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Getting the Data through Automation

Talking automation when it comes to data collection to help you determine if things are working.

Transcript of the Video: Getting the Data through Automation

Morning and welcome to reservations. I just want to welcome everybody on board. Let me just double check the sound. If you’re out there, do me a favor, double check and let me know if you can hear me. I’m just going to turn my sound down a little bit so we don’t get a little echo. Let’s make sure that you can still hear me. I’ll just double check things. If some of you are tuning in and you’re looking forward to seeing Andrew. Hey Albert, welcome. Welcome aboard. He is in Los Angeles and he is teaching business owners how to use Google AdWords. He has a commitment over there. He’s doing his thing. So you’ve got to put up with me today and today our topic is, Hey, Andrew, you’re supposed to be working. I guess maybe he’s on a break.

Well, welcome Andrew. I decided to go live today. We had recorded a series of videos because this is a little bit of a hectic week with Andrew being gone and we’ve got some filming with clients. Yesterday was pretty much all day. Tomorrow is pretty much all day. So tomorrow we may see another prerecorded live video, but this week we’re talking all about automation.

How Do You Know If Your Efforts Are Paying Off?

One of the things we wanted to really talk about today was, hey, how do you know if your efforts are paying off? I mean, as an example, let’s say, for instance, you’re doing some Facebook advertising. Hey William, how are you today? Appreciate you joining us today. So let me just pull some notes up. You know, it’s not always easy to determine if your results are getting the answers you’re looking for. There are numerous tools out there that can help you get that information and I want to talk about two specific tools today.


One of them is called Cyfe and that’s spelled C-Y-F-E. It’s an online dashboard. Imagine in your car that you have, you have the dashboard or why do you have a dashboard? It allows you to stay focused on where you’re going. It allows you to stay focused on running your business. And then every now and then just check in and make sure your oil pressure’s right. You’ve got enough gas, you’re not speeding, and you know the engine’s not getting caught. All those little things are things that you’ll find on Cyfe as a dashboard. Except of course it’s not going to talk about your engine overheating, it’s going to talk about things like it’ll track all kinds of data.

Like as an example, let’s say you had a Facebook advertising campaign going on. You could have it tracked. How many views do you have to have, to get a click than other words? Let’s say you had to have 100 views to get one person to click your ad and then how many clicks to get a lead? Well, you could start determining that and it would pull that information up. It would allow you to look at it very easily on a dashboard to say is this working or not? But it can also determine the cost of your advertising and find out is it being effective.

Return On Investment

As an example, let’s say for instance it costs you or when you get a new customer, the value of that customer is $20. Like one of our customers, they’re fairly new. We’ve had them for just about a month and they’re a fairly new business. Hey, Patty good morning. Thanks for joining us today. Let’s say when they first started, they didn’t know exactly for sure what their average ticket value was. So what we did is in this last month we had an offer running for them, buy one get one free. And through that, we also gathered data to find out every time somebody joined.Hey, Michelle how are you doing? Good to see you. Welcome aboard.

Hey, if you have ideas, some of the people that are here are also “Ninja Experts” as far as advertising. Please jump in and send some information. Hi Sandy, welcome aboard. So let’s say to get a new customer, you’re adding $20 of value, you’re putting $20 in the till. If it costs you $10 to acquire this new client, well you didn’t know it works. For every $10 put in to get 20, right? We’d play that game all day long and you might even decide to, hey, you know what, if I put in $20 I’ll get 40 and I’ll just keep putting more money in because the return on investment is for every dollar I put in, I get $2 back.

Am I On The Right Track?

But what if, what if it costs you $25 to get a new client and the value is only 20. That would be difficult. Hi, Kathleen thanks for joining us this morning. So these are things that you can put at your fingertips and decide, hey, is this working? It can also track things like your spend. Yes, just like a new slot machine. That’s exactly right, Michelle. So it can also track your new spend. So as an example, it can track, hey, how much am I spending on my ads and how much am I getting back?

So if I’m spending, let’s say for instance I’m running again and I’m in a Facebook ad, it can tell you, hey, this is how much you spent. It can also tell you how much you’ve made. Like a lot of times we’ll set it for a customer says, you know, here’s how much you’re spending for your advertising and it’ll update.

