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When’s the BEST time to Market your Business?

When’s the BEST time to buy an Umbrella?

Before it starts to rain!
When’s the BEST time to market your business?
When business is cranking!
Yes, that’s right, when your business is crushing it.
Unfortunately, most businesses turn to marketing or advertising when business is off and they desperately need sales or new customers!
What’s wrong with that?
Desperation!  It shows up in your message and bleeds discounting to get a sale on the board.
Imagine you are hungry and you’re going to go out for lunch.
Would you feel good about getting a coupon for a buy one get one free (so you take a co-worker) but when you arrive at the restaurant its empty?
Would it make you second guess if this is the place you want to come, even at a discount?
When's the BEST time to Market your Business?
Your customers react the same way.
Now let’s switch this around…you see a coupon for a buy one get one free and when you arrive this restaurant is crushing it…you now feel good about your decision…but why?
Validation from the people who also came there to eat.
But Jeff, If I’m crushing it, why would I even think or consider doing a buy one get one free?

Long term…

What I mean by this is when you offer a coupon or a special, it should be in exchange for something…no I am not talking about someone coming in and eating your food today.  I am referring to a list or database of names and email addresses of people who know like and trust you.  In fact, they voted with their wallets!
So don’t buy an umbrella when you’re standing in the rain, you’re already soaking wet and an umbrella won’t change that.
The same is true when you need customers…doing now, when you’re busy and crushing it, not when you have more servers than customers!
Having a database of raving fans that you can send an email, a text message or Facebook Messenger note to your audience about Taco Tuesday’s or Fish Friday’s, as a reminder, not a future discount could make or break or break your success.
If you’d like to see how we do this for our customers, without any additional work on their part, from creating the ads to capturing the names, and yes even tell you exactly how much the people spent when they were there…click here to see it in action.
Oh and the future follow up to get them to come back in, yes we do this too…you do what you do best, and we’ll do what we do best…wow what a team
SwingPointMedia is a marketing company focused on using content marketing, such as written articles, video and podcasts, to attract their customers ideal audiences. This approach has proven to attract higher quality customers while simultaneously reducing the sales cycle by as much as 70%.
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