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Data When It Comes to Advertising


Transcript of the Video: Data When It Comes To Advertising

Welcome to Reservations. My name is Jeff Harrison and I thought since today was the first of the month, August 1st. I thought I would kind of dive into things that probably most business owners are doing somewhere in around this date. In fact, I was with one of our clients yesterday and she had her bookkeeper over there and they were doing month’s end and I think a lot of businesses do that. We do the same thing. We look at it and say, hey, how do we do? What are we doing? Can we adjust anything where our expenses? Where’s our revenue? Did we make a profit? Do we want to keep going down this road? All of this is predicated on data. So today I really want to talk about data when it comes to advertising.

Now I think a lot of people out there, and you know, you can call me on this if you’d like. If you do what I’m going to call traditional advertising, like radio, TV, newspaper magazine. It’s really tough to do to determine exactly what your ROI is and how it’s doing along the way because sometimes I say you buy, you buy a newspaper ad and it runs for the entire 30 days. Well not only is that going to be incredibly expensive, but it’s also going to be very difficult to decide, hey, how is it doing? Am I, you know, can I see if anybody’s looking at it today

Who are your customers?

It’s the same thing with radio. You know, if you cornered a radio ad sales executive and you said, hey, at any point, can you tell me when my ad is running that it’s that these specific people are seeing or hearing my ad. It’s the same thing for television. Yeah. We can say, hey, there were this many TV’s on but did you know if little Johnny or Susie who are watching who are not your customers? Or is it actually somebody just fast forward through the commercial? So for us, you know, one of the things we want to be able to do is we want to be able to look you right in the eye and say, hey, we know exactly what we’ve done for you. It’s positive and/or it’s negative.

And along the way, we don’t wait until the end of the month and say, Oh, well, you know, I’m sorry, we thought we did pretty well. No, we’re adjusting this on a daily basis. So today I want to kind of pull back the curtains if you will, and I want to share with you what our customers see that works with SwingPoint Media. Along the way I want to know things like, I want you to ask a question. Gosh, do I have this kind of data for my advertising? Or I haven’t done any advertising because I didn’t know if I could get any data whenever I asked those people in traditional marketing or even social media.

There’s no cryptocurrency for likes and shares

Let’s face it, we were talking about this yesterday with the same customer while we were waiting for her bookkeeper. She said something about I just don’t need any more likes and shares. I need something that I can cash at the bank. And I said, yeah, I said, there’s no cryptocurrency for likes and shares. We want to know are we ringing the registry. We want to guarantee that we’re ringing the registry and that she wasn’t talking about me because she has somebody else doing Facebook posts and whatnot for her.

So anyway, I just wanted to really dive in. So if you’ll be patient with me, I’m going to pull some things up as we go through this. I’m going to walk through it exactly what we’re doing. So for this first page, I want to talk to you about this particular customer, when we first began with this customer, we started on May 23rd. So if you look up here in May, this tells us exactly how much money has been generated. So for those seven days in May, we generate about $365.58. Then in the first month of June, there was $1,762.45 and an August $1,585.27.

Now, I want to put a little asterisk beside the $1,585.27 because that’s only a portion of the revenues and I’ll show you, show you where the rest of revenue is. Now these next two columns and we, okay. We’re kind of crazy like this is one is blue, one is pink. I give you three guesses and the first two don’t count what the blue and the pink represent. That’s right. Blue is for the guys that come in and pink or for the ladies.

How Much Money I Made

This is something probably I challenge anyone else out there. If they’re doing advertising, can you look at the at the end of the month and say, I know exactly how much money I made from my male customers and how much money made for my female customers based on an ad program that I did. Now, it doesn’t count if you only service men and service women if you service both genders in this situation. We started looking. We said, wow. We noticed in that first full month, in June we saw women were outspending men almost at half again as much. So we did a little adjustment and we change the ad copy just a little bit and we saw that we got another $50 if you will $45 more for the men. But we saw our female number drop.

Data When It Comes to AdvertisingNow we’ll get into that in just a second exactly what that means. The other part about this that I like is, and let me just adjust this a bit more, are these numbers over here now, these tell us how many redemptions they had, how many people came in, they took the offer, they came in and actually walked through the door. So I think is really cool, the first few days of May when we were with them, they had 22 people opt-in. Six of them came in that were men and 16 were women. Okay, so they had 22 people in seven days. The next 30 days in June they had 105 with 48 and 57. We’re still seeing more women come to the door than men. Now, this is where it changes a little bit.

