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Can a Digital Marketing Company Help My Small Business?

Can a Digital Advertising Company Help My Small Business?


Selling is a crucial business survival strategy. But to sell regularly, you need high-quality leads. For this reason, savvy business owners turn to online marketing to increase sales. While digital advertising is a way to achieve such goals, it requires knowledge and expertise to implement. Therefore, you need a digital advertising professional to keep you from wasting time and money. This post shares helpful thoughts on online advertising and how to engage a reliable digital advertising company to avoid hiring mistakes.

Why Digital Advertising?

Engaging a digital advertising company helps you cut to the chase if you want to grow your small business quickly. Digital advertising helps your business create awareness and boost your brand acceptance.

While your business needs customers, the competition is so intense that you struggle daily without one. Unless you sell continuously, you risk being a statistic in the failed business journals.

Taking your business online is the perfect decision. It is understandable that marketing online is a steep learning curve. While focusing on your business, you need a reliable advertising company to take charge. The company will have your back with advertising and getting quality leads.

Different Types of Digital Advertising

There are several types of digital advertising. We’ll narrow them to four main types: Paid Search, Social Media, Display Advertising, and Native Advertising.

The purpose of digital advertising is promotion. Its goal is to create awareness for products or brands and generate sales. The type of digital advertising will depend on your campaign. However, the bottom line is to drive traffic and convert prospects into customers.

Digital advertising is cheaper and more effective than radio and television advertising.

Let’s discuss each type a bit further.

  • Paid search. It helps businesses achieve campaign goals. An example of paid search advertising is pay-per-click. You bid on keywords and pay only for legitimate clicks.
  • Social media. You interface directly with your target audience on social media platforms. The benefit of advertising on social media is that your advert is presented directly to your target prospects.
  • Display. This mode of advertising brings up your ad in very appealing colors before your target prospects in the news feed. It’s a perfect choice for capturing a targeted local audience.
  • Native. This is a high-ROI digital advertising option suitable for small businesses. If well crafted, it delivers precision lead generation with a limited ad budget.

What Is the Most Effective Way for a Small Business to Advertise?

Generally, digital advertising is more cost-effective and sustainable when managed by an experienced digital advertising company. One thing you should avoid with online advertising is trial-and-error! You should approach the tasks based on knowledge and available data for clarity.

Your goal is to maximize return on investment for every dollar spent. As a small business, your budget prevents you from competing with the big boys. Your focus should be on having the correct advertising plan to drive more quality traffic, leads, and sales.

Therefore, the most effective advertising choice should target and achieve the following:

  • Target and meet your customers in their online hangout;
  • Connect with your target at the point of need – when they are searching for your product;
  • Make your product outshine the competition.

The following questions are essential before choosing the type of digital advertising for your business:

  • Which search engine is used by my target audience?
  • What social media platform does my target audience use the most?
  • What keywords best capture what my audience searches for online?
  • What topic best addresses my target audience’s pain point?

How Much Are Small Businesses Spending for Digital Marketing

How Much Are Small Businesses Spending on Digital Advertising?

The figure varies according to strategy and type of business. Generally, the annual average digital advertising spending for small businesses is around $6,800.

Advertising expenses notwithstanding, experts advise allocating 7-8% of your gross income to digital marketing. In its recommendation, the U.S. Small Business Administration corroborates the 7% or 8% gross revenue advice.

No matter how much you spend on digital marketing, it doesn’t directly translate to success unless you do it right. How you allocate your marketing budget and the depth of work put into making it a success are essential.

You should remember that digital advertising has a deep learning curve. This is why you should entrust it to a professional digital advertising company for the best results.

Why Should You Use a Digital Marketing Company?

A digital marketing company is a service-based enterprise whose success depends on its client’s success. Therefore, it does its best to ensure recurring income, just like you want more sales to stay in business.

You and your hired digital advertising company have a win-win business relationship. The implication is that it will work smart and be committed to getting you the desired results. In other words, it makes every dollar spent count and favorable to your marketing campaign.

Hiring a digital advertising company has the following benefits:

  • No more guessing. On your part, outsourcing takes the guesswork off your shoulders
  • Every dollar counts. Your business, in the hands of a reliable and competent digital advertising company, knows what is the best foot to put forward
  • Grow your business fast. If your goal of selling online is achieved, more sales and high ROI means growth

How to Choose the Best Companies for Digital Marketing

How to Choose the Best Marketing Companies for Small Business

When selecting a digital advertising company, the most important factor is reliability. How reliable it is in building and executing your advertising strategy determines the success of your campaign.

To determine the prospective agency’s reliability, check the following:

  • Reviews from current and previous clients;
  • New client’s onboarding process;
  • The time frame of job execution and delivery:
  • Do they have open or hidden fees;
  • Recommendations from trusted friends and past or present clients;
  • Verifiable portfolio.

While cost is essential in outsourcing your digital marketing campaign, it should not be overemphasized in choosing the right agency. Your goal should be their ability to deliver responsibly!


As a business owner, you want the best way to market and convert your prospective audience. You can achieve this through the careful design and implementation of digital advertising. However, finding the right digital advertising agency is the best option.

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