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No Risk Reservations Pricing

SwingPointMedia,focused on providing online marketing for restaurants and golf courses makes a major shift in the way they now work with new restaurant clients. Its Called No Risk Reservations Pricing

SwingPointMedia has shifted to a Performance Based Model.

This means as the restaurant or golf course, you are no longer saddled with the risk of paying in advance for campaigns and advertising that fails to yield profitable results!

In fact, SwingPointMedia only invoices you, AFTER, the customers have walked through your door, and paid for their meals, or rounds of golf and the money is in your bank!

We shifted this risk of shelling out your advertising budget, on a plan that may or may not work, onto our shoulders and making us “put our money where our mouth is!”

Q:Why did we decide to disrupt the typical model used in the advertising and marketing industry since time began?

A: Pay up front, with no recourse if it doesn’t deliver. 

As we approached potential new customers, we were often met with, “we can’t afford to do what you’re suggesting, even though we see it would make a difference, we just don’t have the funds, due to the last advertising attempt not working. We just can’t afford the gamble”

So, because the restaurants we were speaking to needed more customers and even more than that a system to consistently give them results, we decided to bear the responsibility of getting paid, after we delivered for You.

We have totally removed the barrier to get started, which was cost and risk of failure.

Now our customers are always paying with house money. And because they never put any of their own in the game, their ROI is off the charts!

Q:Why are we so confident we can make this happen, since we are taking all the risk, even paying for the actual advertising costs for the Facebook ads?

A:There are several reasons. The main one is because we have proven this out numerous times, always delivering. Also, with our program we not only deliver the restaurant new paying customers, which we track throughout the process, right down to how much the new customer spent when they were there enjoying their meal and we also gather this new customers data.

This data allows us to then follow up and present new offers, getting the new customers coming back again and again, without spending additional ad dollars.

 Q:What’s the difference of your digital marketing and a coupon from Groupon, the newspaper or an offer in the ValPak received via mail?

A: Several main differences. One we track every interaction. So, we know when someone clicks on the ad, we have presented them. We then digitally give them the offer, in exchange for their email and name. This information immediately goes into their email database.

It also sends signals back to Facebook to look for more people like the one who just took the offer and redeemed it…this helps lower our cost to acquire a new customer and improve the quality of new customers. With a Groupon, newspaper Ad, radio Ad or a ValPak coupon, you cannot alter this once it goes out…it is what it is.

 We only take on 5 new clients a month.

The reason we limit this is because our goal is to crush the results for our current and new clients.

Our goal is high quality, versus volume.

So not everyone who contacts SwingPointMedia is accepted. We know what works and for us part of that is establishing a great relationship in the beginning. 

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