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Specific Tips And Strategies You Can Use As A Restaurant Owner

Welcome to Reservations. Today we are talking about some specific tips and strategies you can use as a restaurant owner.


Specific Tips And Strategies You Can Use As A Restaurant Owner

Hi, I’m Jeff Harrison. I’m Andrew McCauley. We’re here with Reservations. If you caught us on Friday, this is our second show and you are one lucky, well let’s just put it this way, you’re fortunate to be here. Hey there, Andrew. You know I noticed in the background here, it’s the greater Palm Springs restaurant week and we’re here in downtown La Quinta. Last week we talked about how to start getting some traffic to your restaurant and get some standard. What else can we do if you’re a restaurant right now and, we’ve seen those ads and stuff like that? What do you, what do you suggest we do?

Well, as you said, we spoke about this on Friday where people are using old outdated methods that are still trying to get the same results. They using maps, they’re using ads on newspapers and brochures and stuff like that. Well, the reality is that everyone, like you guys right now on your phone, right? Seventy percent of people now are looking for relevant information right on this phone here. And if you’re not using that to your advantage as a restaurant, you basically leaving money on the table, you’re catering to less than 30% of the population who are still looking at maps and brochures and stuff like that.

Tips and Strategies You Can Use

If you’re not doing that, if you’re just totally dependent on that, you might be on the wrong ship. I think it could be the Titanic, just did not hit the iceberg yet. Let’s talk about a specific strategy because this week we want to talk about specific tips and strategies you can use as a restaurant owner to employ today to start having activity and restaurants tonight in your restaurant. So what if you, you know, use the same strategy you used for Facebook live. We just simply are doing this off an iPhone, we’ve got it on the tripod. But what kind of things that people like if you’re going to the restaurant, what kind of things would you want to know about that? To make a decision to go to Solano’s or Enzo’s, those or someplace down in Palm Springs? What would you want to do?

I mean, there’s a number of things you can share it. I think we spoke about these on Friday. Things like what is on your menu, what’s the special of the day? Do you cater for vegans or types of food groups dedicated to groups of people? Do you have special window seats or special spaces that people often book out? What is that space that people may want a book and try and get taken advantage of? So there are lots of things that you can do to give more information to your customer.

Talk About A Specific Entree

You know, as a, as a restaurant goer, there are always other questions you might want to know. What hours have you got? What’s your shifts background? You know, maybe you hiding a secret. Maybe you’ve got a great chef at, who won some awards, but nobody knows about it because you haven’t told the people. Maybe you’ve got a bomb and who’s a great cocktail waiter that can really whip up some really fancy cocktails, showcase what he does so that people say, hey, I want to go down and get one of those fancy cocktails for their place in it. Yeah.
So you know, one of the things, and I think this is a, I’m just calling a misinterpretation.

I don’t want to call it a fault even though it is. A lot of times what’ll happen, Andrew’s people will do some kind of commercial or it’s a written ad and they’ll just stuff things in there. It’s like a triple burrito. It just, there’s so much stuff in there. Nobody really knows God. What was I there for? So with the fact that you can do Facebook lives, would you recommend saying, hey, if you’re going to talk about a specific entree, that’s it. Exactly. How you built it, why you did this, get the chef involvement, that that’s the reason, right?

Focus On One ThingSpecific Tips And Strategies You Can Use As A Restaurant Owner

One video, one topic. I mean you’ve got lots of things to share and you’ve probably got a great restaurant with all sorts of things you want to share with people. Pick one at a time, pick the focus on one thing. If it’s a great chef, let’s talk about that chef. Let’s talk about it. I mean, you may even want to break down that chef might have a couple of different skills, do one video for one skill and then come back and revisit that chef again later because maybe not only he’s a great meat cook for instance, but maybe he’s also very good at pastries and stuff like that. Showcase that in a separate one, but go for one video, one topic and you’ll find that people will start rolling, we’ll start, what’s the word I’m looking for? Relating.

Well, you know, here’s another thing I was thinking about. People depend a lot on other people’s opinions, just go to a restaurant. Could they use this Facebook live to do reviews? Let customers are walking out of their restaurant? Absolutely. You got a regular customer that comes along with just a very happy customer. You might want to say to them, hey, quickly can we just tell him on the camera and do a quick shout out to us, you know, it’s as simple as this.

Asset On Your Business

So if I own the restaurant and Jeff was the client, it’s just, Hey Jeff, did you have a great time here? You know what, it was one of the most exciting times in the restaurant week. I decided to be adventurous and go someplace I haven’t been before. I’m so glad that I came in. I will definitely be back. Awesome. Well, hey, what was your favorite? What meal did you have when you were here? Well, I had filet mignon and it was wrapped in Bacon and it had a couscous on the side. And you know what? I don’t know exactly what the sauce was, but you know what? I asked the chef for the recipe and instead of giving me the recipe, they gave me a little container and I can’t wait to get some bread in that later.

Awesome. And one more thing, did you have a good time with the staff? Looking after your needs? It’s amazing. Everyone was friendly. They were knowledgeable. I’m surprised I haven’t been here before, but I will definitely be a regular here.

There you go. Then you talk about your name, just to remind people, it doesn’t have to be long one or two minutes to get them to find out exactly why they liked it, what was good and why would they come back again? And that is what you can use on everything it used on your Facebook pages and use on your website. You can use it on Twitter, Linkedin or whatever you want. It’s something now. It’s an asset to your business. Powerful.

Use Live Video

Today we’ve talked about one idea using live video and using it as something that makes you stand out. Tomorrow we’ll have another tip. We’re not going to tell you what it is, but it’s going to be just as powerful, maybe more powerful than today. Couldn’t possibly be better. Look for us tomorrow. We’re going to give you another tip on restaurant week. I’m Andrew Mccauley. I’m Jeff Harrison. We are Swing Point Media. We’ll see you again tomorrow. All right.

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