches on search engines. With […]

4 Reasons Your Content Marketing is Failing, and How to Fix Them Right Away

Reasons Content Marketing is Failing

4 Essential Aspects of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy A successful content marketing strategy is a process that starts with a thorough understanding of your audience and moves on to a content creation phase with a planned distribution strategy. The goal of the strategy is to generate leads and increase conversion rates for your company […]

Understanding Content Strategy and Content Marketing (Differences and Usage)

Difference between Content Strategy and Content Marketing

Today, the internet is full of numerous terms and catchphrases, particularly those relating to content as a digital marketing tool. Sometimes, these words are overused, misused, or poorly used. It causes confusion and sometimes irritation. The confusion with usage arises when they are used synonymously even though they characteristically mean different things. The most common […]

Can You Do Your Own Content Marketing?

How can you do your own content marketing?

To get the word out about your small business, you need to learn content marketing. In the past, customers went to a brick-and-mortar business when they needed a product or service. Now, they search online for the best offer without ever meeting the business owner. This is the number one reason for getting information about […]

How to Grow Your Customers and Sales Using Live Video

How to Grow Your Customers and Sales Using Live Video

The Power of Using Live Video for Local Businesses Only one time, in the decades I have been on this planet, has someone told me, “No, I don’t want to grow my business, I have enough customers”. This is for the rest of us. The ones who have a local business and want to know […]

The Power of Solution Based Content in 2021

The Power of Solution Based Content

Often a question that comes up is “Why should I create content like blogs and videos?” The answer from the marketing mind point of view is quite simple. It has to do with the True Power of Solution Based Content