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Getting the Right Customers using Two Types of Advertising

Happy 4th of July and welcome to Reservations. Have you ever wonder what kind of advertising is best for you to get the right customers coming to your restaurant.
Today we discuss two types and how you apply them and benefit. Tune in live on Thursdays for free educational webinar go to and sign up. Thursday’s at 930 am pst. Seats limited to 10.


Jeff Harrison [00:01]: Hey, good morning. What can reservations? I’m Jeff Harrison, happy fourth of July. You know, I noticed a lot of us are going to be doing barbecuing or something special. Our families, my wife just got back from a 10-day trip and so I’m excited she’s back. I can start eating normal again. I look forward to that. Today I want to talk about two different ways that we can mark it as a business, as a restaurant owner and really kind of defined, Hey, what is best for you and then kind of share with you also what we do. Hey Don, thanks for joining us. There are two types of things, they’re called abs account-based marketing and then there’s inbound marketing. Now, account based market, I’m going to keep this pretty high level. Account-based marketing is let’s say, for instance, I am only marketing to a dentist who does a particular type of work and what that means is there’s a very limited number of people and in other words, I know exactly.

Jeff Harrison [01:01]: Hey Renee. Good morning. Happy Fourth of July to you Renee. And so I know that there’s a very limited number of people within that demographic, right? So now I can actually, thanks Renee, So now I can actually specifically speak and talk to them. So let’s say I had a range of 100 people. So I know that’s my target market. I don’t have to go out and find anybody’s because I know exactly who they are. I would approach that differently than I would account based, or excuse me, inbound marketing, inbound marketing is where you say, hey, you know, there’s a large number of people that could be my ideal client and I’m going to, I’m going to attract them. So by the time they get, I see what’s going on here. This big fuzzy thing is in the way, that’s my mic. So what I do is I put out content to attract those people. So by the time they get to me, they have a better understanding of exactly what I do. So let’s, let’s roll that into if I’m a restaurant. So one of the greatest platforms for a restaurant to attract new clients would be too.

Jeff Harrison [02:12]: That’s my mic, Renee. This, this big, fluffy thing. I thought I had it pointed in a way that I wouldn’t see it trying a new little set up this morning with that instead of a wired or wireless mic. So it’s just a quick, kind of a quick live setup. Anyway. So let’s say, for instance, I’m going to use inbound marketing. Well, restaurants are absolutely perfect for this. Now the reason why is because it shows that 80 percent of the people that are making a decision on where they want to go eat is based on photographs and how things look. I mean, let’s face it, we’ve all walked into a restaurant has been empty or we looked at the pictures on the menu, and they didn’t look appealing and it helps form decision in our mind.

Jeff Harrison [03:00]: Do we want to go forward? Well, if you’re a restaurant, one of the things you can do that’s Getting the Right Customers using Two Types of Advertisingvery effective is post pictures of your drinks or post pictures of your happy patrons or post pictures of your food. I mean that could be something and keep in mind, this is what we call inbound marketing. So what’s happening is people see that and they’re going to come to your restaurant, right? Gonna come to your restaurant, you’re gonna attract your client. Now the other part is account-based marketing. So let’s go back to that. Let’s say for instance, I’m only trying to speak to Italian restaurants in my area and let’s say there are 30 of those restaurants in my area, so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to craft my messages specifically for those restaurants in a certain way that I’m speaking just to them.

Jeff Harrison [03:46]: So now I can reach out and I can say I’m going to use Renee as an example. Let’s say Renee owns a restaurant in and I’m going to say it’s more personalized because I know exactly I want to speak to so I can send a message to them and I’m doing this in a relationship type process, so I might say, hey Renee, my name is Jeff. I do marketing here in the in the local area and I noticed on Instagram. You do a few things that I’d love to share with you. This video that I’ve made that can help you increase your sales. If you’re interested, let me know. Just put yes in the. In the comments below or yes, when you respond back via email and I’ll send it to you, I’d recommend not putting it in the email right away.

Jeff Harrison [04:46]: Get their permission because account-based marketing, a lot of time it is permission-based, so now what I’m doing is I’m building that relationship over time. Now here’s a cool way. What if you combine both of those? Let me see who this is. Hey Michael, thanks for joining us. I appreciate that. I’m happy. Fourth of July. So with swing point media, we’d kind of do both and what we do is we go out and we identify our ideal target market restaurants as an example of certain types of restaurants that we know we can have an amazing impact with our marketing. So we go out and attract those people and then what we do for that restaurant, once they sign up we say, okay, let’s go and find those people that are most likely to eat your food and visit your restaurant. But we don’t just stop there, we don’t just attract them in.

Jeff Harrison [05:17]: What we do is we also gather their information. So now we create that account-based marketing. So as an example, one of our clients I think they’ve added now just right at 600 new clients or new people into their database in the first month. And so now we take that information and now we can market specifically to them why we continue to attract new clients. So this is kind of a quick overview of account-based marketing and inbound marketing and figuring out which is right for you. I think it’s a combination of both in this specific arena for you, you might have to look at it differently and say, hey, you know what, I’m an inbound marketer. I like putting out content and letting people come to me after they already kind of know what I’m talking about tomorrow. What I want to talk about is I want to talk about the specifics. Hey. What is a strategy that you could use on an inbound marketing process so that you know, hey, is this someone I want to reach out to and follow up a little bit more with, or are they people that are not interested in my program?

Jeff Harrison [06:12]: I’m sorry, my screen is it gotten a little dark there. I just want to welcome you. Thanks for joining us. This is called reservations. I’m Jeff Harrison. Oh, before I let you go, if you notice every Thursday we have this live interactive program and it’s a training program. Now we only have about seven to 10 spots that we set up in. The reason we do that is that we want it to be very interactive. So if you attend that, no obligation if you attended, it’s really a learning situation is specifically for restaurant owners or managers who want to increase their business. So it’s really all I have today. I promised a yesterday that Andrew would be back. I got my dates wrong. He’s actually traveling back from northern Arizona today. Course it’s going to be another hot one. I know it’s hot around the country, so I can’t, I can’t say it’s really hot here in the desert without knowing it’s hot across the country.

Jeff Harrison [07:06]: The differences. We’ve got ac that which just kicked on and the typical places where we see it’s really getting hot. My heart goes out to them because I know they may not be set up for this heat. We experienced that last year when we were in the corps and auto for the month and it got incredibly hot for a period of time and there’s no ac there. It was a, it was uncomfortable everywhere. Even the restaurant with the restaurants we went to, it did not have a ac. Anyway. Happy Fourth of July everyone. Andrew will be back tomorrow and in the meantime, be safe. Enjoy the holiday and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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