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How to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Customers

With billions of users globally, Facebook provides a strategic platform for businesses to meet their potential customers. According to statistics, 92% of marketers are using Facebook for advertising. You could be missing clients if you are not already running Facebook ads!

Are you wondering how to get clients from Facebook ads? This post elaborates on different tools and strategies for running a FB AD to increase your number of clients.

But first, what is Facebook Ad Manager, and how can you use it?

Facebook Ad Manager — How to Use It

The Ads Manager is an all-in-one tool for creating FB ads, managing the ads, and tracking how well the campaigns perform towards the overall marketing goals.

Facebook ads manager allows marketers to:

  • Create brand new ads that fit your business goals
  • Define the audience to ensure more intelligent ad targeting
  • Set up and manage your advertising budgets
  • Run adverts across multiple applications
  • Adjust the campaigns to suit your budget and target audience
  • Improve adverts performance using dynamic creative
  • Test ads that perform best
  • Get real-time campaign insights

Facebook marketers use the ad manager application for iOS and Android to keep an eye on their campaigns. Therefore, you can monitor campaigns on the go, create new ads and edit them to suit your marketing goals.

Now that you understand what the Facebook Ads manager can do, let us focus on the best Facebook advertising strategies to help you get more customers.

Personalize Your Facebook Ads by Targeting Specific Audiences

Personalize Your Ads by Targeting Specific Audiences

Facebook advertising manager shows your ads to people who are most likely to find your adverts relevant. However, you can define your audience for smarter ad targeting based on three different types of target audiences:

  • Core audiences: Targets audience based on demographics, behavior, and location
  • Custom audiences: Reconnect with people who have already interacted with your business
  • Lookalike audience: Target people similar to your best customers but do not know your business yet.

To target effectively, use audience insights available on Facebook to understand the followers and learn how to reach them.

Use Facebook Custom Audiences to Nurture Repeat Customers 

Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to find existing audiences across meta technologies. You can create four types of custom audiences:

  • Website custom audiences: Build the audiences from users who have visited your website or a specific page on your website
  • App activity custom audience: The segments made up of people who have engaged with your mobile app or taken a particular action on your app
  • Customer list custom audience: import a customer list spreadsheet and Facebook to match data to its users and build the audience group
  • Engagement custom audiences: People who have previously engaged with your Facebook content or ads.

Essentially, Facebook takes advertisers’ data and matches it to existing users, creating groups of these people. Therefore, advertisers can target the groups using different advertisement campaigns.

Expand Marketing Through ‘Lookalike’ Targeting

Lookalike audiences have much in common with existing audiences. Therefore, you already know what they like and which ads perform better on them. In most cases, the same ads work for your lookalike audiences.

Facebook lookalike targeting is a great tool to acquire new customers since you already know the group’s preferences and can use proven, practical ad creativity to introduce the customers to your brand.

Checkout Competition in the Facebook Ad Library 

Once you have developed an effective advertising campaign, check out what the competition is doing well. The Meta Ad Library, previously known as Facebook Ad Library, serves as a repository for all the current and past Facebook ads.

Advertisers can search the ads using keywords and filter options by location, issues, elections, or politics. When strategizing your Facebook ads, it is helpful to see which advertisements your direct and indirect competitors are running.

Pay attention to the competitor’s ad creativity, including imagery, copy, and ad variations.

Iterate and Analyze Your Facebook Ads Strategy 

Constant performance optimization is the most effective approach to increasing sales from FB ads. Thus, test the Facebook ads to know what works and does not. Make appropriate adjustments based on the insights.

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Ads?

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads offer a wide range of benefits to advertisers. Here is an overview of some of these benefits:

  • Access to insightful data analytics
  • Seamless e-commerce integration
  • Advanced options to target your ads to specific audiences
  • Options for every budget
  • Access to Facebook’s entire ad Library

Therefore, Facebook ads are not only a way of attracting new customers but also an approach for generating excellent customer acquisition. Even better, the platform offers opportunities for almost every business and budget.


When investing time and money in Facebook ads, you want to make it does its job. To ensure the best Facebook ads, you must put the ingredients together to create an ad that completes the task.

Unfortunately, you may not have all the knowledge and resources to run effective Facebook ads. That is where SwingPointMedia comes in. For several years, we have helped companies multiply their income through highly effective FB ads.

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