In this is a situation, Cyfe tends to update about every 10 to 15 minutes. So about every 10 to 15 minutes. You can look on that as a dashboard. Just like when you’re driving a car, you looked down at the dashboard and say, how am I doing? Am I doing the right speed? It’ll tell you have spent $50 and then you can have another dashboard setup because this is all customizable and you can say, how much have I made? Well, it’ll track that information or you can put that information in there and you can say, I’ve spent 20 and I’ve made 50. Bingo, we’re on the right track.

Other Things We Track

In one of the things we do, we also track, hey, how many male customers are coming in? How many females are customers are coming in and we track which gender spends the most? Now, why would this be important? Well, you can decide for yourself if our specific customer we can say, you know what, for an example, the women are buying twice as much as men. So when we want ads, we want to run more female gender-specific advertising to attract more females because we know whenever one female comes into one male, they’re going to spend twice as much. Which from our standpoint, we become more valuable to our client. So that’s called, that’s called Cyfe, C-Y-F-E.


The next tool is called Zapier, Z-A-P-I-E-R. What it basically does is it takes these tools or have as an example, let’s say imagine you’re a mediator and you have two sides that really don’t talk to one another. So as an example, you take those two sides and you have somebody in the middle as a mediator and you have them communicate. Well, Zapier does the same thing. A lot of times there’s a ton of these tools out here and we kind of band-aid them together to try to make it work or they work independently of one another. We’ll Zapier allows you to reach out and say, Hey, I want to use Cyfe as an example and I want to connect it to my Facebook account and I also want to connect it to my Google spreadsheets. So, let’s talk about how that would work.

Well, let’s say as an example, now you’re collecting data. Every time somebody opts in or they redeem a coupon that you have, that you have a let’s say a Facebook Ad. Then what’ll happen is it’ll put that data in your, in your Google sheet. Now it usually, it ends right there, right? Well, if you have Zapier, you can say, hey, all this data that’s going in here in my Google sheets, I want to use Zapier and I want it to move that content over to my dashboard. So again, let’s say you’re connecting something that says, well, I want to have a connection of says I want to know how much I spent and I want to know how much I’ve made.

Communicate And Bridge The Gap

So you’d put two independent dashboards up there. Like, hey, here’s my speed, here’s my tach, my tachometer on my car. And what you’re going to do is you’re going to say, here’s how much I spent, here’s how much I made. That would then help communicate and bridge that gap, if you will, for your dashboard. You don’t have to go in and manually add that stuff to Google spreadsheets. Even if you did, it would then automate it to send it back to Zapier.

So these are a couple of tools I want to talk about this morning. Both of these can save you time and energy, not to mention money. Especially if you can look at it and say, hey, is the money I’m investing, is it really given me a return? I mean, as an example, if you’re spending a thousand dollars a month in advertising, you should be at least making a thousand dollars back. In other words, you’re breaking even. Now you can say, hey, you know what, my play is a long-term and what I’m trying to do is I’m not only trying to get new business to come in the door and I may not break even this first month, but I’m also building the database. and then you look at it and say whatever, what’s the value of every name and email I get?

And you can determine, hey, you know what if I spend a thousand dollars and get $500 back, but if I get 500 new names and my email address and each one of those names are worth x number of dollars. You do the math and decide if it’s beneficial for you.

These Tools Will Help You Automate

So really those are the kinds of tools I want to talk about this morning. So I’m interested if you’re using tools to help automate your business and it doesn’t matter like Sandy, she’s a professional photographer and she does some advertising. I think Kathleen, she does. She’s a blogger. Michelle, she’s a Ninja Guru, when it comes to Facebook advertising.

What kind of things are you using to help automate your business, so you don’t have to say I’ve got 14 tabs open up on my computer so I can check all this information? How nice would it be to say I just have one tab open and that gives me all the data I need and I’m using this simple tool. Oh by the way, how expensive is it? Zapier I think is $10 a month. Cyfe is $10 a month. So for $20 a month it can save you hours and hours of effort of trying to figure this stuff out.

Alright, so I just want to share that with you this morning. My name is Jeff Harrison. I’m here with, well, he’s not here. He’s in La. That’s Andrew McCauley at Reservations. We hope you enjoyed this. We’ll see you again tomorrow. And again, please add information to the data or excuse me to the comment if you’re currently using some type of tool to help automate your business. Thanks for joining me today. Have a super, super pumped day, super Wednesday.

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