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A Special Announcement

Bonus live! Look who I bumped into on the streets of Palm Springs.
He has a big announcement


Jeff Harrison [00:01]: Hey, welcome back. I’m Jeff Harrison with swing point media a lot of times you hear me on reservations. I just finished a great show with grand central across the street and guess who I bumped into? Rich Gilgallon brother.

Rich Gilgallon [00:14]: Always a pleasure to see Jeff in the beautiful downtown, Palm Springs, California,

Jeff Harrison [00:20]: Hey if you’ve watched our show, we just had a big truck go by. That’s kind of almost a staple item. There’s always a truck that goes by this morning when you heard our show was kind of unique. It was almost lonely. There wasn’t a truck that went by, but rich, you have some cool things going on. We’re blessed because you were going to leave the state and now you’re gonna. Stay here. Tell us a little bit about what’s happened and if you don’t mind,

Rich Gilgallon [00:40]: I’m very excited to announce that we’re going to have a podcast of the Rich Gilgallon show live. It will be taken place starting a week from today on facebook of all places.

Jeff Harrison [00:53]:  How cool is that?

Rich Gilgallon [00:54]: So it’s the same show that you used to be listening to only better. Only better. There’s no filter. Now, this is just you and me. That’s the show right now. You, the listeners and the viewers, Jeff and me. So we’ve, we’re cutting out all the middlemen.

Jeff Harrison [00:53]: Hey, thanks for joining us this morning. And they’re saying hi to Rich. So I appreciate that. I’m so Rich when you talk about the flavor because here’s the difference. You know, when you need a radio show here, it was more to a local audience, now you are on facebook, you’re talking to the world. So I think you should be prepared to have some amazing reach and talk about things. I mean, you can talk about things locally or you talking about globally?

Rich Gilgallon [01:40]: I think we’re going to do the same thing that we did in the last show, which is we talk about the issues internationally. We’ll be talking about the issues certainly nationally, but we’re not going to turn our back on them, on the local issues either as we build the show. So we’re looking for people to sign up, to sign up. We’ll have the that’ll be available in the next day or two. We can sign up for a little less than $2 a week and you’ll get this great show, the Rich Gilgallon show live and it’ll be, there’ll be a connection between you and I and we know what that connection is. What separated my show. Jeff, I think from a lot of other shows his love because I love you, and I think, I felt an enormous amount of love coming back towards me at the end of the last version of the Rich Gilgallon show. So it’s very exciting. By the way, it is 2018, I believe that that’s 18 years into the 21st century. So we’re going to act like it’s the 21st century and go forward and the 21st-century platform something you know so much about.

Jeff Harrison [02:55]: Well, you know, it’s kind of cool is Rich. You’ve been in the radio world, the audio piece for decades now. So this is a transition because if you’ve never seen rich, you’ve heard him, but you see him. He is so animated and you know, when you, when you watch someone, the story is told in many different versions, but it also comes out in one’s animation and visual whatnot. And when I, when I’m around Rich, I just feel that excitement because he exudes that in his emotions and his face whether talking about golf and he just hit one down to fairway of mission hills on number one, kind of down there, whatever. He hit the speed slot. No one had a wedge end instead of seven. All of that. So I think it’s Kinda cool that you’re taking it to that video slash audio level. What are you thinking about that?

Rich Gilgallon [03:40]: Well, you know, I’ve always been told I had a great face for radio, you know, so, we’ll see how this video a transition occurs. But it’s exciting. It is. It’s an opportunity to just increase the development of the relationship as you know, who your businesses always been about relationships, like the relationship you have with this motorcycle. Right here. But we build a show on relationships between myself and the listeners and with this amazing technology we have today. I think it’s the way of the future. I really do it. I’m excited to be a small part.

Jeff Harrison [04:18]: Speaking of relationships now, is this going to be just you on the radio and will they be able to participate? You know, like as an example, Facebook, you’re like right now we see people that join us. Hey, thanks for joining us today. We really appreciate this. Yes. Would you be responding back? So it’s a two-way conversation,

Rich Gilgallon [04:36]: A two-way conversation that always has been and it’s about again, the relationship without even getting into the details of the show. Obviously, people that know Rich Gilgallon and have listened to the show over the years. You guys know what I’m about? when we had some issues that we left our last job, there was an amazing wave of affection and emotion towards me that I, that surprised me. I mean, I knew people liked me, but I didn’t realize to what extent now this is an opportunity to see how we can move forward together with that kind relationship that you build on that. There’s another one the trucks,

A Special Announcement

Jeff Harrison [05:24]: There are those trucks, they got to show up

Rich Gilgallon [05:26]: It’s an outdoor game. What are you going to do?

