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Who Moved My House? Business Marketing Is Changing

It’s Evolving, Again!

Imagine you come home, where you’ve lived for many years, only as you drive down the block where you know you live, you don’t recognize your home!

In fact, all the homes on your street are no longer the same!

What happened, and what does this have to do with your business thriving in a digital-first world?

Welcome to a New Ever Changing Business Marketing World

Thank goodness this never happens with our neighborhoods or our homes…but imagine how challenging it would be.

The reality in a digital-first world, when it comes to marketing your business, is changing every day.

But the objectives are not.

You still want to attract or seek out new customers.  You still want to convert them into paying clients.

So, what do you do?

Do you redesign how you market every time you post on social media?

The answer is yes you can, or no, you don’t have to.

Jeff Bezos, in an interview, was asked the most common question he is asked about success.

He responded by saying that most people want to know what changes we will see in the next ten years.

He goes on to say he thinks a better question is, “What will not change over the next ten years?”

He stresses that this is a better question because he can build a business on the latter, but it’s very difficult to do so when things are always changing.

So what does this have to do with digital marketing?

Well, for several years, I was constantly evolving and changing to keep up with algorithms and platform changes…

It was exhausting.

My neighborhood and home were changing almost every day.

So, like Jeff Bezos, I asked a better question.

What's Not Going to Change in the Next 10 Years

“What’s not gonna change in the next ten years?”

After some deep thinking, I realized the one thing that will not change, and in fact has remained the same since modern times, is human behavior.

You see, people, you and me, before we make a buying decision, we go through very similar steps.

And as the price of a purchase gets higher, we do this one thing a bit longer.

What is this?

We research.

We do this to validate our decision to invest in the purchase.

What does this mean for us as business owners?

We must know the questions our ideal customers will ask and need to know on their journey to buying.

Once you have these questions compiled, the real work and magic begins.

I often refer to this as bread-crumbing.

It is simply marking the path of the buyer’s journey with answers to their questions that you have created.

And since each buyer may reach the “I have enough information to make a decision” point at different times, you have been there all along the way.

Why is Breadcrumbing Important

Why Breadcrumbing is Important to Business Marketing

When people begin entering their questions into the search bars on their devices, seeking answers, the vast majority do not know the name of your business.

They do not know that Bill’s Plumbing is the one they need to call…They are just trying to find the answer to “Why does my toilet keep running?”

But if Bill’s Plumbing writes an article, creates a video, and posts tips on how to fix a running toilet on socials, the connection between the ideal customer and business begins.

However, the opposite is also true.

If all you do as a business is create a website, a Google business profile, and hope new customers will find you, without any content or breadcrumbs to bring you together…then business may be very difficult.

But Here’s the Good News

Most local businesses skip creating content.

This means, in most cases, your competitors, once you begin creating solution-based, helpful content, you will rise organically to the top of search engines.

This means traffic, the people who need help, will find you and won’t even notice your competitors.


Because your competitors are just relying on saying they are the best but have no, or very little helpful content, to give answers to the problems their ideal customers are seeking.

You, as you make more and more solution-based articles and videos, will soon be seen as the “authority” in your area.

And the people who read and watch your content, when they contact you to hire you and give you their credit card, will be higher quality customers.

The reason is they are better informed, not just by the solutions you’ve shared, but they have actually gotten to know you and the way you do business. So they are ready to move forward.

The Real Benefits of Content Marketing

Besides having more customers, your cost of acquisition being lower, and the quality of customers being higher, the real benefit is you are attracting customers now instead of chasing them.

I feel this is important because when we chase something, what happens to that which we chase?

It runs faster.

It becomes more elusive.

Craftier at hiding.

And let’s be real. The internet today, which is only growing, has so many places our customers can now hide…







And so many more.

But the people we attract come to us with a higher degree of intent.

They have a problem to solve and have reached an awareness that it is not a DIY.

No, they need a professional.

And by consistently being there, as a helpful giving authority, you will win more business.

This is the one thing I know of that will not change over the next ten years…human behavior.

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