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Imperfect Action

Ok, I’m back, so I want to talk a little bit about what’s called imperfect action. We hear this all the time. I want you to. I just want to give you a little bit different context. Imagine you’ve gone to a national park, let’s say Zion. And you’ve already researched that you’re going to take this particular trail-head. And you’re all ready to go. You’ve got your backpack, the water. You got your walking sticks, you got your shoes on, you’re ready to go. Get the hat on. You’ve already put the sunscreen on. And then you get to the trail head and you just stand there.

That’s right. And nothing happens. How were you going to discover and grow unless you start walking down that trail?  I’ll give you an example. Yesterday I shot a video with a young man who’s come on board with us, I love him to death already, just barely met him and he’s part of the SOG family and we just took imperfect action.

We took our cameras, went on the streets at a town called Riverside, California from familiar with it. It’s in the Orange County, Riverside County and it’s not far from where I live, where he lives and that’s where we did it and we just took imperfect action. And you know there were people. Unfortunately we’re down there fairly early, so we had some people that are homeless down there and we had, you know, some car traffic. We had, you know, trees being cut, but you know, we took action and so I got home last night and I looked at the video content and I thought it was great.

It did exactly what we wanted to do. Now had we gotten out of the car and I made this decision saying, ah, it’s too noisy down here. There are people cutting trees over there. There’s homeless people here. We would have stood at the front of that trail and never taken action. So this imperfect action took us further down the trail. Because here’s the thing, if you got in your car and it’s at night and you’re going to drive, even if it’s just across town, how far can you actually see in front of you? But we keep going. We just keep going. Imagine that your trailhead go as far as you can see, and then you’ll see further and as you see further, you realize, oh, you know what? I need this tool, or I need to get introduced to this person, or I learned this new concept or I changed my strategy is slightly and got laser focused on that.

That’s the value of imperfect action. So I challenge you today. What’s the action you’re gonna. Take that, hey, you don’t have all your ducks in row. You don’t have all your answers, but you’re going to take action. You know along the way you’re going to find those berries that you needed to nourish you to go a little further and then you’re going to stumble across the trail where the water fresh running, babbling creek comes across there and you were low on water and replenishes your canteen, and then you’re going to keep going, and next thing you know, you’re going to come across in other hiker and you’re out of food and they’re going to give you one of their power bars and that’s all you needed to keep going. Take imperfect action today, share with me and let me know what that was for you or what that is for you. What you’re going to do. Have a great day!

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