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What is Full-Service Internet Marketing, and Do You Need It?


Internet marketing is rapidly growing, creating visibility for businesses through expertly managed marketing activities. Due to high costs, most brands find it impractical to domicile these skills. Hence, they turn to a full-service marketing agency to handle their marketing. In this article, find out what it means and why you need it.

Why Full-Service Marketing Agency?

If you want to promote your offer effectively to the right buyer, you need a suite of marketing expertise. And due to a lack of adequate ideal customer reach, many businesses have suffered setbacks and eventually died.

The number one challenge every business encounters in marketing is the cost! Bringing various marketing skills together to promote your offer is humongous. The best solution is to hire a full-service digital marketing agency.

What is Full-Service Internet Marketing?

It involves providing all marketing skills needed by a business for adequate visibility as a service. The service offers 360° inbound marketing expertise, such as digital marketing, marketing strategy and planning, content creation, content marketing, paid advertising, sponsorships and influencer marketing, web and app development, etc.

Full-service internet marketing aims to drive traffic to an offer using organic and paid traffic. You can hire an online marketing agency that offers full-service internet marketing services.

These agencies have skilled experts who work with your company to deliver tailored marketing strategies for growth.

Do You Need a Full-Service Internet Marketing Agency?

A full-service marketing agency is your friend in hard times. Many businesses have met untimely deaths because they lacked the needed marketing to convert their prospects into customers.

Your business needs full-service internet marketing to scale successfully.

You need it for the following reasons:

  • Know your ideal customer, drive organic traffic, acquire qualified leads and boost sales.
  • Have insight into the competition’s activities.
  • Learn what’s trending and how to position your business for success.
  • Find the best ROI marketing investment.
  • Run profitable ads with more sales per dollar spent.
  • Create an irresistible brand and overtake the competition without apologies.

With a full-service digital marketing agency, you can drive traffic and conversion with scientific precision. Every marketing asset you have will work to give you maximum results for your efforts.

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How to Engage a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a full-service digital marketing agency is a big step for your business.

Why spend so much to start a business if you can’t find a customer? You need expert marketers to help you achieve success.

But given the ease of starting a digital marketing agency and improved marketing communication, it is getting harder for unsuspecting businesses to fall for scams when hiring a marketing agency.

Use these tips to avoid scams when shopping for a full-service digital marketing agency.

Tips for choosing the best full-service internet marketing agency

Find likely candidates

Google is your friend, and experts recommend you use it as a stepping stone to finding likely candidates to consider.

Search “full-service digital marketing agency.” You can search locally or globally, depending on your target market.

Here is what to look for:

  • How well do they represent themselves? If their website sucks, what will they give you?
  • How is their SEO? Be careful who you pick in SERPs. If they can’t rank for the keyword, that’s a red flag!
  • Search for a “fraudulent digital agency;” see the list that comes up and compare it with your list of possible hires.
  • Collect their contact – phone, email, and reach out using all and see how they respond.

Afterward, select the best three to consider for further discussion.

Are they credible?

Do detailed research on the three possible hires to determine their credibility.

Here is what to look for:

  • The team’s experience. A good agency has a team with lots of credibility and proven expertise.
  • How many are on the team? The right agency must have all necessary expertise manned by skilled individuals.
  • How positive is their response to your question? The right agency will have a brand voice. The stronger it is, the more reputable they are likely to be.

Do they care?

Think of a full-service internet marketing agency as a personal physician. They must have a personal interest in seeing your business grow beyond the money they make from you. They have the legal obligation to grow your business to the full extent of digital marketing.

Here is what to look for:

  • How well did they receive you?
  • Did they listen to what you want and allow you to express yourself without shutting you off?
  • What is their view of your business or project? Did they take the time to understand your business and needs?

Do they give activity reports?

The contract to grow your business exists between you and the agency, and they owe you the reports to monitor progress.

Here is what to look for:

  • What is their reporting proposal?
  • How regular – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?
  • What tools are they using to collect data and prepare the report?
  • If you have a peculiar report need, can they provide it?

Check reviews and testimonials

When hiring a service online, the best way for protection is to check reviews and testimonials. However, you should get your information from reputable and trusted sources because of the possibility of doctoring.

Here is what to look for:

  • Know the trusted online review services and only check reviews through those channels.
  • Find verifiable testimonials and try to call such persons to ask questions.
  • Ask the digital marketing company to give you contacts of some of their clients.

What is the scope of hiring?

After picking one or two possible hires, ask for the scope of the services they provide. Also, be sure to have the goal and purpose of your marketing project and align it with their range of coverage.

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Are You Looking to Hire a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

The bottom line of all marketing projects is getting to your ideal customer. And the job of a full-service internet marketing agency is to get you in front of your target audience.

If you are interested in hiring an agency without regret or complaint, let SwingPointMedia be your marketer.

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You can trust SwingPointMedia to fire up your internet marketing in all ramifications and help your brand expand with the best ROI.

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SwingPointMedia for Internet Marketing

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