Generating Information

We had 94 in July, 45 men and 49 women. I think that’s why we little drop-off in that $834.90 down from a thousand. So it’s about $200 less. I want to show you now, as an example. So right now you know exactly how much it made. We know exactly how much you’ve made and we know exactly how many people came in and did this and we know whether it’s male or female. So again, all I’m asking you to do is, hey, compare this with what you’re getting as far as generating information that you get from your advertising.

So this next piece I want to talk about and I think this is kind of cool because we can look at it on a daily basis. We look here on Monday, Tuesday, all the way through Sunday. We can say, well, how much money did they make on a daily basis? Now, why would this be important? While we might say, Hey, we noticed like in this case, Thursdays, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays are really good days for this particular client, and we know Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays are a little lighter. Not bad, they’re still making for over $400. So the weakest day is $3.36.

But you can see here on Friday they actually doubled that number. So we might do is we might say, well what if we ran an offer that was more Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday type of centric to see if we can increase these numbers without hurting the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday numbers.

Check Totals

Now, something I haven’t talked about yet, but I’m going to dive in here for a second is to check totals. How much money has been made in that period of time? We’ve been working with this customer from May 23rd through the end of July. We know for a fact we’ve put $3,713.30. Again, that’s only a portion of the revenue and I’m going to show you why that’s only a portion. Three thousand seven hundred thirteen and thirty cents, $1500 of that came from men, $2,100 came from women roughly. So we see that women are outspending men.

The other thing I want to show you is, which I think is really interesting and we often ask this question, hey, when we sit down with a business owner, we asked him, well, what’s your average per check spend? And a lot of times they’re given us an about, well it’s about this and it’s about that kind of thing. Well, what we do is we can actually tell them exactly how much money is redeemed. So here we go. The average, when we first started, now this is on a daily basis. We can see on Saturday, or excuse me, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We see those numbers raised significantly in all categories all the way across. So right now on a weekly basis for the total week, we know their average check is $16.63 for the month of July.

Average Check

So every time we send a new customer into their business, we know we’re putting $16.63 into their register. That’s a cool feeling for us because again, we love knowing that we’re making the register ring for our clients. We have no doubt. Over here, just to left of it, it says, how many redemptions on a daily basis are really coming in, Monday through Sunday? How many people are coming in on those particular days? Now I want to make sure that you understand this. This is not saying 28 people in one day. This is saying on average through all the Mondays of that month, they had 28 people, 26, 23, 33, 42 on a Friday, 35, 34. We can also deliver information. It says, not only what day of the week but what day of the months are better.

We find and I know this is not going to be a surprise in this area. This is an area where it’s more, I’m going to say it’s where I live. We live in a destination community. This is outside of the area because we work with people all over the country. So we see people on the 15th and the 30th. We see those numbers spike because well, probably payday. So they probably come in on a Friday or a Wednesday, whatever day that that particular payday falls on. And they then spend it on something to eat. Now, over on the right again, it talks about the average check. So we can, we can start connecting these dots.

Create A Database

So again, I want you to ask that question, hey, are these kinds of things the same kinds of things that I’m getting back from my advertised or whatever platform using TV, radio, newspaper, whatever it is. Or hey, you’ve got a social media person out there. And they’re saying, well we’ve given you, and this is one that just drives me crazy, we’re going to give you this many impression. Well, you know what, I could get you that man impression, standing out, spinning a sign in front of your store. It doesn’t mean anybody pulled over and came in and cashed a check or gave you money in your business. So remember I said this information about how much we put in the till was 3000. Let me go back to that real quick.

So that was a total here. These are people who saw our ad. Right now we’re using Facebook. So they saw the ad, they clicked on the offer, they came in and spent money $3713.30. So let’s just say $3,700. Okay? So this next piece is what we call. And let me let me just pull up something different here just real quickly because I want you to understand where this comes from because not only do we actually help people come in right now and ring the register. But we also do one other thing for our clients. We know one thing that makes everything possible is to create a database for that client.

Send Out Special Offer

What this means is this is where that database of 870 people, we send out a special offer to those people. They don’t get to use that coupon that’s on Facebook anymore. So we start nurturing that audience so we can give them more sales. In this case, remember we just started May 23rd, so we didn’t have an offer in June. So we offered a special VIP offer in July. So we added another $461.89 to the bottom line. So now think about that. We’ve got $3,700 plus the $460. So let’s call it $430 to $700. We’ve added $4,100 to that client’s bottom line.

