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Building your List and Increase Revenues Year Round

By Jeff Harrison | June 7, 2018
Build your List and increase revenues year round

Reservations…we’re still here and today we have another way to build your list and increase revenues year round.   Transcript of the Video: Building your List and Increase Revenues Year Round Hey, welcome to Reservations. I’m Jeff Harrison and normally I’m here with my partner Andrew McCauley, but he’s on assignment at another location and I didn’t, we didn’t want to miss having Reservations today. Something I want to talk about today that I think is really important is we’ve talked about if you’ve ever watched us, we’ve done a tremendous amount of teaching and education through the Chamber of Commerce and score and whatnot. We’ve always talked about never building your platform or your business on rented land. Never…

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Why aren’t your Facebook Ads Working?

By WBWebmaster | July 9, 2018
Why aren’t your Facebook Ads Working?

Why aren’t your Facebook ads working? Now before you say “Facebook Ads don’t work for my business” listen to this.   Transcript of the Video: Why aren’t your Facebook Ads Working? Hey, welcome to reservations. I’m back with the big guy. Andrew Mccauley. I’m Jeff Harrison. We are Reservations and we’re back here in Palm Springs, we’re downtown. In fact, we’re in front of the brand new Starbucks. Now, Jeff, I think you’ve been in here a couple times. This Starbucks is amazing. Have you ever seen a Starbucks that actually, it’s like a bar? You go up and you can order especially brewed coffees a little bit more expensive than the normal Starbucks. Although, there is a section where…

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