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Big A in the Window

What does the big A mean in the window of your restaurant to your patrons? Can you leverage this to your advantage?

Transcript of the Video: Big A In The Window

Hey, welcome to reservations. I’m Jeff Harrison and I’m Andrew McCauley. Hey knew Andrew. A lot of times what happens is a restaurant has that A or B or a C in their inner window. Yes. What the heck does that mean and how can a business, how can restaurant leverage that for their patrons, to attract more clients? Well, usually it’s an indication of the cleanliness right if the venue itself. So it’s important to make sure you have an A grade quality venue. It’s not just the only people of letter A can come in there. Well, it can be that.

As we’re doing live, by the way, Welcome to anyone who is joining us. We’re about to be hit with a massive, big truck. It’s the garbage truck coming right in behind us. That’s the joys of doing live video here right now. So, anyway, we’ll continue on because we’re talking about cleanliness. Let’s take out the garbage. About keeping your venue clean and spotless and getting recognition from the local city. Is it a local city or the fire department?

This is a County the one that comes with inspectors and if you fail, then it’s not so good. In fact Andrew, last week I was reading that some of those restaurants in San Bernardino were shut down because of infestations. What does that do to your reputation and your business? All of a sudden you go in there to eat, not this restaurant. But let’s say you’re going to your favorite restaurant all of the sudden it said hey I’m sorry we’re closed down there because of infestation.

The Only Thing That’s On There Is What They Order

What I would do if I were a restaurant owner what I would do is I start doing things like this, a behind the scenes kind of communication would make the spot here where there are trucks lined up for the trash. What I would do is I would start doing some of these live presentations, which is really quick, just of saying hey, we are rated-A and this is why. Then take them back to the kitchen back in and talk about, hey, cleaning out the grease trap or cleaning up, or scraping? Whatever it is that you do to make you an exceptional so that your patrons feel really good about coming in and knowing that when they get a plate, the only thing that’s on there is what they order, there be no little creatures crawling out of there.

Anyway, we are behind the restaurant nothing to do with this restaurant by the way. This is a very clean establishment behind us. So we were saying the couple of things that you want to talk about like it’s a credibility statement on your window if you do have A grade clean thing here right? Let’s talk about how else we combine that.

Well, I think a lot of times what happens is we forget as business owners, this is one of those things. Oh, we passed. We got our aim and we move on. We talked about how nice the food is and our special chef, and this and that together. But I think it’s important to also, again show that on your window. Maybe get some feedback, as your patrons are leaving, hey what do you enjoy when it comes to cleanliness this and that, whatever it is, you could really highlight things. We’re going to take advantage of a, of a quiet parking lot in here, isn’t it? Exactly. Anything else you want to add to that?

Is that a Violation?

You know, I think that’s a big thing is you know, if you’re a restaurant and you don’t have any issues, you are A-rated property than I think I would definitely use that I guess in the public and the community and let them know that you are rated A and what that really means, because most people don’t understand what that means. When they walk in, it’s an A. You know, what is in between A, B, and C that will shut you down. Personally, would that stop you walking into a restaurant?  In a heartbeat, yeah.

If it had something other than an A, I know that it has, it met the minimum standards of the health department and you know, it could be shut down. It could be the fact that, you know, if you walk into bathrooms, example, Andrew at a restaurant, what do they always have in there? They always have a side. They’re telling your employees to wash your hand before they come back in there. Well, what happens if all of a sudden, let’s say you’re a secret shopper for the Health Department and you noticed that Bob goes back in the back and you just happen to go on there the same time in the bathroom and doesn’t wash his hands when he goes in there? Is that a violation? In a heartbeat. Because that spreads all kinds of issues. And so yeah, those are the kinds of things you have to be aware of. And maybe it’s something as simple as that, that hey, we require our people to wash your hands or that they had the hairnets on. So there’s nothing in there again, except the food.


I think it’s an important point you bring up though, is that in the thing of the restaurant, you understand what the saw is made and we know what that means. But the majority of people probably do not really understand it and if you’ve got that classification of an A then you want to tell the people what it means. Tell me exactly why it’s important for them. Tell them why you’re sticking to those and make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep the classification and let people know that you don’t want to be eating anywhere else except in the A class restaurant, which is yours if you’ve got it. So I think it’s important to do that.

There was one other little point I wanted to point out that was mentioned to that or tagged on that, but I’ve forgotten it at this point. I’m thinking about a burger from Brighton now. Now I’m thinking burger for breakfast. But so really that’s it. Are you an A rating? Don’t let your A get in the way. And really what you were saying, it would be nice if you as the restaurant owner who has had A grade to start, explain to the patrons, first of all, what does it mean, and then what does it take to get there and show that you’ve achieved that? I think that’s important. Oh, I know what I want to say is that you sharing me something with was something you said you went to dinner last night and that particular restaurant you went to and said, hey, they want everything on the chart

I want to keep that for another episode. That’s the secret. It was like coming up.But my point is anywhere in that, did it talk about it being A-rated restaurant. I mean, come on. Isn’t that number one? Because it’s either your open or your close. You can have the best menu on the market, but if you’re not an A rated product or B, you’re shut down. So that’s all I got. Andrew.

Hey, this is the Reservations. Now, if you’re a restaurant owner or a manager that wants us to be on your restaurant or come into your restaurant or your establishment, we’d love to do a show from your place as well. You know, we don’t have to show the warts and all, but we’d love to just come and have a chat with you about your restaurant too. So if that’s you, you want some exposure, reach out. Let us know. Call Jeff or myself or reach out through Facebook and we can make that happening for you.

You know, here’s a challenge. Are you an A-rated restaurant and would you take the time? If we brought the cameras in and we did a live like this, would you walk us through and tell us what it takes to be an A-rated restaurant or why you, your restaurant is A-rated. If it is, comment or contacts Andrew. Let’s get you on the books. Have a camera we’ll travel. Speaking of travel, we got to go. I got to go. More trucks lining up. Thanks for joining us. I’m Jeff Harrison, Andrew McCauley. See you, everybody. This is Reservations. Make sure to come back and see us again tomorrow, weekdays between 8:30 and 10. Depends when we get out of it. We’re consistently here. All right, thank you.

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