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5 Digital Marketing Plan Ideas for Small Business in 2022

5 Digital Marketing Plan Ideas for Small Business in 2022

At this point, digital marketing is more than just another buzzword on the internet. Instead, it is an essential marketing tool for small businesses. Unfortunately, not very many small businesses realize this, let alone use it to their advantage.

Digital marketing leverages the internet to promote products and services through various digital channels. You will find multiple definitions of this term, but generally, digital marketing involves planning, strategizing, executing, and managing digital marketing assets.

Digital marketing attracts and retains new customers while continuing to cater to existing customers. As such, it pays to develop a thorough digital marketing plan for your small business. In this article, we discuss some digital marketing plans and ideas that you can implement today.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Plan

You need a solid plan to benefit from a digital marketing campaign. An effective plan helps you identify the best route to achieve a successful outcome. Such a plan includes digital marketing ideas, marketing channels, timelines, budgets, and personnel that will execute the plan.

Here are a few benefits of having a digital marketing plan:

  • Helps target a specific audience. A digital marketing plan forces you to define your customers. It’s a crucial step in ensuring the success of your marketing strategies.
  • Proper utilization of resources. A sound marketing plan keeps you within budget and avoids wasteful spending on slow marketing strategies. It also helps you stay on schedule.
  • A plan provides direction. A digital marketing plan guides you on what to prioritize. In other words, it serves as a roadmap to achieving your marketing goals.
  • A digital marketing plan is a management tool. It helps you measure progress, successes, and failures.

5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies 

The following are some of the most effective digital marketing ideas for increasing the visibility of your small business to drive sales.

Marketing Plan: Target potential customers using email marketing

1. Target potential customers using email marketing 

Email marketing is the messaging of potential customers via email. The content of the email varies based on factors like marketing goals and brand. You can easily educate, inspire, entertain, and engage those on your email list.

The other good thing about email marketing is the availability of tools to help manage it. Tools like Mailchimp offer several automation features that improve the engagement rate with your email content. Some of the benefits of email using automation tools are the automated responses, growth features, and metrics.

2. Promote your business with content marketing

The good thing about content marketing is that you might be doing it without even noticing it. All the social media posts you make, blog articles, and even reviews you receive add up to content marketing efforts. If you aren’t using such tactics, now is the time.

Content marketing requires strategic planning that dictates goals, creation, management, and promotion of content. Ensure you have a solid execution plan if you adopt this marketing strategy. For instance, if you plan on using blogging to increase search results ranking, you need to plan on what topics to cover, what keywords to focus on, and so on.

Learn the current content marketing trends and use them to promote your business on the internet. Content marketing helps attract and retain new leads for your business when done properly.

3. Leverage social media marketing

Social media marketing is another great way to promote your small business. It uses social media platforms to promote business. This interaction, in return, builds trust, reliability, visibility, and credibility. Eventually, you can convert this interaction into a soft-core sales pitch.

Small business owners should use popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. There are high chances of finding various types of consumers based on your business offering on these platforms. Social media is helpful in your business in disseminating information to customers, whether commercial or non-commercial.

4. Use SEO to rank higher in search results

This strategy is about optimizing online content to drive traffic to various resources your business has online. SEO practices improve visibility in search results based on search queries. This is achieved by publishing relevant and keyword-optimized content, updating content, improving off and on-site SEO, and so on.

Ranking top in search results based on queries is helpful because it increases your chances of getting site visits, which can lead to sales. You should think of SEO as a gate to your business. That means, for SEO to work as a digital marketing strategy, you need to incorporate other components such as copywriting, advertisement, and sales funnels.

Marketing Plan: Pay for ads to keep up with the competition

5. Pay for ads to keep up with the competition 

Online advertisement requires strategic planning. Out of the many types of online ads, you need to choose a few that will have positive ROI. Common types of online ads include display ads, social media ads, search ads, and email ads.

Social media and search ads are the most favorable for small businesses since they are effective and affordable. These ads aim to give you an edge since your competition is flooding the other marketing tactics. In other words, online advertising should seek to improve marketing efforts already in action.


Digital marketing is a crucial marketing strategy you should use today. Online marketing will improve several aspects of your business. That means whether you are planning to increase sales or build a reputation, digital marketing can help. Start with the five ideas we discussed and build upon them as you start seeing results from your marketing efforts.

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