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What is Leverage, and Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Summary: Leverage is a power booster. It’s like a lever that lets you lift objects 1,000x your weight. When used in marketing, it causes you to achieve 100x your ability to expand and sustain your business. This article discusses leverage and its importance in business.

In life, success or failure depends on how you leverage the resources at your disposal. Though its original purpose is in business finance, today’s application cuts across every human endeavor — including marketing!

What is leverage?

The concept borrows the physics principle of using a lever to lift objects. It gives the user a mechanical advantage to lift an object heavier than they usually carry.

In business, this principle is applied in finance and operation, where business owners leverage available resources to increase gain.

Ideally, you can leverage business resources like time, capital, labor, marketplace, advertising, website, marketing assets, and channels to grow your business.

Types of leverage

There are two main types – financial and operating.

While most people think of financial leverage, this article wants you to look at the operating option. Therefore, we shall focus on marketing!


What is marketing leverage?

Leverage marketing refers to understanding what more you can achieve from the resources you already have. Put differently, it allows you to find under-tapped assets to gain massive expansion at little or no extra cost.

The savvy business owner knows that marketing is a strategic pursuit. With digital marketing, your focus is on how to put your unique business offer before your ideal customer. The best way you can do that is to share your knowledge.

With your knowledge of the industry and the ideal customer you serve, you can leverage marketing assets like video, podcasts, and blogs and share them in the right channel to increase traffic and conversion. This is the crux of marketing leverage and the focus of this article!

Let’s put it into action to drive home the point of this discussion…

  • Video marketing

Let’s say I make a video just once. I post it on a platform, such as Facebook, YouTube, or any video platform where my ideal customer hangs out.

I run paid targeted traffic to it, and suddenly, 100’s and usually 1,000’s now see my brand, hear my message and begin to become familiar, and the relationship starts.

I do this every week, and in a short period, I have become the company that can fill the needs of the ideal customers watching my videos.

This, for me, is leveraging my knowledge using video content to drive more traffic to my site and grow my business.

  • Podcast marketing

Since not everyone likes to watch videos, how about I talk to them directly? What if I created an audio podcast? Doing so helps attract busy people who don’t have time to see my video. And I did a podcast, and it too was listened to by hundreds of my ideal customers.

I could use the video script I posted earlier to create a podcast without extra work. That’s me leveraging my knowledge to attract more audience – it’s called repurposing!

  • Blog marketing

I can venture into a blog post with my video and podcast gaining traction. And of course, I would also create written blogs and put them on my website.

So, when my ideal customers search online, which according to Forbes, 82% will now do, before they call or walk into my brick and mortar store, my article, and in many cases, my many posts will answer their questions and solve their problems.

As you can see, you can leverage your knowledge to grow your business. Since you already have relevant resources (website, talents, or skills, and customers), leverage them to expand.

So when I talk about leverage, what it can mean to a company, and whether it thrives or fails to survive, it means leveraging your knowledge and then putting it on channels and platforms so hundreds and thousands of your ideal customers can see them.

You can’t achieve the same success by relying only on a customer to refer you.

Why is leverage important to your business?

Leverage allows you to discover your true potential and unique ways to expand and sustain your business.

As discussed above, you can leverage your knowledge to achieve the threshold for expansion.

If done correctly, leverage brings the following benefits:

  • Affordable growth. Leverage can help your business expand without necessarily engaging in costly financing and borrowing.
  • Goal achievement. While marketing is an overly costly venture, you can achieve your goal with a shoestring budget.
  • Innovation. By leveraging your knowledge, you develop the capacity to think out of the box.
  • New business management approach. Knowledge of leverage teaches that you don’t necessarily have to follow the standard practice to achieve your goal.
  • It makes you smarter. As you think and commit to business growth, you become more dynamic in your approach to achieving what seems impossible.


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