Jeff Harrison [05:27]: That’s right. Well, Rich again, tell us when, when and where.

Rich Gilgallon [05:31]: Well, we’re going to start a week from a week from today is Monday, July second,

Jeff Harrison [05:38]: ninth.

Rich Gilgallon [05:39]: Today is Monday, July second. So it will start Monday, July ninth. That will be out of a special Facebook page. There’ll be a slight fee for the year, which I think it’s certainly manageable and it cuts out all the other nonsense that we’ve had to deal with over the past where, where it’s just between us. So I hope you’ll get on board and join us. It’s throwing the dice a little bit. It is a gamble. But, this is a very unique opportunity for local talk talent to be able to offer their services to the community at large without having to deal with the whole radio structure, which frankly is oftentimes difficult to deal with. So this is new, and it’s exciting and it’s up to you to see the success in that.

Jeff Harrison [06:37]: Yeah, I think what you’re doing is, it really is kind of cutting edge. You’re saying, hey, if you like hearing this message and you want to be part of it, this is how you’re going to make your income, right? That’s just not like on, you know, right away when we think of radio or TV saw based on sponsorship. And then there’s also those things you’ve got to bend give to because you’ve got a sponsor. right? So that’s not going to happen. You don’t see that right now.

Rich Gilgallon [06:59]: Nah. I don’t see that right now. this is about the look, the Rich Gilgallons show very simply is I’m going to bring you the news of the day, from a conservative perspective, hopefully in an entertaining manner. So it’s those three things, that’s the charge that I have as we put the show together, the news of the day from a conservative perspective, because that’s what I am and in an entertaining manner because that’s what I do.

Jeff Harrison [07:29]: Well Rich, Hey, I want to thank you for stopping. I know we just bumped into each other. This was unplanned. I said, hey, let’s talk about it because it’s going to happen in a week and let’s see if we can do anything on our part to help you continue this legacy. You started here, what, 20,

Rich Gilgallon [07:42]:  20 years ago,

Jeff Harrison [07:43]:  20 years ago. Let’s keep it rocking and rolling and why not cut a new edge in the future by saying, Hey, let’s take that local talk show. Let’s put it on the air. Let’s put it in a video because there are no gatekeepers anymore. Nobody’s telling what you can and can’t do.

Rich Gilgallon [07:58]: I love radio. The radio was not really invented but discovered by Marconi in the late 19th century, early 20th century. And now we’re in the 21st century and you know, it’s time to use 21st-century technology to deliver a message that is really not based on time. So it’s an exciting endeavor and we’ll see how it goes.

Jeff Harrison [08:25]:  Rich, thank you so much.

Rich Gilgallon [07:58]: Thank you, my brother.

Jeff Harrison [08:28]: Make sure you check it out. Go to Rich Gilgallon. Is that your. Is that the name of your Facebook page right now? Rich Gilgallon

Rich Gilgallon [08:33]: Rich Gilgallon is the name right now. And all this week will be coming on live in different time periods throughout the week in order to promote to get people to go to the new Rich Gilgallon live site.

Jeff Harrison [08:45]: Well, we wish you the best of luck and fabulous success. Can’t wait to see you on the air a week from now. And in the meantime, make sure to join us for reservations. If you’d like to know a little bit more about what we do at swing point media, go to swing point forward slash demo. That’ll show you exactly what we do. Swing point media Ford slash demo or forward, excuse me. Swing point media dot com forward slash demo. You get a little flavor of what we do as far as marketing until tomorrow,

Rich Gilgallon [09:11]:  let me tell you, let me tell them what you do. This guy will take your business. Okay, and he will separate it from the pack of other businesses that are doing the same thing. Simple as that. You want separation in your business. This is the guy that does it to you. He’s been doing it in this community for a long time. He was way ahead of everybody else when it came to this kind of stuff. Way Ahead. Works like a demon out there. He’s the guy who wants swing point media. How’s the afternoon? My first commercial. Okay.

Jeff Harrison [09:43]: I must. Thank you, Richard. Hey, we’ll see you again next time. Make sure to make sure to stay tuned.

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