Now before anybody says, yeah Jeff, but how much does it cost them to get those people in the door? Well, here’s the funniest part for me and for our business is to be able to say we put $4,100 in the till for this company, right? What did it cost to get there? Well, we’re returning almost a two to one ratio. Our fee in this situation, they spent $2,500, which included Facebook advertising. So they spent $2,500 to make $4,100. Now I want to ask everyone on the call today or on the show, today is, how often? How often would you play this game if every time you gave me $2,500 I gave you $4,100.

Nurture The Customers

Well, you probably play that often, but here’s the coolest part. This is only going to get better. This little sheet here that I just showed you mean a ticket back over here. Again, this little sheet that I showed you, right here. I’m not bragging about anything, it was really I wanted to show you behind the scenes and let you take a look and say, hey, I do some advertising. But I have no clue if it’s working well. Why are you doing this? It’s no different than if I’m sitting at your restaurant and you deliver a meal and I pay for it and I leave you a review or I call you over the table. I said, wow, Bob, John, Mary, who whenever that was a, it was an amazing meal and I left a tip.

That’s proof that what you’ve done in the kitchen is working. I want you to know or ask you, do you know what you’re doing out there to attract new customers working and this is a big and. Are you doing anything to nurture the customers that are coming in? I’m going to ask you because this is something we walk upon almost every time we talked to a new client. We asked them, do you have an existing database? And they look at us like we’ve got three heads and in 16 eyes because they say, well, no, I don’t have a database. People know, like, and trust you. They do that because they come back often they say, yeah, but we know these people. Yeah, but can you reach out and give them something special?

Reach Out

Can you reach out to them when you say, hey, my Tuesday’s a little slow, I’m going to send out a special offer to this group and trigger them to come in just as Tuesday because when we hit them with a with an email or a Facebook messenger, we can see those numbers right away. How many people opened it and how many people engaged in it? And are we able to move the needle right away? The answer is yes. If your advertising is not doing that, I encourage you to look at something else. If you don’t get with us, get with somebody who can give you this data.

Now, some of you are asking, hey, how do I get hold of you? How do I get more information? I encourage you to go to, and then we’ll walk you right through exactly what I showed you. We have a fictitious business name out there called swing point burgers. It’ll walk you all the way through it and just take a look. Is this something that works for you? This is really cool for us because it’s almost like knowing you have the cure for something. We have a cure for people that say, hey, there are not enough people coming in my restaurant. I don’t know how to get more people in a restaurant and I’m afraid to advertise because I don’t even know if it’s working.

This Is Our Goal

Okay. So I didn’t mean to get on a soapbox. I just wanted you to know there are options. I want to thank you for joining. My name is Jeff Harrison and the name of the show is Reservations. Let me just pull this back up here real quick. The name of the show is reservations. We’re here five days a week, Monday through Friday. Our goal is to share with you information like this today and to make you question or challenge what you’re doing is working. You know, before Andrew left for Australia, we actually did some breaking down of some Facebook ads. We saw people running out there, you know they’re running some Facebook ads is not working so well or they’re not running Facebook ads at all.

Next week, what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to pull up some more Facebook ads and we’re going to walk through them and say, even if you don’t use us, you’re going to get enough information out there to say, hey, I know how to run an ad now. I can put an ad together. Somebody might say, hey, you know what? This is Great Jeff. I saw what you’re doing back there. You’re getting about $2 for every dollar you put it in. It’s going to continue to grow. I’ll let you do it. I’ll make the meals and I’ll take care of my customers. You get them in the door and we’re okay with that. We’re cool with that. We always want to say, you’re never going to pay us more than what we returned. That’s our goal.

Is This The Right Data

All right, so anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a commercial was just meant to be, hey, the data that you’re getting, is it the right data and can you make decisions moving forward. I want to thank you for joining us. My name is Jeff Harrison, way down under in Australia is Andrew my business partner and he’s down there working. He just notified me just a few minutes ago that we now have three new chiropractic clients that have signed up down there. We’re going to do the same thing for them and also a new bar down in Australia.

So it looks like there’ll be reasons to have to go down there on business, right? We’re looking forward to that. So if you’re interested in that, give us a Holler. We’ll see if we can help you out as well. Thanks for joining us. My name is Jeff Harrison. See again tomorrow on Reservations.

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