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Welcome back to Local Marketing Insight where we provide solutions for you, whether it’s technical or not from the Internet that can help you run your business more effectively.

My name is Jeff Harrison and we are sponsored by SwingPointMedia . We are a full service content marketing company here in the Coachella Valley.

So let’s talk about this. We’ve talked about two things so far is knowing and creating your ideal client, knowing exactly who you’re looking for, what they do, how much money they make, those type of things. The next one is we said those ideal clients, what are their pains and struggles that they deal with? What is, what is stopping them from, from buying the product or more importantly, what is what is inspiring them to buy your product or service? The third one is we want to now start creating and sharing solutions for those problems. So let’s give you an example. In the last one we said, hey, if I were a golf professional and I have clients, if you will, that are fairly new golfers, and maybe they don’t know anything about golf, went from standpoint of what are the rules of golf?

Are there etiquette? How to play faster, those types of things. Well then maybe what I would do is I would create something we call etiquette moments and maybe it’d be short little videos and each one would be a short little vignette about, hey, when someone is putting his example, where do you stand? Like you don’t stand too close to them and you keep your shadow out of the way. You don’t. You don’t stand in a certain place, so when they’re looking at the hole they see you and if they look back, they don’t see you out of the peripheral vision. That could be an etiquette moment. Put that together and that could be auditory. It could be written, it could be a video. It could be a combination of video and written and it could be a blog post, which if you do that, it only makes your website better when Google says, Hey, you know what? I’m delivering up a search result. When somebody said, hey, how do I play faster? And all of a sudden your blog post shows up again to your ideal client. So as you’re doing this, you start creating content that would serve up solutions to the problems your ideal client has. Now, before you say, Geez, Jeff, I’m running a business. I barely have time to take a lunch break. Much less now start creating content. Well, here’s the coolest part. There is so much content on the Internet right now. If you don’t want to do that, there’s a term called curating and you curate content. In other words, let’s say you got up in the morning, you said, hey, I know exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for solutions for x, and you get online and you say, OK, here’s some solutions.

Well then what you do is you make that a blog post. You make that something that you’re going to share with your email audience that said, hey, I was looking, and again, let’s talk about golf and let’s say hey was reading this article about let’s say when your posture changes. These are the three common things that will happen, and I thought it was just a great idea, especially the one if you change your posture, you could. You could physically miss the golf ball, so this would really be a good idea on how to learn to stop whiffing the ball. Wow. Did we say before that was one of the pains and struggles about completely missing the ball. So you would offer that up. Right? And here’s the coolest thing about when you use curated content is you’re not beating your chest in a. it’s all about me.   I’m the best, I’m the greatest, but at the same time they’re going to continue to come back to you because you’re providing solutions for them.

So this is what I want you. I want you to again go back to that list you should have done in that last video and says, OK, here’s, here’s 10 or 15 challenges or struggles or pain-points for my ideal client. Now what articles do you have or what articles or, or video or audio could you create that solve those problems? And if you don’t already have it made, go onto the Internet, Internet and simply type that in and you’ll get. You’ll probably get video. You’ll get somebody written blog. There’s probably a podcast on iTunes that probably deals with this and you can just simply share that with your ideal audience. So that’s the third step. So up to now we really haven’t had to do anything too crazy.

We just have to identify who our target market is, our ideal client. We’ve had to decide, hey, what are they struggling with, what’s her pain? And now we’re saying, well now we know that. What do we do? Let’s serve them up an answer, right? Because it’s just like if, if you go to the doctor who do you want to see the  front person checking you in or do you want to see the doctor and why? Because they have the answer.

All right, so until next time. I’m Jeff Harrison with Local Marketing Insight. I want to thank you for joining us. This was produced by SwingPointMedia, where we help you do exactly what we’re talking about right here.  Thanks for joining me, see you next time here on The Local Marketing Insight.

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