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Identifying Pain’s and Struggles

[00:09] Hey, welcome back. I’m Jeff Harrison with local marketing insight. In our last episode we talked about identifying your ideal target audience that is just like creating the foundation of a building before you go forward and start putting the walls and the ceiling and the roof on you better have a solid foundation. So today we’re going to talk about identifying the pains and struggles those ideal clients have. So let’s say for instance, I’m in the golf business, okay? And I want to know what kind of endlessly I teach. All right? And I want to identify what kind of pains and struggles my ideal client has a problem with when they’re playing the game of golf. And it could be beyond that, but right now let’s focus on really the game of golf. While they might have, they might have a struggle with, hey, they’re having a trouble getting tea time.

[00:57] Alright? They’re having trouble because uh, you know, they, they, they work all day and by the time they get home, the uh, the, the line that have to call in on is closed, if you will. And they leave, you know, by the time they leave in the morning, don’t really have time to do that. So first of all, making, making t times the second might be, you know, what the thought is, I don’t know how to play the game of golf. I really don’t know as far as I’m not talking about how to get the ball. I’m talking about things like, you know, how do I play faster without feel like I’m rushing, how do I know the rules of golf? In other words, all the etiquette information, I struggle with it because I don’t even know what to wear, where to stand when somebody else was 10 off.

[01:36] So another, those are some of the struggles. So they’re embarrassed that’s, that’s really the underlying curve. And maybe they’re unwilling to play with other people, you know, besides maybe their spouse or immediate friends or maybe you know, significant other because they’re not sure how and what they’re supposed to do. So that could be a big, a big restriction on saying, Hey, let’s go on a golf, a golf vacation. Nah, I’d rather not because I know there’s a chance of me getting a paired with people that I don’t know and again, that puts me in a position where I might be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable. Another one might be that, you know what? I play golf and one of the things is sometimes I missed the golf ball and that again is embarrassing. I totally missed it. I with it. That’s a pain. That’s a struggle.

[02:20] All right. The next one might be A. I think you’re starting to get the idea. I’m going to go through my ideal client and figure out what is their pain point? What do they struggle with that my product, your business can solve? Because this is starting to line up all the things that you say, Hey, now as we talk about content marketing and building up that content that we can share with these people, solutions that will make them think of you as they know, like and trust you, and you are an authority in your marketplace. So what I want you to do is I want you to take a moment. I want you to take a piece of paper after this video is done, I want you to write down, hey, what kinds of pains and struggles do my ideal customers, uh, deal with? Now wait a minute before I heard somebody out there saying, well, you know, my customers don’t have pain.

Bologna. They all have pain. They all have difficulties. It might be because if you’re a yoga studio is an example, you know what? And I want to go to yoga. You started five and I’ll get off a five and the next class is at eight that you offer and it’s. And it’s difficult for me to come. So you might, you might say, Hey, you know, we’re opening up. When you start looking at your, all of your client base that you’re saying, hey, the majority of my clients are working till five and that’s what my 5:00 classes so weak. There’s two or three people that come when it could have been 20, 20 people. And if I just made it as a 5:30, I’d fill that up. So it might be something as simple as that that’s working with your ideal client. So work on that right down. You know right now, maybe, maybe 10 things that your ideal client will struggle or find is a pain point when it comes to your product or services that you offer. All right, so next time we’re going to talk about the next step on local marketing insight on beat and creating the ideal content marketing strategy. My name is Jeff Harrison. Will local market insights sponsored by swing point media and we’ll see you again next time.

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